Scary Nightmares

November 2, 2016
By , louisville, KY
One day there was a boy name Tommy that had bad dreams day a night. One day at school. Tommy had a daydream in class about zombie chasing him down his street. They were trying to eat him. As soon as they got to him he wakes up and screams. He was in the middle of class, so he scared everyone with his scream.
Tommy was born different from other kids. He was born with some type of diseases that made him have dreams about his biggest fears. Tommy friend Bill always believe that the dreams tommy talks about is real. Bill know this because it sometimes happens to him. But what’s so weird about this is bill don’t have any type of diseases. Now that you think of it tommy might just be crazy.
It seems odd that he would be diagnosed with this diseases, but his parents not believing him.
Tommy had another dream about his great grandpa exercising the same thing Tommy’s going through right now. Tommy had a dream of his grandpa dreaming about scary stuff just like tommy have been having recently. Tommy had searched the diseases he had and found that it doesn’t even existed. Tommy’s parents told the doctor to tell tommy it was a disease. So it could bring down his stress level. So this just mean every one think he’s crazy now.
After tommy found out about this, his stress level went right back up. He was so mad at his parents for doing this to him (Lying about the disease). Tommy had another dream about his grandpa having nightmares back to back. 
The next day, Tommy woke up and got ready for school. He saw a levitating man. At the top of stairs while tommy was going to get some shoes. This man didn’t have no head his skin color looks like a crayon white. He had on an old gray jumpsuit on. So tommy ran back downstairs and grabbed. Some old shoes and headed outside to go to school.
  Once tommy went outside he grabbed his skateboard in the front yard. And he started riding down his street on the way to school. Tommy was scared to stop he did not know what he had seen back at his house. When tommy got to the corner before his school he had saw the headless thing. Tommy had got past the strange man. Tommy had just got into the school doors and told everyone what happen. Everyone thought he was crazy. Tommy had woken up everything was a dream.      

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