The money theif

October 25, 2016

One Friday on a cool fall day in Chicago, Franklin was getting off of work.  He grabbed everything he needed for the weekend and said his goodbyes to his workmates.  He walked down the stairs and went out of the building to his car.  Franklin was a tall skinny guy with long brown hair.  He liked to be with friends, and didn't really like to work.  He was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana but moved to Chicago for his job as a bill collector.  While Franklin was setting through traffic he thought to himself.
“What should I do tonight?”  He kept thinking for a few minutes, then he thought,
“I'm going to go out to dinner with friends.”  Franklin and his friends go out to dinner almost every weekend.  They were going to Applebees in one hour so Franklin got his shower and got dressed.  He was about to leave and he forgot he needed money, he went to the safe in his closet.  He opened the door and saw the safe was open, he stood there for a second and thought to himself, “
Did I leave the safe open?” 
He thought a few more minutes and he thought to himself.
“No, I didn’t, who could have done this?” 
He went to his car and drove to his friends house to talk about it.  Franklin rung the doorbell a couple of times before John answered.  John was standing at the door with their other friend Rob when the door opened.
“I have a problem,” Frankin shouted.  John and Rob looked at him confused for a second.  Rob finally answered back
“What is the problem?”  Franklin answered,
“Someone took my money from my safe in my apartment!”  John asked,
“What are you going to do?”  All three of them looked at each other confused, thinking of what they could do.  John answered in excitement,
“I got it, we can go back to your apartment and ask the front desk to see the video surveillance cameras.”  Franklin replied,
“That's a great idea!”  The three of them took Franklin's car back to his apartment.  All three of the friends walked up to the front desk and Franklin asked,
“Do you mind if we see the surveillance cameras, because I think someone took all of my money”.   The guy at the front desk replied,
“Sure.”  He let them watch the surveillance videos.  Nothing happened at first, but at about four o'clock a man in a red sweatshirt opened the door, and about 10 minutes later walked out with money.  Franklin, John, and Rob all said out loud,
“David Jones!”  David was a tall skinny guy, he was always mean to Franklin and his friends in school, so they never really liked each other.  Rob knew where his apartment was so the three of them told the guy at the desk
“Thank you for your help” and walked back out to the car. 
They drove to his apartment all the way on the other side of Chicago.  When they got to the apartment they asked for David Jones room number. The guy replied,
“207.”  They got in the elevator and went up to his room.  His room was 5 floors up and 2 doors to the left.  They knocked a couple of times and there was no answer. 
“Let's wait until he gets back home,” John said to the both of them.  They waited 3 hours and there was no sign of him.  Finally 30 minutes later at 10:30pm he started walking down the hallway with a briefcase.  David saw them and started running away.  He tried getting back in the elevator but Franklin, Rob, and John started running after him.  The door started to open and when David tried stepping in the elevator Franklin threw him to the ground.  John helped Franklin hold him down while Rob opened the suitcase.  Rob yelled, “There is only $1000 in here!”  Franklin shouted, “WHERE IS THE REST OF THE MONEY?”   David yelled,
“ I don't know!”  Franklin shouted,
“If you do not tell us we will call the cops!”  Finally David admitted,
“Fine, it's in my room.”  The four of them walked back to his room.  David opened the door and all the money was laying on the table.  All of Franklin's money was there.
Franklin asked, “Why did you take my money?”  There was silence for a second, but then David replied,
“I needed money for my apartment, please don't call the cops!”  Franklin answered him back,
“We won't, if we can have the money back.”  David agreed and said, “Thank you, for not calling the cops.”  The three of them took the money and left.  When they got back to the apartment Franklin put it back in the safe, and they all went out to dinner like they planned. 

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