The Mini Mart

November 3, 2016
By robowarrior BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
robowarrior BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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     There were two friends who lived in Los Angeles, in the suburbs who were the greatest skateboarders in town. Chase and Bobby were rivals to see who was really the best. Unfortunately, Chase always won.

“I thought you were an athlete,” said Chase,
“so why do you always lose,” but Bobby said nothing as they were walking down the street. He just thought that he was jealous the he always won, so he just left it alone.
     The next day when chase was on his way home, he realized he forgot his key, so he went to Bobby’s. When he got there, he checked through the window to see if he was home. He saw him and his brother in the kitchen talking about something, and Chase couldn’t hear over the glass. When he walked in, Bobby rushed to the door and was a little surprised at first and said
“you aren’t here really over here often,”
“I forgot my key at home, so I’m staying over here until my mom gets home,” said Chase. Later that day, Chase got a text from his mother saying,
“chase not gonna be home tonight have a great day at school tomorrow love you.”

During the night, Bobby was telling chase about an old mini store that was never
torn down,
“I’m tellin’ ya dude, this place is haunted if it wasn’t torn down,” said Bobby
“It must be another one of those abandoned buildings that you think are haunted, but in the end it’s another fake,” Chase replied tiredly,
“C’mon Chase, lets go see for ourselves and prove this place is a fake or not,” Bobby said with enthusiasm. So he got his camera, his flashlight, and walked out the door with Chase. When they got there, it was surrounded by bramble and spider webs, Bobby said
‘see, I told you, this place hasn’t been touched in years, just look how filthy it is,”
“nu, uh, there’s no way I’m goin’ in there.”
     “Why not, you scared,” Bobby said with a smirk, Chase said “no, I’m just tired and I want to go to bed,” Bobby wasn’t convinced, he could hear the quivering in his voice, then yanked him inside. It was all dark when they got in with nothing but the roaring thunder behind them, “it’s starting to rain, I think we should go back,” Chase said with his hands shaking lightly,
“No way, we made it this far, and we ain’t turnin’ back now,” said Bobby. Then at the end of one corner of the busted up soda machine, they saw a small light, as it was creeping forward, Bobby grabbed his camera and started recording. And as the light grew bigger, there was no doubt that place was haunted. Then as it was done growing, it was the shape of a girl who looked like she needed help starring them both in the eyes.

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