Mary's Creepy Doll

November 2, 2016
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On October, 1990, There was an abandoned house in the woods. There lived a girl named Mary in that abandoned house. She had long black hair and always wore a white gown. There were these only two boys named Jose and Alex who were walking in the woods of where the abandoned house was located. They were goofing around and suddenly, they heard the sound of a girl scream.
They went closer to the sound. Alex said “I dare you to go inside! But you’re probably too afraid to. Jose: I’m not. Alex: I’ll go if you go. Jose: alright, we’ll both go in at the same time. The doors had opened by their selves.
Jose and Alex heard the laughter of an old man. Old man: hehe; I’m Billy, I used to live in this house. Billy: You have to stay away from this house! Alex: Run!! They both snuck down the basement. The old man chased after them. They’ve seen this strange doll just lying down on the stairs as they were walking.
Jose and Alex tried to find a way to escape. They couldn’t find a way out. They were struggling so hard to get out. Mary caught them at sight. She trapped them in a room. Jose found an ax and broke the door down. The doll had originally belonged to a girl; Mary. The doll was found by the river. The doll had braided red hair. It had blue eyes and a white dress on. They picked it up. The floor started rumbling when they did, it was Mary who caused this rumbling to happen.
Mary: “Do not touch my doll!”. Jose and Alex had just remembered that they left a note before they went to that abandoned house located in the woods. Just in case if they were in danger; they left a note saying, Sarah, if we don’t come back in the next 3 hours, you know where to find us okay, but you may see our muddy footprints.
As, they were walking down the stairs, they heard the scream of a little girl. It was the creepy doll. Jose and Alex discovered that Mary’s parents were extremely rich. They’ve seen lots of expensive jewelry that belonged to her parents. In a portrait, they found out that they were doctors.
They’ve seen the doll just crawling towards them. The boys kept running and hiding somewhere so Mary wouldn’t get them. The doll kept staring at them. It spoke saying: “Comeback!”, I know you’re there!”. The boys were so terrified.
Meanwhile, Jose and Alex’s friend. Sarah, from school, came looking for them. She was worried sick. She followed their path; they left muddy footprints. It led to where the abandoned house was. On her way there, she also heard some strange noises.
As soon as Sarah had arrived, she walked very quietly and gently around the house. She found a secret passage door. She whispered; Alex… Jose!
They heard the sound of Sarah’s voice. It was Sarah! but Mary heard them. She got so angry and Sarah tried to help get them out of there. Mary was pulling Alex’s leg. He managed to get out of the basement.
That’s where they were trapped. Jose took her arm off of Alex’s leg. They were just able to get out; in the matter of seconds. Sarah rescued them.
The boys learned their lesson: Do not enter an abandoned house. The creepy doll was kept in the glass box. Every night in the basement Mary would hear crying baby noises. The boys also warned his friends to never go near or enter that abandoned house, it causes you to be in danger. That’s a bad thing.

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