Fin and the Diamond

October 25, 2016
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“Ding dong” The sound of Fin’s doorbell startled him. He went to his apartment door and when he opened it he saw no one. Fin was a 21 year old who just finished his first year of college and was very good at sports He was tall and skinny, with black hair brown eyes , and had skin as white as a ghost. As he went close the door, a box on his stairstep caught his eye when he got in the house Fin turned on the tv. Every channel was of the same news story. The story was the Wittels Diamond had been stolen from a museum. This diamond was worth over 23 million dollars.
After watching the news for a while fin decided to open the box that he received earlier that day. The sounds of the cardboard box as the two pieces rubbed against each other gave fin chills down his spine. The object in the box glistened and shined in fins eye. Fin franticly rewound the tv and paused it. Someone sent him the diamond that was stolen from the museum. Fin was so scared he was only twenty one and had never been in trouble with the law.
Fin grabbed the diamond, wrapped it in a rag and raced to the police station.
  “May I speak to the detective working on the diamond case” said Fin.
In a polite voice the lady said “yes”. Fin was in the lobby and showed Detective Williams the diamond. Detective Williams was one of those cops who always looked mad and knew everyone in town he was also a very hard working cop and wouldn't stop at anything to finish a case. Detective williams was short fat cop with one of mustaches that every older cop has.
“Where did you get that asked detective williams in an angry voice.”
Fin couldn't say anything before he was in cuffs. Fin repeated the words”
“I didn't do”.
“Yeah well you can tell that to the judge” as detective williams laughs.
“I can help you with this” fin screams as he slips out of his cuffs and runs out of the police station fighting off cops and jumping over desks. Papers were flown everywhere and fin had exited the building. “What are you guys doing just standing here go get him” detective williams exclaimed. The cops try to resume the chase but he was too far gone.
As Fin walked down a dark creepy ally with his hoodie over his head he bumped into a guy with a big scar across his face. Fin remembered his face. His name was jax carter he was a kid he bullied in highschool he wasn't the coolest kid in school he was like the kid in the shadows he has long hair that covered his face and a had a scar on his face from when he got beat up really bad. He always said we were going to pay for what we did to him, but we never payed attention.
Fin thought it was weird that jax was walking away from the police station after he got arrested and then after he escaped. Maybe he wants to make me pay like he said he wanted.
When Fin returned to his house he saw a sticky note on his counter that said “this isn't over.” as fin sat on the couch he thought of who could have framed him and nobody came across his mind.
The next morning he heard knock on his door.fin got out of bed and tiptoed across the room trying to be as quiet as possible. When he reached the door he looked through the peephole, and he saw a his brother.
When the two sat down will said in a worried voice, “there is something wrong with dad.”
“Ok i'll keep an eye on him.
The next day Fin went over to his dad's house. As Fin walked into the house he saw his dad frantically looking through files.
“Dad what are you doing”.
“Get out you shouldn't be here”.
“What are you talking about this is my childhood home”.
“Just go”.
As Fin left the house he was so confused. When Finn got home all the lights were off and left them on when he got home.
The brightness of the lights blinded fin once he could see he seen detective Williams sitting in his lay z boy smoking a cigar with a gun in his hand.
“What's going on”! Fin said in a screechy voice.
“a bounty on you dead or alive”.
Fin saw detective Williams move his finger to switch the safety and at that second he opened the door to run out. Fin got in his car and picked up the keys but from all the shaking he dropped them.
As Finstarts the car he saw his door open.
“Bang bang” the gun shots bust right the fins windshield piercing his leather seats. When fin peeled out of the driveway he heard detective Williams say
“I wants my diamond back”.
Fin knew at that second detective Williams sent him the diamond and he was going to try to incarcerate him for having it on him while it was stolen.
“Whoop whoop” the sirens of the police car's wake fin up.
“You're coming with us”
Fin couldn't even ask why before they slapped the cuffs on his hands.
“What's going on”.
“You'll find out in court” Detective Williams said as he was laughing.
Once fin was in the courtroom he was so scared if they were really going to sentence him to time in prison.
“Clang clang” the sound of the wood knocker as the judge announced that the case was starting.
the judge asked Fin if he stole the diamond. Fin exclaimed he didn't steal it. And if the cops go to his house and grab his phone he has proof.
When the police returned with his phone. He told them to go to his recordings and to watch the first one.
As the cops play it you can hear detective Williams saying he is going to steal the diamond and then keep it he also says he's going to make a replica and plant it at Fin’s house.
“Alright, that's all we need,” the judge said. “Fin you're free to go.”

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