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October 25, 2016
By jacob420 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
jacob420 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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     My best friend, my brother, my worst nightmare...
It is a dark September day in 2014, I was at the shooting range when I saw my phone light up I couldn't hear it ring over the sound of gunfire like rain on a tin roof, the call was a body in the park. My partner John Swanson came to pick me up. When we arrived the the leaves had just started to turn, the body looked a lot like John with grey hair, but the smell was like rotting Easter eggs with a hint of dead cat.  John is about six foot  200 pounds with green eyes and brown hair, and looks kind of like me.  We graduated from the academy and both got hired at the same place Boston police department. We where on homicide.
I joined the academy at sixteen because I was smarter than most people twice my age and,  at six years old my mother was killed right in front of me. My dad had left before I was born.
John looks like he is scared of something that’s when I hear the sound of the slide on a glock seventeen then I see John fall as a bullet whizzed by my head. We both started shooting as a man in a black coat and mask leaped from the bushes and took off towards a motorcycle and sped off. In the khaos I had been shot in the hand and John had been shot in the ear.
EMS arrived and took us to boston medical center where they treat my hand and John’s ear. “I had’t moved as the bullets went flying.” I said to John. “Why wasn’t I killed?” I asked.”
We go back and look at the crime scene and find the body had been moved to the lakeshore 100 yards away.
John says, “The body was shot in the firefight.’
A crime scene tech puts the man on a stretcher and takes him to the morgue. Then John and I go and get a bite to eat and talk before we go to the morgue. When we arived I ask if they found who it was and it turns out it was John’s father. He says he has never met his dad. He is about to say something when when the medical examiner said there was another DNA match it was me. I never knew my dad but to find out that he is dead and I have been working with my brother for years.
I got to work as fast as I could tracking down David  Willson my father's real name  . It turns out he has four other sons besides John and I. They where and still are all cops.
We searched for them and their mothers. We tracked down Ben a state trooper for Maryland. His mom had plenty of reasons to kill dad, but she has  been dead for 2 years.
I asked Ben if he knows,” Who would want to hurt dad.”
He said,” His uncle.”
We contacted her brother Mikey Hanson. I told him that David was dead. He admits to killing him and shooting him for his sister.
The problem was how he said he shot him with the same gun used to shoot at us. But the bullets don't match. When I go tell him I find  him hanging from the ceiling by a blanket.
John is interviewing another brother when he goes for his gun and has to be shot.
“What’s with these people” I ask John
“They must be protecting someone.”, he said.
“Let’s find out who it is before anyone else dies.” , I said.
I need to know more I think to myself.
I saw a woman sitting in the waiting room she has a box in her hands I go and bring her in for questioning
She said ,” I have the gun that killed your mother.”
I didn't even need to test it I looked at it and almost started crying. It was the gun still covered in her blood.  A man follows her out of the building and I hear gunshots,I see the smoke , and the lady falls . I grab my  gun and fire hitting the man  in the fourth rib stopping him cold in his tracks. Never had Ihad to kill a man before. I the lady died there and I never even knew her name.
The man is George Harting fifty-five he use to be a contract killer before he worked with my mom. At a bar where she worked since she had me. I was looking at  him and remembered the face from watching my mom get shot. He was the one that shot her. He must have worked with my dad a contract killer from twenty years ago. They both had the same signature shootout both kneecaps before the final shot to the back of the head.
John brings his mom in and questions her. I see her walkin but not walkout. John walked out and started shooting. He hits me before he stops to reload he is covered in blood I put my sights on him when he puts the gun to his chin
,I yelled,” If you do this you will die a coward.”
He stopped and puts the gun down. He put his handcuffs on himself and walked over to me. While he is booked into jail he just looks cold with no remorse.
Two months later his trial starts and he is found guilty and sentenced to death. He never even looked for a reason to live he just waited to die in prison. Two weeks later he is executed. My best friend my brother my worst nightmare.

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