November 3, 2016
By Breezzyy BRONZE, Lousiville, Kentucky
Breezzyy BRONZE, Lousiville, Kentucky
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The Friday afternoon air was magnificent. The nice, warm colors of autumn. Dead brown leaves on the ground. It was the perfect night for a fright. Five friends; Ann, Makayla, Deon, Steven and Ty. The group of friends decided to go to Industrial Nightmare; a four star rated haunted attraction in Jeffersonville Indiana.

After the two girls in the group (Ann and Makayla) got ready by doing their hair and make-up, the other three friends plus the girls got into the car ready to leave. Of course, being typical teenagers, they smoked a few blunts before leaving. That way everyone would get scared a lot easier and quickly. It was 10:02 pm when they got dropped off. As soon as Makayla’s little feet touched the ground she got a trembling feeling.
The line for Industrial Nightmare wasn’t as long as Ty thought. About 15 minutes of standing, laughing, joking around in line, they took off into the first part of the trail. Makayla’s heart began to thud, beating hard and fast. Her stomach was in knots and all she could hear were the screams and cries from inside the corn field. She was totally petrified.  She didn’t know if it was because she smoked and didn’t want to get caught; or if she was scared to get scared.
  “I can’t go first. It’s not happening.”
“Come here I’ll walk with you since you’re big scared.” Steven said in playful manner trying to ease her.
“Steven...” she whispered in his ear. “Do you think we’ll get caught or anything?”
“Nah, lil bruh, we’re straight. I got you either way though boo.”
Even after that she still had a negative feeling.
The corn maze didn’t normally scare anybody, but it was the next part now. This area of the trail was a swamp-like theme. As Steven and Makayla passed a tree she seen someone standing behind it. Once Ann barley got to the tree an actor dressed as Freddy Kruger jumped out. Ann ran fast. As if she was burning alive looking for a source of water to jump into.
“Ann wait!” Deon screamed as he chased after her.
Nothing usually ever bothered Steven or Makayla. They just found everything to be amusing. Ty was a huge crybaby. He was scared of everything; plus, he was practically fifth wheeling. Everyone had their partner besides him. Then he decided to start crying since he had nobody’s hand to hold. 
Ann was a little too intoxicated. Well, everyone was, but Ann was in total fear that night. She was afraid of everything. There was one part they all couldn’t forget. In the American Horror Story part of the trail. It was a house based off the hit TV show. Inside were two people, dressed in these old English-like clothes. They stood still, as still as a statue. They didn’t even move an inch. All the two men did was stare. They stared with their taunted, dark, black cat eyes.
It was 11:15pm when the five friends got done with the haunted trail. After the five teens walked around they seen Ann and Ty’s dad’s green, rusty pickup truck. However, even after leaving Industrial Nightmare, Makayla still didn’t feel right. She kept picturing the two men with dark black eyes. By the time they reached Ann and Ty’s house she went to the bathroom to settle down although it wasn’t working as well as she wanted it to.
Everyone stayed at their house that night. Their parents didn’t really care what they did. Ann always had her boyfriend Deon stay the night. Ty was allowed to smoke. And they both cussed a lot in front of their parents. While everyone was eating some pizza Makayla was snapchatting their night of fun. When it got around one o’clock in the morning they all went out back, picked a seat and started smoking again.
“Can you guys stop thinking about those two dudes from the haunted park?” Ann said while she was coughing her lungs up. Steven, Deon, and Ty busted out laughing at herm Ann bowed her face feeling foolish, until Makayla spoke up.
“I can’t. There was just something off about them…” After those words left Makayla’s glossed lips, everyone went quiet.
“I keep seeing those dark a** eyes.” Ty added.
“Yeah, as dark as Makayla’s long black nails.” Steven said whitely trying to get Makayla to laugh. The whole crew laughed it up. They started a joking session to keep all the laughing going on. But Deon wasn’t laughing, or speaking. He hasn’t spoken much the entire evening since they got to Ann’s. On the way home from Industrial Nightmare he kept looking behind the car. As if he thought someone was following them. Nobody noticed how different he acted besides Makayla.
Deon spoke softly with a broken voice. As if he was too scared to even talk. “Guys who the hell is that?” but when everyone turned to look nothing was there. “Bruh, on everything I swear I just seen both of those dudes from earlier standing right there.”
“Boy you’re just high quit tripping.” Steven laughed.
Makayla turned her head ever so slightly to where Deon pointed, and there, standing in the corner of the yard, they black eyes guys stood staring at them. It seemed as if they were blood thirsty lions preying on a meal. And the groups of friends were about to be dinner. With the voice of a tiny little three-year-old, Makayla spoke “Look…” as she pointed to the end of the yard.
Without a second to delay Steven picked Makayla up running inside as he seen what she seen. Quickly after everyone else ran inside. They locked al the doors and windows. Ty turned all the lights off and kept peeking through the window in the kitchen to see the back yard. But he didn’t see anything. Eventually it was late, so everyone found a place to sleep, and went to bed.
Makayla woke up the next morning in her warm, big, comfy bed. She couldn’t remember her dream so she too a shower, got ready and went to Ann’s house. She realized it was Friday and she was supposed to go to a haunted house with her friends and boyfriend. Hours later while her and her friends were walking through Industrial Nightmare she seen two guys. They had black eyes: and didn’t move as if they were statues. That’s when it hit Makayla. Her dream came back to her and she realized she had a vison. But after that, it was too late.
Later that night on the news two reports talked about how five teens went missing in the middle of a haunted house. They were never found.

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