Death of the Blanks

November 3, 2016
By Anonymous

“Mom, why are we moving?” asked Brittany.

“Because I got a job.” said the mom.
“What’s so different about this one?” said Brittany. The mother paused, thinking sadly to herself.
Five years ago, there was a tragic accident, an accident that couldn’t be forgotten. There was a family, a dad, a mom, and two girls. Brittany and Taylor were daughters of Kathryn and John Blank. Both girls were bright, intelligent, and beautiful. One day, it was the Kathryn’s and John’s 3rd anniversary. John was driving home from the grocery store until a car struck him. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. It highly affected the family.  
Taylor who was the oldest, was only 11 years old while Brittany was 9. It took them time to recover from the accident.
“Let’s get a move on girls! We have a lot of driving to do.” yelled the mom.
The Blank family was moving to Springfield, Illinois. It was another big change in their lives. It took them 5 hours to arrive in Illinois. They were looking for the house on 6th street, 358 6th street. The mother instantly spotted the house. It was old but, it looked nice. Taylor and Brittany looked around the neighborhood. It looked deserted and it was quiet. They began carrying boxes into the house. Taylor grabbed the last box until...
“Hi there!” yelled the stranger.
“Aaahh!!” yelled Taylor as she dropped the box.
“Oh, I’m so sorry. Did I scare you?” asked the stranger.
“Yes you scared me!” said Taylor as she reaches down to grab the box.
“Here, let me help.” said the stranger, rushing over to help.
The stranger and Taylor both grabbed onto the box until they stopped. Their hands touched each other. They looked at each other, looking deep into their eyes as if they were staring into each other’s souls.
“W-Well I have to go, I’ll see you around.” said Taylor as she walks away, flustered.
“Wait!” yelled the stranger.
“Yes?” said Taylor looking back at the stranger.
“What’s your name?” asked the stranger.
“It’s Taylor.” replied Taylor.
“Cool, I’m Lee. Well see you around.” said Lee walking home.
It was getting late so the Blanks went to their rooms. As Taylor tried sleeping, she heard footsteps. She thought it was Brittany or her mom so she left it be. That’s when she heard a lullaby as if someone was turning the wheel of the jukebox.
“Brittany, is that you?” asked Taylor.
There was no response. “If this is some kind of prank you’re trying to pull then it’s not going to work.” yelled Taylor. The noise stopped and Taylor slept peacefully throughout the night.
“Girls, wake up! You don’t want to be late for school.” yelled their mother.
The girls woke up, did their usual morning routine, and got ready for school. They ate breakfast together and left for school while their mom left for work. After school ended, Brittany and Taylor walked home from school together.
    “Taylor!!” yelled Lee.
“Oh, hey Lee.” said Taylor as she turned to see Lee.
They had a normal conversation until they reached home.
“Wanna come inside and hang out?” asked Taylor.
“Sure.” replied Lee with a smile.
They walked in the house, only to see blood on the floor.
“Oh my god, did something happen?!” yelled Lee, terrified.
“I-I don’t know…” stuttered Taylor.
They followed the trail of blood to the kitchen. There they saw Taylor’s mom, kneeling beside Brittany, crying.
“M-Mom?” asked Taylor. “Are you okay?”
“I’m sorry Taylor. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” said her mother covered in blood.
Lee was terrified for his life, wanting to run out of the house.
“Mom, did you kill Brittany?” asked Taylor, scared of how her mother will answer her question. Her mother then smiled an evil smirk.
“Well since you two saw this, I can’t let you live.” said her mother.
“L-Live?! What do you mean?” asked Lee.
The mother grabbed the knife on the floor and ran toward Lee and Taylor, stabbing Taylor in the stomach. She laughed like a crazy maniac. Then she slit Lee’s throat open. The mother smiled and laughed until she stopped.
She began panting heavily as though she just ran a whole marathon. She lost her balance and looked at the knife. It was shaking in her hand. The Kathryn felt a sharp pain in her stomach, falling to the ground being sent to the depths of Hell.

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