Rosalinda's story

October 25, 2016

I can’t believe I’m going to be moving into a new town and have to go to a new school. I love my friends I made at my old school. I wonder if one of my old friends will be there. One of my friends told me that they were moving and I hope they move close to where I am moving to.
“Rosalinda, sweetie, you are going to be late for school if you don’t hop in the car so I can drive you to school for the last day you are going to be there.” said her mother.
Rosalinda got up and threw on her black, leather jacket, she always wore on special occasions, ran out to the car where her mother was and got in the car.
“So how do you feel about moving to another school after today?” Rosalinda’s mother said.
“I don’t know, I’ll miss my friends and I might get even more bullied at school too, mom.” Rosalinda sounded upset.
“Hun, you’ll be fine, this school is better than your last one.”  Rosalinda’s mom sounded reassuring.
It’s the last day at Rosalinda’s old school before she transfers to another. Rosalinda is an outcast, which means that she didn’t fit in. Rosalinda is 16 years old and has depression. Rosalinda has bright red hair, wears black normally and she likes to be alone. She gets bullied every day at school. Her parents are either at work or out of town. Her parents just moved into a small and pretty nice house in Rochester, Indiana.  Rosalinda is at her old school and one of her friends comes up to her.
“Guess what Rosalinda?”
“What?” Rosalinda sounded worried
“I’m moving to Rochester too and we will be going to the same school together but I’m moving there next Friday.” Rosalinda’s friend was very clear on that
“Cool, and I got something to say.” Rosalinda was about to cry
Her friend looked at her sympathetically and gave her a hug
“What do you have to say, Rosalinda?”
“My mom has gotten me a counselor and I have too many scars to wear t-shirts without getting made fun of for cutting it makes it worse.” Rosalinda was in tears
“It’s ok because I have scars but I still wear t-shirts and I don’t get made fun of.” Rosalinda said wiping the tears off Rosalinda’s face.
“Are you sure?” Rosalinda said while drying up her tears
“Yes, I’m sure.” Her friend was jumping in excitement
“Why are you jumping?” Rosalinda was laughing
“I actually have no idea why I am jumping.” Her friend sopped jumping
“Let’s go to class.” Rosalinda’s friend grabbed Rosalinda and took her blade away and went to class.
“Why did you take my blade away?” Rosalinda said unhappy
“I know how you are and if I stop you should.” Her friend said in a motherly kind voice
“Okay, I will try to stop.” Rosalinda said
The bell rang to leave and go to their next class
Rosalinda ran into the bathroom skipping her next class because she is picked on all of the time in that class. She is now in the bathroom crying and she pulls out a shiny, super sharp blade and takes one cut, two cuts, three cuts, four…... She remembers what her friend had said if you cut then I will too and cutting is a selfish thing to do, keep doing it and I’m not going to be your friend anymore. Rosalinda has fresh cuts and walks out of the bathroom like nothing even happened. Her friend has a pass to go to the office and sees Rosalinda.
“Did you skip class to go and cut?” Rosalinda’s friend said worriedly
“No, I didn’t I went to the bathroom to fix my hair.” Rosalinda lied to her friend.
“Seriously, are you lying Rosalinda I worry about you a lot you know that too.” Her friend sounded like she was about to cry
“No, I’m not lying. Can’t you see my beehive?” Rosalinda said
“Yes, I can see your beehive, Rosalinda I just have a feeling that you did. I love you bestie I don’t want to lose you from suicide.” Rosalinda’s friend said then walked off
Omg I can’t believe that I, Rosalinda Marie Williams, lied to my best friend I’m so ashamed of myself but if I would have told her then I wouldn’t have been her friend anymore which would have made me cut more
The next period Rosalinda went to was S.R.T. and she asked her other friend, which was upper rich and popular, if it was ok to lie to friends.
“Rosalinda, did you lie to your best friend?” said Rosalinda’s popular friend
“Yeah, I did and I regret it.” Tears were now rolling down Rosalinda’s cheeks burning
“I’ll tell her the truth Rosalinda, that’s if you want me too.” Rosalinda’s friend sounded so preppy which Rosalinda hated
“Nah, I got it I’m not going to tell her because our friendship will be over, and it’s going to hurt my feelings horribly.” Rosalinda sounded depressed
Rosalina ran home after her S.R.T. period, her mother was moving boxes to the car and her dad was already at their new house unpacking the already packed boxes. Her mother asked her if she wanted to help them pack boxes and move them to the car until it was full. Rosalinda agreed to help her mother and started to put all of her things in a in a big box and started crying. I’ll miss this old town so much, I loved it here but I got bullied so many times too. Rosalinda thought to herself
“Rosalinda, Hun, I am sorry about moving but your father got a new job there and he is going to make better money there and you will have a bigger room.” Her mother sounded happy
“Mom, I know you are happy but I’m not.” Rosalinda said
“Why aren’t you happy, Rosalinda what’s wrong?” Her mom was scared to hear the answer
“I’m not happy because I’m going to lose my friends and be a loner.” Rosalinda was balling. Her mother gives Rosalinda a hug “It’s going to be ok I’m always here for you.”
Rosalinda wiped her tears away and took the box to the car. Her mother came out.
“Rosalinda, moving everything to our new house will take at least all day, just to let you know.” Rosalinda’s mother informed her.
“Thanks, mom for telling me that, and is dad coming back so we can go to our new house and unpack our boxes?”
“I don’t know Rosalinda, I’ll call him.”
“Okay.” Rosalinda replied
*phone rings*
“Hello.” Rosalinda’s father said
“Honey, are you coming home from our new house anytime soon?” Rosalinda’s mother asked
“Yeah, I think so I have one box left to unpack then I’m done, okay. Is there anything else you want to tell me?” Rosalinda’s father sounded worried
“Actually yes, Rosalinda came home early to help me with packing.”
“Wait, what? Rosalinda came home early from school? How?” Rosalinda’s father sounded mad.
“Sweetie, don’t get mad it wasn’t her fault the school called me and told me what happened, people at her school made her cut and I was upset.  It’s ok now I have gotten her a councilor which would help. I’m going to watch her more often. “Rosalinda’s mother informed her husband
“Well then tell her that if I ever hear about her coming home early again then I’m taking all of her “emo” things away. Also tell her that if she keeps her grades up then I’ll let her have friends over plus I’m definitely taking her pocket knife away.” Said Rosalinda’s father
*Rosalinda’s mother told Rosalinda what her father said*
Rosalinda was unhappy and also she has a counselor, too what else can she get?
What am I going to do, I have a counselor and my family isn’t going to help me I defend myself with my blade and I’m getting that taken away, what else am I going to do in the future?
The next day Rosalinda is at her new house and she walks to her new school she has everything she needs in her backpack even she brought her phone with earbuds for music. Rosalinda walks to school, wishing that she was in her new home in her room talking to her best friend.
*her phone rings and she answers the phone*
“Hello? Who am I talking to?” Rosalinda said creeped out
“This is your best friend and I found out that you lied to me about not cutting.”
“How? By who?” Rosalinda asked
“I found out by the new girl Maria.”
“Who’s Maria?” Rosalinda got scared
“Maria is this one girl who said that she went to Elementary School with you. Do you remember?”
“I don’t know this Maria but I do know a Mari Rose.”
“Well then, it’s probably her. She seems really nice. Rosalinda do you approve of me being friends with her?”
“No, I don’t approve of you being friends with her.”
“Why not?”
“It’s because she’s very noisy and spreads untrue rumors about you.”
“Yes, it’s true and she’ll deny it.”
“Really? I’m really worried.”
“Yes, she does and you don’t need to mess with her.”
“Okay, I’ll listen to you.”
“Thanks, best friend you are the best.”
“That’s my job is to be the best.”
*Rosalinda hangs up the phone and gets her mom to help her with her homework*
“hey, mom can you help me with my homework?”
“Sure, sweetheart, what do you have for me to help you with?”
“It’s math if that helps anything.”
“I can help you with that.” Her mother said sounding surely worried
“Mom also I may or may not be failing classes already.”
*Rosalinda’s mom death stares Rosalinda*
“I thought you were passing Rosie.”
“I was mom, before we moved.”
“Ok, I understand. Did you make any new friends?” her mom asked sympathetically
*Rosalinda shakes her head yes and gets her homework done with her mom’s help and checking*
The next day, Rosalinda shows up at school happy because she had all of her missing work done. She was also happy about the fact that her mom was understanding and actually took time before she went to bed to help Rosalinda with her schoolwork. Rosalinda found this one note on her desk when she got back from getting a drink at the very cold fountain.
Who would do this? Why would anyone leave a note like this? I should report this. Wait, nah, I’m going to figure this all out on my own.
The note said “go kill yourself newbie.”
I bet this one note was written by my bestie probably I’m going to ask her
“Hey, bestie did you write this note to me or do you know anything about it?”
*shows the note to her best friend*
“No, I did not write that note and I don’t know anything about it either.”
“Do you know why it was on my desk?’
“Yeah I do know why it was on your desk.”
“Why was it on my desk, then?”
“It was on your desk because this one person wants you to die.” Her best friend said sounding upset
Rosalinda walked off and thought her best friend didn’t want to be friends anymore. She went to the office and reported the note to the principal. The principal told her “if you see the person putting the note on your desk again please don’t be afraid to walk straight down here and report them to me and I’ll take care of it.”
“Okay, I will don’t worry.”
The next day, Rosalinda saw the person put the note on her desk and took a picture of them. She did not know who it was so she went down to the principal’s office and reported another note and also showed the picture of who it was to the principal. The principal was furious.  The principal was a very nice lady she always greeted newbies and made them feel comfortable. She would deal with bullying when bystanders reported it.
If Rosalinda wouldn’t have reported it then it could have gotten worse.  Knowing what has happened in the past with bullying it got so bad that blades were thrown in peoples’ lockers.  That kid in that school got all of their belongings and had been suspended from school.
From then on, Rosalinda stopped cutting and she was much happier at her new school there was no more problems and there were no more being sad for Rosalinda except when her parents worked a lot and did not get home until late.

The principal called that exact student down and told them that they need to stop hurting new adolescents in the school and that bullying won’t be tolerated at that school.

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