November 3, 2016
By cierraj3 BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
cierraj3 BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
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She didn't know what to do. She couldn't help but cringe. Why would she do that ? Didn't she love him ? Everyday I used to watch this couple go out on their morning walk . Smiling and happy. Little did anyone know her deepest secret under her horrendous smile. I used to envy them. They were the perfect couple, in the perfect house, in the perfect car. I couldn't stand how much more they had then me. Ashley used to be my best friend till high school. When she became popular I was left behind. I'm surprised now. I remember the day that I couldn’t bare to even see her face anymore. “Cierra can you meet me after class today?” “yes! What's wrong ? Do you need help?”
“Oh no I just wanna show you something before you go home.” I should’ve known something was wrong when I watched her smirk slightly as she walked away. After she left I became nervous. I still had all day till that bell rings and she didn't tell me why. “Why couldn't she just message me?” “Why did she need to directly speak to me?” “What did she need to show me, we haven't spoken in at least a month and a half since school began?” I couldn't stand the thought. A dark cloud covered above me and everyone around me noticed. My teacher asked if I needed to go to the nurse's office. I didn't speak I just softly shook my head. Dark circles formed around my eyes and my palms became sweaty. The end of the day seemed to come more quickly than any other day. It was last period and she finally messaged me telling me I needed to meet her in the courtyard. My stomach told me I shouldn't go but my heart told me that if she needed help I should go. The bell rang. The entire two minutes before it rang my legs were shaking and I was positive I was going to throw up. I walked to the courtyard and waited for a few minutes. Ashley showed up, but with an entire crowd of people. I could hear people in the crowd, “I told you she’d come guys” “she always wanted to be one of us”. I stood up to walk away and Ashley pushed me down and poured paint all over me. Everyone laughed. I stood up and walked away like it was nothing. Everyone posted pictures and everyone in school taunted me constantly. I went through hell because of this girl. She’s my neighbor now but never speaks to me. She stares with her blonde long hair, and baby blue eyes. The police were here all night long. I didn't know what was going on but i knew it wasn't good because they immediately put up caution tape and there were hundreds of police officers around their house. Everyone in the neighborhood was trying to figure out what was going on. I had a funny feeling . Like the feeling I had that day. Something wasn't adding up. I watched the police bring Ashley out of the house covered in blood. She had that same smirk on her face she did the day she told me to meet her. I knew,but no one else did. She started crying when she finally got up to people and I knew she was faking it. She looked at me and mouthed “the firefly told me to” i looked at her confused with a daze. I was dumbfounded and didn't know if I should tell the police. They came and knocked on my door at least an hour afterwards. They asked to come in . “Did you hear anything?” “Did she say anything to you?” “Did she come over?” “Did she message you?” No not at all . The only thing I couldn't make out is when you brought her out of the house I was on my porch and she mouthed “the firefly told me to”. They looked as puzzled as I was. “What do I do?” “This girl that's always bullied me and always had a perfect life was now falling down a hole because of a firefly?” “Nothing is adding up”. Slowly I come out my door towards the officer and asks if i would be allowed to speak to her. “Um yes of course, I don't see a problem with that?” “When can you come in ma’am?” “Oh I can come right now, I just need to get ready!” I arrived at the police station trembling and not knowing yet what I’m going to even say. I see her through the window and smile an unknowing smile. I didn't know it was happening until the detective said I looked awfully happy. Something about HER finally having a f***ed up life just makes me ecstatic. It put a fire inside me that made me extremely happy. I went into the room and smile at her with my face cringed up and my eyes narrow staring at her. “So Ashley what did you mouth to me when you were taken out of your house?” “Um, the firefly made me do it” “what were you talking about?” “You were looking as scared as a 5 year old on a roller coaster” “um it said if I told it’d kill me” “it told me to murder my husband and keep him locked away for 2 months and I did just that” “YOU kept him locked up for two months?!” *Laughs snickerly* I stand up to walk out and she whispers “it wasn't my fault” and she begins to cry. I walk out and go to her house. When I get there this awful smell made me want to puke. I remember feeling like my nose hairs were burning off. The house was rocky and crickety. I hear a noise loudly thump. Now remember I was by myself. I look around it’s almost like the knocks were for a help sign. I come to the end of a dark hallway one like on at the bottom of a door and slowly I make my way to it. When I get to it I hear fluttering as if it was 1 Million butterflies roaming around . Sadly I was mistaken when I opened the door. Nothing was in the room but the noise was now at a greater frequency. The banging was on the wall… I pushed down on the part of the wall I thought it was. it was as hard to push as pushing over an elephant. When I finally tore it down I was frightened. I looked up and saw millions of fireflies eating people from the city around us. from our neighborhood. From ou local stores. Ashley had been feeding them humans. She had been talking people into coming over with her sweet charm and lovely convincing attitude. Now everyone will know the truth. She killed so they could eat him. She killed because of fireflies. A creature that is so small and were put into your childhood memories as a little bug you'd catch in a jar to light up. I guess it’s just revenge huh?

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