The Doll

October 31, 2016
Rachel didn't know if that was the best decision she ever made, going back to her town could result in only one thing: Rachel fighting with her dad. It was winter -Rachel favorite season- and she was amazed by all the animals going away or creating a way of protecting themselves from the unmerciful winter.
It was around 9pm when she took the bus, on her head thoughts about the last time she saw her family was playing like a movie. It was on her brother funeral -a car crash, they never found out what happened, the other driver died after being taken to the hospital-, she never had a good relationship with her father, but after her brother death, it was like he blamed her. She was never sad about that, she blamed herself too, her brother was on his way to get Rachel at a party. After that she couldn't take living at the same house anymore, so she moved with her aunt.
The bus finally stopped and she did her best to hide the river of tears. Her mother, Olivia, was waiting for her, and when she saw Rachel it was clear like a sky after rain, that Olivia was happy to see her daughter. She dumped thousands of question on Rachel, like it had been years without seeing Rachel. Her dad,George, didn't had the same reaction, he didn't say a word and every question Rachel made to him, Olivia was the one who answered.
When they got to the house, the first thing Rachel saw it was the tree house. The tree house that she had spent the most of her times. The tree house that she built with her brother. Seeing was that was like her personal hell. Right when she stepped her foot into the house, her mother was already making her eat, but what got her attention was that her mother kissed the wall, looked at her said “the house has feeling too Rachel”. She didn't understand what was the meaning of that, but Rachel decided that was the best leave it alone, she didn't want any problem. After eating she decided to finally go to her old room, but her brother’s bedroom was next to hers. As Rachel got closer and closer to the room, it was like the air was going away and her palms got more and more sweat. She stopped at the door, it was wild opened, all his stuffs was still there, and his water bottle “collection” was still there. Rachel walked into the room, all she wanted was to see his mess, that they always fought about it one more time. But she was stopped by the scream of her father.
“Do not touch it! What are you doing in here? “
“I was just looking, I promise you.”
“ You already did enough, and now you want to destroy the last thing that makes me and your mother happy? You can't be in here, your brother will get mad if she sees you in here”
“ What are you talking about it? He will not be mad with me dad. He will not get mad because he is dead, can't you accept this?”
“ Leave right now! Your brother lives and you can't stay here”
Rachel left the room crying, how could George think that her brother is still alive? He was dead and it was all her fault. Rachel rushed to her old bedroom and ended up falling asleep without changing her clothes. Around 2:50am she started listening to music coming from the room next to hers, but that wasn't possible, the room next to hers was her brother’s bedroom. She fought with the blanket and finally got up, walking like a mouse trying to not make loud sounds. Rachel frozen when she got in the front of the door and saw shadows walking inside the bedroom. With her hands shaking and biting her lips, she slowly opened the door. Revealing an empty bedroom, with the lights on. She laughed of herself and walked into the room to turn off the sound, and taking a closer look, she noticed that the monstrous doll she made to her brother on 4 grade was on the ground next to the sound. She went back to her room and again she saw shadows under the doors and when she opened again nothing.
Rachel woke up early and like she used to do, she went for a walk on the forest on the back of her house, but weird things started to happened, she started to feel like the trees was talking with her, and it was so could that was like a knife passing on her skin. Rachel started to look behind more often, and she could swear that something was following her. Back to her house things didn't stopped being weird, her mother was cooking her brother favorite food and her dad listening to her brother favorite musica. She watched the strange scene for minutes before her mother noticed her and gave a scream like an eagle. Rachel went to the bathroom and as she was passing through her brother’s room, she could was sure that the doll was on his bed, but after the shower, she went get dress on her bedroom and the doll was on her bed. She asked her mother if she was the one who moved the doll, but all she got as an answer was a big smile. Her parents left for the festival and Rachel was alone at the house, she called her best friend and told about all the weird things happening, but her friend had to go to work. Rachel spent the whole afternoon watching movies, and around 7pm she started to hear thing moving on the kitchen. Rachel called for her mother and for her dad, but she had no answer. She grabbed her phone and with her legs jello already she went to the kitchen. She looked around and nothing was there, she went to the other side of the balcony and the doll was on the ground. She didn't understand how the doll end up there, but she was sure that nothing happened. She grabbed the doll and looked deeply into its eyes, it was black, so black that Rachel felt like the doll was stealing her soul. This make Rachel feel a chill on her spine, something was wrong with that doll.
Rachel took it to the bedroom, and as she was leaving it, the radio started to play her brother's favorite song, the same that her dad was listening in the morning. She rushed and turned the radio off, but as she turned her back, the radio turned on again. And this time the doll was on the top of it. Rachel started to freak out, she had left the doll his bed. She runned away of the room and locked the door, leaving the doll inside. She sat on the couch and didn't left until she started to listen to sound on the bedroom door. It was elephants walking, it was so loud that she thought it was her mind playing tricks on her. She rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and went on the direction of the bedroom, slowly the beating was stopping, became more and more soft, until it was almost imperceptible. With her hands shaking like a gif, she opened the door so slow it made the door scream. Nothing was inside the room, completely empty
This only made Rachel more scared, she started going through the rooms and she stood still for some seconds -that was like years in from of the door, it was the only door close. Rachel opened the door like a cat meeting a new person, she wanted to open but she did not trusted what could be behind of that. And her worst nightmare became truth, the doll was on her bed, almost laughing at Rachel face. Rachel could believe in what was happening, only 2 things was on her mind and both of them were terrible.
1- Someone could be inside of the house
2- The doll could be possessed
Rachel excluded the second option, that was way too much similar to movies. She ran back to the living room trying to find her phone but it wasn't there, she went to the kitchen and she saw it under the table. She left the knife on the balcony and went get the phone. When she got up and looked to the balcony nothing was there. She couldn't believe how crazy she was for leaving the knife alone. Someone was definitely on her house and she needed to leave. She running to the front door when she heard the door unlock, it was her parents, she runned to them and told everything, and all they did was laugh.
Rachel didn't understand what was happening, she started to cry and her mother finally stopped and said: “of course he would get mad with you, your father told you that you should stay away from his room, why you turned off his music? You know he loves to listen to music”. Oliva walked in the direction of the room and opened the door, smiling. Rachel couldn't believe in what she was watching, her mother started to treat the doll like a baby and she could swear she heard the dolls laugh. Like a tornado Rachel went to the bathroom and locked the door, she sat on the floor crying, she didn't understand how could all that happen. She spent hours on the shower what seemed to ages for Rachel.
Rachel was trying to figure out what to do, she did not want to spend more time in that house, but she was afraid of leaving her parents. That thing inside the doll was not her brother. She rushed to get dress and tried to talk with her parents but it was like talking with a wall, they would not change their minds. With her heart broken in pieces she went back to her aunt house that night.

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