November 3, 2016
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In Little Rock, Arkansas, there was a boy named Charlie. Charlie went to school at Glade High School. Charlie was always bullied at school because he didn’t look the best. He didn’t have the most expensive cloths like everybody else; and worst of all, Charlie didn’t smell very good.

One day, Charlie was with his best friend Sarah. Sarah liked Charlie a lot just because she liked his personality.  Charlie wasn’t like the other boys that were rude and disrespectful,  she thought he was gentle and sweet. Sarah also got bullied but not as bad as, Charlie. Sarah didn’t have long pretty hair, and she had a very bad habit of picking her nose.
Sarah and Charlie were both at lunch when David, the guy that bullied Charlie the most, picked Charlie up by his neck and put him up against the wall. David told the whole school Charlie wears the same cloths every day and he has duty stains in his underwear. After that school day, Charlie went home and was so fed up with the bullying he began cutting himself on the arm, on the leg and even on his face. The very next day when he went to school, all the kids kept calling him “Scarface “and “stitches.
Charlie tried to tell the teachers about the incidents, and they would laugh at him about it. At school that same day, he went into the bathroom and hung himself. Two students found him in the bathroom and immediately told the teachers. All the students started laughing about; but, Charlie was not done yet.
Charlie went to seek revenge on the students and the main bully, David at the school. Charlie’s revenge wasn’t just any type of revenge: He wanted to murder those students. Every night at 12:17am he would haunt one child at a time until they were fed up, he would gather dead tree branches and use them to chock that student to death. The principal began noticing began noticing a major decrease in the student population at glade high school.
Charlie had murdered all of the students that had given him stress and grief, besides one person! SARAH, because she was always really nice to Charlie and she never was mean or disrespectful to him. Charlie still had so much anger in him, he saved the best for last- David! He wanted to make David’s murder the best one of them all. Charlie haunted David’s house for three weeks, just watching him sleep. Now it was time. Charlie had prepared David’s murdered. Gathering all the materials he needed for the final revenge. Charlie cut David’s face clean of with a knife, then Charlie peacefully proceeded down into hell.


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