Isaiah Glenn

November 2, 2016
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There was a boy named Norman. He loves Halloween and he likes to dress up as a clown. When he heard about the clowns across the nation terracing people, he wasn’t scared. He thought it was cool. The kids at his school thought he was weird and would bully him.
‘’Hey, Norman have you heard about those clowns that were hear in New York?’’ Ronald asked
Yea, I hope they come here to our school so they can scare that teacher I don’t like Ms. Balton’’ Norman cried
‘’Yea, I don’t like her. She is kind of mean’’ Ronald agreed.
‘’Hey Norman, You weirdo. Give me your lunch money, or I’ll beat you up!’’ Bully Bob demanded.
‘’No! Leave me alone or I’ll get those clowns to get you!’’ Norman exclaimed
‘’Yea ok! Don’t let me see you in the hallways by yourself or your dead’ Bob said
So after that conversation, Bully Bob did see Norman in the halls, and true to his word, he beat Norman up. When Bob was beating Norman up he took his money, gave him a black eye, and put his head in the toilet. Also Bob didn’t get caught. After Norman got beat up it was time to go to lunch. When he walked in kids were laughing at him because of his black eye.
‘’What happened to you Norman?’’ Ronald asked.
‘’Bully Bob beat me up. Now I’m going to get those clowns to come and get him’’ Norman said evilly.
‘’How are you going to get in contact with them?’’ Ronald asked nervously
‘’I can DM them on Instagram’’ he said
Norman was talking the clowns and telling them to come to his middle school in New York.
‘’Are y’all still in New York?’’ he asked
‘’Yes’’ The clown said
‘’Come to Isaiah Glenn middle school’’ Norman said
‘’We are right around the corner from that school’’ The clown sad
‘’Great! We are at lunch so you can scare a lot of kids. They’re already scared’’ Norman said
The kids were just about to leave lunch, the light started to cut off and everyone was freaking out. A kid looked outside saw a clown outside the school standing there. He screamed ‘’Clown!’’ as loud as he could. Everyone in the cafeteria was freaking out even more.
Norman was standing on a table with a clown mask on scaring and chasing people. He was letting the clowns in at the side door.
‘’Ha Ha Ha’’ Norman laughed evilly
‘’What do you want us to do?’’ The clowns asked
‘’Just run around and chase people’’ Norman said
‘’OH, Go to room 266 Ms. Balton’s room. You see that boy over there in the corner?’’ Norman asked
‘’Yea’’ The clown said
‘’That’s Bully Bob, He bullies me beat him up’’ Norman said.
‘’Why do you want us to room 266?’’ he asked
‘’Because I don’t like her. She is mean’’ Norman said
After the clowns beat Bully Bob up and gave him a black eye and scared Ms. balton into a heart attack, they ran around the whole school chasing people, the principal put the school on lock down and called the police.
‘’What’s going on?’’ The police officer asked
‘’There are four clowns in the school running and scaring people!’’ The principal said.
‘’What school is it?’’ he asked.
‘’Isaiah Glenn middle school’’ she said
‘’We are on lock down but some kids are still in the hallways because they just came from lunch’’ she said
‘’We’re on our way!’’ he said
The police were outside surrounding the school so that the clowns couldn’t escape
‘’What are we going to do now?’’ The clown asked
‘’Run away duh!’’ Norman said
‘’We can’t the police is outside’’ The clown said
‘’To bad’’ Norman said
‘’I’m going back to class’’ Norman said
‘’No you’re not! If we have to go to jail your coming with us’’ The clown said
So after that the clowns gave up and went outside and Norman came with them and he got expelled and went to jail.

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