Atrocious Alarm

November 2, 2016
Ding! Ding! Ding! The piercing, yet familiar noise goes through my body. “Great”, I think to myself. I open my eyes, as the light shines through. ‘5:45 A.M’, my phone reads; school. I get up and start to get ready for another day at my “favorite place”. I slip my clothes on, fix my hair, and before I know it the time reaches 6:15 am. I head upstairs to brush my teeth. While I’m putting on my shoes, I hear a noise outside. I look to see if there’s anything there. “Eh, I see nothing”. I thought to myself. There it goes again, that shuffling noise. I begin to start getting scared. Its dark and I have to walk kind of to my bus stop, alone. “I’ll be okay”. I thought to myself. Yet, still scared. I slip my head phones in my ears and begin my dreadful walk.
  Darkness crept around every corner. I continuously look around, making sure nothing followed. Oh god. The noise again. It almost sounds like shuffling of leaves, but louder. It sounds like it’s getting closer. My heart now speeding up, matching the pattern of my footsteps. I look around, yet nothing. “I know I hear something, or do I?” Maybe I’m imagining. Yeah, I’ll be okay. I calm down and walk at a normal pace. Then I reach a street light I see my shadow. But wait. I do a double take. My heart stops, it seems. Not one. Two shadows; I know sometimes the way a light is positioned could cause this, but no. This shadow appearing bigger, way bigger, not mine. I run immediately, “Oh my!” I think to myself. I yell, maybe someone will hear. “Help!” I call out. Nothing, just the sound of the wind in my ears and my heavy breathing.
I grow tired. My bus stop seems to be getting away from me. I feel a force rush upon my body. “What?” I think to myself. What is this? It grows heavier and heavier. Something pushes me down. Nothing. I hear and feel nothing. My body still and cold. Not one move is being made. Seconds feel like minutes passing. I’m so scared. I closed my eyes tight. I don’t know what else to do. My body basically stuck. I begin to forget how to move. My body so still, yet lifeless almost. “Should I open my eyes?” I think to myself. No way. “Oh no, I’m going to be late for school,” I think for a moment. Then the thought quickly goes away, remembering the horrific situation I’m in. The sound, once again, approaching my ears. Louder than ever. I start shaking my head. “No!” I think. I have to get up, at least try to help myself.
The noise growing louder and louder. Dnn! Dnn! Dnn! Will it stop? This horrifying noise. My body coming back to me. Dnn! I open my eyes. Ding! Ding! Ding! My eyes opening, approaching light. ‘7:48 A.M’ my phone reads. Great, late for school…

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