November 2, 2016
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Hello my name is Gavin Castro. When I was 12 I was playing catcher in baseball. We were about to win, the pitcher threw a fast ball “strike” the umpire yelled, the pitcher threw another fast ball, it was a little to the right and it looked like a ball “bam” I get hit in the side of the head with the bat. I woke up in the hospital, I noticed where I was and freaked out. The nurse walked in and her lips were moving but I couldn’t hear anything, I couldn’t hear anything, the nurse holds up a paper and it says your deaf, calm down for me. I don’t know what to do and I start crying.
     15 years out of the ER I was living in the middle of the city in Louisville, KY. It was really hard to live in the city because a lot of people don’t know sign language and they can’t read lips very well. I finally get tired of the city and so I told my brother Braxton that I was moving to the country because it’s too hard to live in the city with everyone always getting mad at me. I find a one bedroom, two-bathroom log cabin out in the country and its surrounded by trees. I have two neighbors but I only know one, his name is Nolan Pate we hang out every once in a while. He came over one day while I was cooking chicken, mac and cheese, and green beans. I see Nolan walking up to my house, so I put the chicken in the oven and walk outside, we were talking about what I was doing tomorrow because he wanted me to go out to dinner with him and his wife. I see him cover his ears and turn around so I turn around and my fire alarm was going off. My alarm is really loud and bright because I have to feel the vibrations through the house so I know if I can’t see it. So we run inside and I grab the fire alarm and turn it off and she pulls the chicken out the oven. I tell him sorry in sign language and she says its ok.
              Later that night I was playing the Xbox with Braxton. He sends me a message that says “when are you going to move back with me” and then I said “not for a while I love it out here by myself, hold on I have to do the dishes”. I start the water and grab the soap but I don’t close the door. I get done with the dishes, I get a picture message on my Xbox from myself I click on it and it’s me doing the dishes, then another one of me looking at the picture. I notice its coming from outside my front door, I slowly peek my head around the door and I see a man with a mask I close and lock the door. He turns around and starts walking around my house I look at him through my windows while I’m locking them I lock the back door because I couldn’t see him anymore. The lights go out; in my head I say “the power box”. I see him walking through the back door and he’s dragging a body, its Nolan, he puts him right in front of my door. He walks around front and I grab a hammer and knife and then start locking the rest of my windows I get to the last one and he’s opening it I throw my hammer at him and he stumbles, I run to the window and slam it but he puts his hand right there and so I push down on the window as hard as I could. He walks around front and I look at him through my front door, he pops my tires to my car. He walks to the front door and I write with a marker “please go away I haven’t seen your face; my wife is supposed to be coming home any minute”. He reads it then pulls of his mask and lips out “I know it’s just you I read the massage that you sent Braxton”. I slowly creep out to the woods and set a diversion by putting a flash light on a tree, I turn it on and run to my house I see him walk over there, so I start to climb my house I didn’t lock the upstairs bathroom window. I’m climbing up and he sees me he c***s his crossbow and shoots me in my leg, I almost fall but I struggle to get to the top. I pull the arrow out and set it beside me then laid down. He started climbing up and as soon as he put his crossbow down I grabbed it then kicked him down, I run for the window and get in then lock it I try to c*** the crossbow but I can’t, he’s in the window laughing at me but I don’t want to acknowledge him.
                      He walks around front and finds my cat he’s smoking a cigarette, he lifts up my cat and goes to stab her and then I open the front door and shoot him in his arm. He starts running at me and he pulls it out. I drop the knife and then write on the window, “do it you coward” he gets mad and starts breaking my glass door. I run to my Xbox and type a description of him and a letter to my family, white male, 6,4, brown hair, mom, dad, Braxton I love you take care of each other. I turn around and he’s walking toward me I run around the couch and go to the kitchen but I collapse because of the blood loss, he gets on top of me and he’s about to cut me. I grab the bleach and spray it in his face, he falls of the I go to get the knife but I collapse again, he gets on top of me an starts choking me, I’m almost dead, then I grab the knife and stab him in his neck. He falls off then I turn on the power and call the police. The police arrived and cleared everything up. A week later I moved in with Braxton and never left and loved every minute.

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