The Woods Family

November 3, 2016
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The Woods family had just pulled up to their new house which was two stories and falling apart. Jeff thought the house was about to collapse. When the neighbors across the street decided to welcome them. Billy’s mom walked up to the mom of the Wood’s family.

“I’m Barbara. I live in the house across the street from you.” She said.  “I just wanted to introduce myself and my son, Billy.”
“Well, I’m Margaret and this is my husband, Peter. And my two sons, Jeff and Liu.” Margaret replied.
“How would your sons like to come to Billy’s birthday party on Sunday?” Barbara asked.
” I’m sure they’d love to! It’d be a great opportunity for them to get to know some new people.” Margret said.
” Okay I’ll see you then!”
Jeff overhearing his mom waits until she comes inside.
” Why would you invite us to some kid’s birthday party?”
” Jeff, we just moved here. We should show that we want to spend time with our neighbors. Now, we’re going to the party and that’s final!” Margret replies.
Jeff then walks to his room where he lays down but then he gets a sharp pain in the back of his head. Jeff sees a vision of someone but he doesn’t know who. The vision disappears and Jeff hears his mother saying,
” ‘Jeff! Liu! Come down here and unpack the rest of your belongings!”
Jeff then walks to get his stuff wondering what just happened to him. The next day Jeff and Liu were sitting at the kitchen table when Jeff feels that sharp pain again. This time Jeff envisions the dude is now holding a knife. The vision disappears and Liu is yelling at Jeff that they need to go now. At the bus stop, Jeff and Liu are waiting for their bus. When a skater skates by and pushes them.
” What’s wrong with you? Why’d you do that?” Jeff asks.
” Well, well it looks like we got some new meat.” The skater replies.
The skater then says,” Since you’re new here, I’d like to introduce my buddies and me. Over there is Keith, and he’s Troy. And my name is Randy. Now, for all the kids in this neighborhood there is a small price for bus fare, if you catch my drift.”
Jeff and Liu were defenseless against three people. Randy and his gang beat Jeff and Liu till they were black and blue. Jeff and Liu didn’t go to school. They limpidly ran home where their parents were at work. Liu was so beaten he lied down in bed and feel asleep. Jeff tried to but his anger wouldn’t allow him. Jeff then had the sharp pain in his head again. This time the vision was clear and what Jeff saw amazed him. It was Jeff but not Jeff. The Jeff he saw was pale, had evil eyes, and his mouth was scarred from what seemed like cuts.
But it eventually disappeared and Jeff finally fell asleep. When their parents came home Jeff and Liu tried to hide their bruises but their parents could tell something had happened. When their parents asked them what happened they told them they got jumped by a group of boys at the bus stop. Their parents were enraged so they called the bus depot.
The bus depot said they couldn’t do anything about the incident. So Jeff and Liu’s parents tried to nurse up Jeff and Liu’s wounds. Jeff and Liu missed a week of school. When they went back to the bus stop Randy and his friends were there waiting. This time Jeff and Liu were prepared but couldn’t hold them off forever. Jeff and Liu’s injuries were not as bad this time but still caused serious damage to them. Jeff and Liu returned home but Jeff was so mad this time he couldn’t let it go this time.
Jeff’s vision appeared again but this time the other Jeff told him to kill them “ALL!”. Jeff went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife then he walked into the bathroom. Jeff looked into the mirror and proceeded to cut his mouth from ear to ear. Then he bleached his skin. He then went and found Randy and his friends. Randy said,” Look who we have here, a new kid,” Randy not knowing it was Jeff then began to push Jeff. Jeff then pulled out his knife and began to slash and stab not caring who was in his way. Jeff stabbed and killed all of Randy’s friends and Randy.      He then ran home and tried to forget all of what he just did. But it wouldn’t go away. Jeff couldn’t keep control of his mind and body. It was like someone or something from inside him was controlling him. He then went into Liu’s room where he was asleep. Jeff quietly walked up and then began to smother his brother with his pillow. Liu was resisting and resisting until he eventually died. Jeff then waited for his parents to arrive home.
Jeff’s parents then walked up and found Liu’s dead corpse. Jeff came up from behind them with a knife and stabbed his mom and dad. Then Jeff walked across the street to Billy’s house and murdered Billy and Billy’s mom. When Jeff went back to his house and heard sirens outside his house. Apparently one of the neighbors heard screams coming from that house and called the police. Jeff didn’t know what to do so he put the knife to his throat and slashed as fast as he could so he couldn’t feel the pain. When the police came in they found Jeff and his family all dead. Some people today who walk past that house today say they can hear screams from that house and they can see a white pale figure starring at them ready to kill.

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