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October 25, 2016
By connerneff21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
connerneff21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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No? I haven’t seen anything police officer. Why?” Said Lumber Jack Jim with a confused face.”
“Well we received some phone calls around your neighborhood that they heard screams and chainsaw noises.”
“Well that’s odd but if I hear anything tonight I’ll make sure to call you right away!” 
“Ok! Thanks for your time sir!”
So lumber jack Jim went to his old creepy house that had two horses that was by a grave yard. After he got to his house he went inside and took his fake leg off to charge. After he did that he got on his old out dated computer and searched on what the police officer told him.  He found an article that had the headline that said “A murder in case it hills.” He clicked on the article and he started reading it and the thing that stuck out to him most was that the article said a man was killed by an axe by a grave yard.  He sat there and thought that the article couldn’t have meant him even though he lived by a grave yard and had three axes and one of them had red juice on it.
So that night lumber jack Jim went out and started chopping wood with his axe that had red juice on it.  But for some reason there was a police officer and he pulled up to lumber Jacks house and asked him a few questions.  So the police officer took lumber jack Jim in to the police station and ran a background check on lumber jack Jim.  So he ran one and found out that Lumber jack Jim use to own his own tree business.  He also found out that he was 53 years old, had 6 little brothers and a mom and dad. He had long black hair that went to his shoulders was about 6’3 tall and weighed about 200 pounds and had no children or wife but had two horses. After the police officer was done running a background check he went out and talked to lumber jack Jim about his business that he used to own.

“Alright sir I am done. But I would like to ask you a few questions about your old tree cutting business.” Said the curious police officer.
“Ok that sounds good.” Says lumber jack Jim in a confused voice.
“First question. Where was your tree cutting business located at?
“Well it I had about 30 acres of land and so I decided to build it in my acreage”.
“Alright thanks! How long did you own it for?”
I owned it for about 20 years and actually I just closed it down completely.”
“Alright just a few more questions. Can you describe your old tree cutting business?”
“Yes. It was a sort of popular one, but it is called lumber jack, only I work for it.
“Well that’s all I need to know thanks for your time.”
So the next day lumber jack Jim went home and was just lazy for the next couple days he was just complete lazy. But then suddenly someone was at the door banging and shouting
“Open up or well let our self’s in” 
He opened up and it was the police. And they said
“You have the right to remain silent. If you do, or say anything, it can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have a lawyer present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you if you so desire”.
Lumber jack Jim in a winey voice said “what, what have I done?”

The police officer doesn’t say anything. So lumber Jack is just balling his eyes out in the police car. When they got to the police station they ran a background check on him and said he was guilty so he was sentenced 50 years in prison.

The police officers went back to lumber Jack Jims house and gathered evidence to prove that he was guilty and should stay in prison until his sentence is over. So they went to his house found an axe that had red juice on it. So they took that for evidence but then they went back and gathered more evidence. They went into this one room that looked like someone had been murdered in it. There was red all over the wall, hair. on the floor and a bed that also had red all over it.  So the police officers took pictures of that room.
After they did all of the investigations they went back to the police station and turned the evidence in to be counted as evidence or not. After it went through they got it back and it ALL counted for evidence. The next day they got Lumber Jack Jim to come back with them to ask him a few questions. When they asked him that they found out his real name was Michael North and was married to West North.  After they were done they took him back to prison and told him that he had a week to find a lawyer. So Lumber Jack Jim found A lawyer named GS. He read that she has never lost a case but was a little pricier then most lawyers. But once he highbred her they went over what was wrong and he said he was guilty and did not kill anyone but everyone thought I did. But she believed him so she now had to gather evidence to show he was guilty.  
Lumber Jack Jim walked in with his lawyer to prove he was guilty. The first thing she called up was a police officer named Chicago cubs. She asked him
“Where were you doing before the murdered accrued?” said the GS
“Patrolling a neighborhood right beside it.”
“Have you ever had anything against Lumber Jack Jim?”
No not really, but he did once kill my dog I got in third grade.”
“Alright that’s all I need.”
The next couple days the court goes over the case to see if he is guilty. They found out that he wasn’t guilty. They did more investigation at the crime scene and found out that the police officer had done it. When he found out that he was guilty he first called his lawyer and told her thank you so much. Then since he had some left over he went out and bought him a brand new Ram 3500 HD truck. Then he went and added a lift kit to it, a LED light bar on it, under glow, and then he bought huge tires and black rims for his truck. But the next day he took his lawyer out to McDonalds for a happy meal and after that just started seeing each other and then they got married and had 8 kids. Then Michael and GS got in a fight and Michael murdered GS… But then he felt horrible for doing that so he buried her in his back yard and kissed the grave stone every day.

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