the haunted house on the hill

November 3, 2016
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In 1939 the city of council of Kansas had a population of 2,100 people. A 14-year-old named josh lived with his sister and grandmother. Josh hung out with 3 other boys who were a year older then him. Nathen is a really good baseball player with a bad attitude that lives with his dad. Timmy and nick brothers that plays football and live with their mother. The 4 boys would go around town and do whatever they wanted and never got in trouble. On Thursday at school in the lunch room, the boys were talking about a house that was supposed to be haunted.

“Do yawl know about that haunted house where a family of five lived and died in” josh asked his friends.
“I know what u are talking about; the house on the bad side of town” Nathen replied. Timmy and nick didn’t know what they were talking about.
  “There was A family name the whites. The dad woke up in the middle of the night and grab his gun and loaded it. First he shoots his wife the kids woke up and heard the gun shoot and started hiding. The dad came to their rooms and shoot all of them. The dad walks down stair to the living room and shoot his self in the head josh informed them”.
The boys mad an agreement to meet at the corner store Friday night to get flash lights. The boys would then go to the other side of town to the house. The left the lunch room and went to class thinking about what would they see in the house.
Friday, came and the boys had told each other not to forget what they’re doing tonight. At 10:00 snuck out the house and grab his bike and rode to the corner store. Timmy, nick and Nathen was waiting for josh at the store. They all got of the bikes and walked in to the store and grab 4 flash lights and sum battery’s they paid for them then started riding to the other side of town.
As the boys were riding nick and Timmy ask yawls sure this is what yawl want to do?
“let’s do it said the boys”.
As the boys got to the bottom of the hill they stop their bikes. Nathen and josh opened the gate you could see the house on the top of the hill. Their house on the hill had broken windows and trees growing up the side of the house. The boys saw too windows that were boarded up too. The house had a whole in the roof and as they got closer to the house the tempter dropped. The boys got off their bike and walked to the front steps. Josh opened the door and then everyone walk in to the house. When they all walked into the house the door shut quick and fast behind him.
“let’s split up to search the house better “said josh”.
“let’s do it then meet up here”. Said Nathen.
Nathen and josh had up the stairs and as there walking up the stairs the wood felt weak were if u put to much wait on it u could fall throw. Timmy and nick had the first floor, josh and Nathen went top the kids room and the rooms had old sheets on the furniture. After that they went to the parents bed room. The door didn’t want to open so josh and Nathen kick the door down. When the door open u could see windows were broken and the room had rats on the bed.
“Nick ran up the stairs and said it was 9:59”.
“Timmy was down stair still and he was screaming help me”.
Nick, Nathen and josh came running down the stairs. As they were all running down the stairs the steps got to weak and couldn’t hold them all. Josh fell through the floor in to the basement.
“I’m then something snatched him up then he started scream let me go and screaming help me”.
The boys ran to the back of the basement witch was in the back of the house and cut on their flash likes be it was really dark. They came down the basement stairs and something ran across the basement and they could only see a shadows. Nick and Nathen called the cops and then started calling for Timmy and josh.
“Do you see josh and Timmy” ask nick.
“No I don’t” replied Nathen.
Nick and Nathen started walking different ways in the basement and seen sum wired stuff. Nick started walking then he seen the boys and ran to them they both look bad and josh had some cuts on his leg. As they were heading for the basement steps the house started shaking and stuff was getting threw across the room as they were trying to run for the steps when they got to the steps. Something grab josh and pulled him in to the dark and the other boys heard police sirens. They ran up the stair straight out the front door to the cop cars. The officer got out the cars and said what happen and they said something grab are friend josh in the basement the 5 polices cars search the house then the basement but they didn’t find anything. The step’s had a whole in it so they couldn’t go all the way up the stairs.
The 3 boys were crying about their friend josh and said they wanted to go home. They got and the back of the police car and started to drive down the hill and as they were driving down the hill. They seed 6 people and the windows waving good bye they thought it was the white and josh a new member of the family.

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