November 4, 2016
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James and John are best friends. They have been best friends since 5th grade. In 5th grade James grandmother died but he says that he can still see and talk to her. John was confused but he just went along with it. He thought that James was joking around or something because he said he can see ghost before. When we made it to 6th grade next year we started to make new friends. James and I are both going to the same school. James said “have you met the new kid Mark?” John said “no why; What does he look like?” He is tall and has short brown hair that’s all I remember. He has fourth period with us. The next day James sat by his self in the back of the classroom. It looked like he was talking to someone but no one was back there he was probably talking to his self. He does that a lot. After we got dismissed from fourth period James asked me did I see the new kid Mark. I said “no, where was he?” “in the back with me James.” He said that mark was in the back with him but I saw no one. What if he really could see ghost I thought to myself but that wouldn’t make any sense how could he. A few weeks later John told me that Mark left our school. He told me they were getting close. Next year in 7th grade mark came back but this time I was going to see him. I asked James could he ask Mark can we go to his house he said yes. So we went to 1712 maple street it was the last house on the street and then we walked up the stairs we knocked on the door and no one answered. The door opened and we walked in. This house looked abandoned and I didn’t want to be there anymore. I said “I don’t want to be here anymore James, Let’s leave”. We tried to leave but the door slammed and a deep dark voice shouted “No, Don’t leave you need to stay.” I was scared and didn’t know what to do. James said he saw Mark so he started going upstairs I didn’t follow because I was scared. After James went upstairs I heard a scream and the door upstairs slammed. Once that door slammed the door downstairs opened. I ran home and called the cops. They went in the house but they didn’t find James. Two years past and now I’m in 9th grade. I met this girl named Sarah and we started dating. There was a new kid named Oliver and he reminded me of James. He acted just like James. Me an Oliver became friends but he started to get mad when I started to hang out with Sarah more than him. In the middle of 5th period Oliver screamed and this scared me because it reminded me of James scream we he was in that house. We still don’t know what happened to James but there was blood everywhere in the house. Oliver moved into the house at the end of maple street. 1712 maple street. This house has a bad history with people, so why would he move there does he not know? Oliver asked me if I wanted to come over to his house I said sure. We went there and we were playing video games and out of nowhere Oliver said “James, is that you?” I was freaked out and I started to hear the same scream over and over. I heard a voice and it sounded so familiar. It said “why, why did you leave me I said “I’m sorry James I was scared.” He didn’t respond I was about to tell Oliver what happened but he started acting weird he started saying his name was James and he was coming to get me.  Now I’m scared. I tried to run out of the house before I made it to the door the door shut and a deep voice said “No, don’t leave you need to stay.” I’m so scared and I don’t know what to do. Then I was dragged into the basement where I was hung next to my best friend James. Now I can talk to James and he told me that Oliver was Mark and he said every two years there is a new victim. Everyone wants to be nice to the new kid, but don’t be too nice. James and I where and look what happened to us. If Oliver was a Ghost how could we see him? Only one person can see him at a time and that’s the person that he targets. Oliver takes the next victim’s body and name every time. He tricked me; I’m dead but I can still walk around the house. It’s almost like I’m haunting the house.  I was looking around the house and I saw Sarah outside just staring at the house she never came in then she just walked away. “Now it’s time to get a new victim” Oliver said. Now Oliver took my body and he’s telling everyone his name is Jackson.

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