The Case of the Beven's Gem.

October 25, 2016

It was a cold night in Alaska. Just like any other night. The wind blowing hard and the snow falling rough. All you could here was the wind blowing hard. Detective Jim was just sleeping and his dog was laying on his bed. Then the phone starts to ring. Jim awakens and decides to fall back asleep. The ringing stops and the room goes silent. Then the phone starts to ring again. Although this time Jim decides to pick up the phone.
“Hello?” Jim says. “Who is speaking?”
“Yes, we are trying to get in contact with detective Jim.” said the man in a worried voice. “Is he around?”
“This is him speaking, Why do you call at such a late time?”
“You see Jim, the Beven’s gem, which is worth $5,000,000 has been stolen and is nowhere to be found, and Mr. Bevens is freaking out!”
“Alright I’m on my way,” said detective Jim.
So Jim decides to get up off of his bed and go get dressed. He was still a bit grumpy because he was super tired and hadn't gotten much sleep that night. Then he started to get frustrated because he was trying to get ready, but couldn’t seem to find his favorite detective clothes. So after looking for about 5 minutes he decides to give up and just take his super uncomfortable clothes. So he finishes his coffee, feeds the dog and takes off. It was about 1 hour before he got there because the mansion was so far away from his house. Once he arrives he knocks on the door, but no one answers. He then takes a good look at the house. He thought to himself man what a big house he had. It was just so huge, it was about twice as big as his house. He then decides to knock again and they finally let him in. He was then immediately directed to Mr.Bevens.
“Hello detective how are you doing?” Said Mr.Bevens.
“As a matter of fact I am doing terribly. I am awake at 3:00 in the morning over some dumb gem that doesn’t even concern me,” Replied detective Jim
“No need to take that tone with me, Detective. You know you’ll be getting a reward. Isn’t that why you joined the force?”
“As a matter of……………….”
“Shhhh….. I don’t want to hear about your boring story and why you decided to join this or that.”
Mr.Beven's shows him where the gem was last seen. Jim must of thought that this guy was crazy. He had many weird statues and many weird drawings too. Then they to the room which Mr.Bevens calls the “Gem Room”. Man what a wealthy guy Mr.Bevens was. A whole room dedicated to not just one gem but many of them. He had a special container for all of them, although the stolen ones container was very different. It was made of a gold base and a glass container that would go over the gem. It was also alarmed so that a siren would go off when it was touched. It also had “Beven’s Gem” engraved in the gold.
“So I take it that this is where the gem was last seen?”
“Yea, I last saw it before the dinner party started.”
“Do think you could take me to the dining room or wherever it is you have them.”
So Mr.Bevens takes them to the living and there they were. Just 4 innocent people and one guilty. These had all been guest from the party. He starts off with the person who is was closest to the door.
He started by asking his name. Although something he did catch up on was that he seemed very nervous
“Hello, I'm going to be asking you a series of questions and I want you to answer as best as possible,” Said detective Jim.
“Ok, I’ll try my best,” said the young gentleman. He looked about the age of 25.
So Detective Jim started asking him a bunch of questions. The more questions Jim asked the more nervous Frank would get. Finally after asking him multiple questions. Questions about his family and where he lives and about him. Jim came to the conclusion that Frank couldn’t have done it. He was just too innocent.
The Next person he interviewed was a straight savage. He just thought he was on top of everything and that he was the one asking the questions.
“Hello there I’m detective Jim, I'll be asking some questions so just………”
“Yea,yea,yea I don’t care about your dumb questions.”
“Alright then, first question is what is your name?”
“What's it to you old man?, Who do you think you are to ask me questions?
“First off, I’m a Detective and second of all if you don’t want to answer questions you can leave, But if we come to a conclusion that you are guilty then this may be a huge part in why we thought it was you. So I recommend you sit down.”
“Alright, I’ll answer your dumb questions.”
So after asking him multiple questions, he asked him the final question.
“Alright, last question is have……………..
“Finally, I’m relieved to hear that.”
“Alright then, the last question is have you had any involvement with the gem?”
“I mean I If I’m being completely honest then yes I have had involvement with the gem.”
“Do you mind telling me how?”
“Sooooooo……….maybe I have tried stealing the gem, but it wasn’t me this time I swear!”
“Alright, Alright I believe you.”
Which in reality he didn’t believe him. How obvious he made it seem that it was possibly him who stole it. Then again he couldn’t be positive that it was him who stole it. So, he decided to interview the next person. Although she was very different, she wasn’t a straight savage or a shy person. She was more like “the brains” type of person.
“Alrighty, let's see here, I am going to be asking you a series of questions.”
“Yup alright, Let me start off by saying my name is Taylor and I live at 1260 Chestnut and have a 2-story house, although I share most of my space with my cats and dogs. I have 25 cats and 15 dogs and let's just say that they do get along very well. Also I work at a science department call “science technologies.” So yea is there anything else you would want to know?”
“No, no, I think you cleared up most of it. Although I do have one last question.”
“What do you mean? I thought I had cleared up most of it!”
“Yes you did, but I have to ask you have you had any involvement with the gem?”
“Ummmmmm………. NO yea totally not. I wouldn’t have done such things, there’s no need to!”
“Alright you can leave now.”
So Taylor left and she seemed really guilty. Jim thought to himself “She did hesitate. She was also very smart. It has to be her!”
So decides to do one last thing. He going to search everyone.He goes to the room where everyone was at and he tells each suspect that he is going to start the search. Taylor once again super suspiciously asks.
“Ummm…...Once again what is the punishment for have stolen the gem?”
“Why does it matter, if you didn’t do it right?”
“Oh yea, totally didn’t do it one hundred percent.”
“Alright then let’s start the searching.”
So before he could even start with the first person, out of nowhere Frank starts sprinting towards the door. Everyone of Bevens’ guards starts running and trying to catch him. They catch up to him only to find that he wasn’t running to escape. He was running to cover for Taylor. She had been trying to run away and she did it by using Frank as a distraction, or so they thought. As soon as they entered the room she came out the closet. Her mistake was that she open the door and it was too loud. So the guards hear her and they catch her. She had also went back to steal more than one. Finally she went to jail to serve 20 years of prison and her sentence for theft. Finally, they got the gem back and Bevens became super happy. The only question was no one knew where he went or where the other gems went………….

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