killer clown

November 2, 2016
By Anonymous

I was walking, down the street close to my house it was a hot summer night. When I turned right on my friend street, a killer clown jumped in front of me. I was so frightened that I hit the clown in the face. I started running fast. He was wearing different colors he looked like a scary rainbow. His mask was bloody and looked like warn out leather. He had a really big knife, and a sledge hammer. I couldn’t believe my eyes this clown was really trying to kill me. he started swinging the hammer quick and hard at me I dodged it and kept running. I pulled out my phone as I was running and called my brother.

I told him what was going on.                                                                                                                                                    I’ll be there in a second, he said.
My brother grabs his pistol and hops in his car, and comes to find me. I can hear the car coming, but I’m getting really tied and start to slow down. The killer clown sees my brother car coming in fast and he turns to run down between the houses in my friend neighborhood. He jumps over a terrace and is gone in the warm whispering night. I hop in my brother car and he drives right through a fence so he can get over to the neighborhood, the clown disapered to. He starts speeding down the dark creepy road ahead of us. The killer clown appears in the street. My brother flashes his lights at the clown and revs his engine. The clown turns and takes off through the street to the left of him. My brother makes a sharp right turn and gets behind the clown. My brother shot at him twice and one bullet hit him in the back between his shoulder. We both got out of the car and start beating up the clown he’s dead now. Out of nowhere, another clown appered then another one, and another one soon we were surrounded by killer clowns. They all had sledge hammers and big knifes. They looked as creepy as the likker clown the chased me. They had blood from ear to ear and big bloody noses the blood was from their other victims. As they got closer, and closer, we became more scared. We made a run for my brother car. The clowns came after us and we took off running. We hoped in the car and ran over the clowns , finaly hallowen was over.

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