Water Bottle

October 25, 2016
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There was a skater named Tyler Sac he was with his bestfriend Earl Sweatshirt just getting there to the skate park .

   “Sah dude what you doing because Iwas wondering if you wanted to come to my house to set up a board” Earl said, ?
“Yeah dude right after this trick I’m trying to land then i’ll go to setup the board with you but just let me get my water bottle alright,” Tyler said.
Tyler went to go get his water bottle,and he drank some of his water bottle,and he tasted it and it didn’t taste the same like water but he didn’t mind.
“Ok i’m ready to go my water tasted weird but i think it just was in the sun too much let's go” Tyler said, “Ok let’s go,” because it’s almost curfew and my mom said to be there in time too” Earl said.
On the way there Tyler was feeling sick and threw up a little but they did make it before curfew.
“Let’s set up this board so we can get some rest for tomorrow at school because we have an exam” Earl said,
“Alright i’m going to leave Earl, because i’m not feeling nauseous can your mom give me a ride home because i don’t feel like riding my skateboard home” Tyler said,
“Ok i’ll tell my momma to take to your house” Earl said,
“Bye see you at school tomorrow” Tyler said,
So Tyler ended up getting home and he was feeling so bad he needed Earl’s mom to help into his house. Next day Tyler has got some kind a allergies. Few hours past and he woke and he started to try and get but he got light headed and sat down and told his aunt
“I need to get up i need to get warmed up for my competition” Tyler said,
“Sorry honey i’m sorry you're sick so i’m going take you to the doctor to check you out” said Aunt Shalisha,
“Fine i’ll go but when we come back i’m going to warm if you like it or not because i’m going to get sponsored!
“Ok honey but not much outside but first to the doctor first” said Aunt Shalisha,
They ended going to the doctor which Tyler didn’t want to but his aunt forced for his own good.
“Doctor what’s wrong with my nephew because he’s doing bad and he has a skateboarding competition and needs to get sponsored” said Aunt Shalisha,
“Sorry mam but this young man her has a very bad condition that prevents him from moving his knees that much and i found a subsistence in it he was drugged ” said D octor Yachty,
Shalisha was crying Tyler hugged her and told her,
“It’s alright I’ll get better but i have to skateboard so i can get sponsored alright”said Tyler
“NO you and Earl going to go find whoever drugged you at the skate park and take him to the police ok and no getting on the skateboard” said Aunt  Shalisha.
“I’ll give you a wheelchair so you could move around and find the guy who drugged you  and i’ll know who it was because it some of his DNA” said Doctor Yachty,
So they went on home with the bad news of what Tyler he got that he can't move his knees well and he went on to go to Earl's house so he can take him to the skate park and find the guy who drugged him.
“Hey Earl let’s go to the skate park to find the guy who drugged me ok? said Tyler.
“Ok but first i need to sign you up for the competition so we can win this so you can get sponsored” said Earl.
“I’m sorry to say but I can’t enter the competition becuase of my illness of not moving my knees that well so I might not be able to go to the competition” said Tyler,
“Ok but i'm still going to sign you up so if you get good you can still skate” said Earl,
Earl and Tyler went on going the skate park and were thinking about who it could be and they finally got there.
“I think this guy named Kanye saw him do it becuase he was right by us when I was doing my trick” said Tyler,
“Ok let’s go ask if he saw him do it” said Earl,
“Hey man last time we were here did you see someone behind me putting something in my water bottle” said Tyler,
“Ya dude i did see someone put some kind of stuff in your water bottle he’s entering in the competition and he had to bags one said Antidote and the other was the drug and his name starts with a T” said Kanye,
“Thanks dude see you later dude”said Earl,
They went on to waiting for one day and they went back to the competition and try to find the guy.
“Ok dude we’re here now let’s find this guy” said Tyler,
“I think i see him he’s over there with that one guy putting the drug in more peeples drinks let’s go wait let me get him” said Earl,
“Ok go get for me dude” said Tyler,
“I got him dude call the cops hurry up” said Earl,
Tyler is called the cops and they caught the thief and got the antidote he wanted to win the competition so he had to drug them.
The winner of SLS is Tyler Sac” said the announcer.    

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