Strange World

October 25, 2016
By BeastsClub BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
BeastsClub BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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 It was a rainy night in the dangerous streets of New York and I was chasing the most mysterious man in my life so far. “He” was called the Masked Man using some sort of “magic’ to start something big. The Masked Man was charged for first degree murders of four innocent women. Well, it might seem that he is a stone cold killer but that’s beside the point. Me I’m Mark Soul, I have black hair, brown eyes, and I’m wearing my favorite faded black trench coat. The Masked Man looks like me except he has a skull mask on that covers his whole face and he has a hat on. On previous occasions I just wore my shirt and holster when I forgot my trench coat. As I thought when I chasing The Masked Man ‘What is wrong with this man, I just have to get him!’ As the rain spilled from the sky it looked like I was going to catch him he just jumped and disappeared! Gone with the Wind, I couldn’t believe it!
As I walked back to the crime scene my boss Rob Brown was there. Rob was a guy you never wanted to mess with because he would kick your butt. Rob had a personality of a true police chief. He always does the right thing, even though it not be right to the chooses the people’s safety first. My brother Bryce was also there, Rob and Bryce didn’t get along very well. Bryce had this very c***y attitude that got him in trouble when were kids. Bryce had that c***y attitude (as I said before) but besides the c***y attitude he was usually the smartest one out of the group I was in. Also he was the toughest out of the group I was in. Also there was this weird gut named Jeromy he always seemed like a weird guy. He would always disappear with a blink of an eye a ghost you might say. Also he had a personality of a mentally unstable person making different masks of people. The weirdest thing about Jeromy, he was always the first one at the scene of a crime. We interrogated him time after time but to no avail he wasn’t the one killing people. Also we even had DNA samples of him but no he was innocent like he said he was. 
Rob was yelling at me as usual because I didn’t catch the Masked Man. He was giving me crap about I didn’t do this or that. Bryce tried the best that he could to defend me from chief’s wrath. Whenever the masked man would kill, New York would just get weirder. Like symbols would appear everywhere on the side of buildings, sidewalks, and doors to houses. I might have well take notes on this or something. When chief was done yelling at me I saw a figure on the building looking at me I saw the figure remove what looks like a mask and surprise it was me! Me? Out of every person on this planet it was me then it hit me. It was the Masked Man!!
As soon as I tried to leave it just vanished! After that fiasco, chief told me to go home. My house was one of the marked house with the symbols. The houses that were marked were my mom’s house, Bryce’s, house and the house of the supposed masked man house. Trust me I’ve already investigated the house and all I found was some ritual site and crazy voodoo stuff. As usual my wife and 8-year-old son were sleeping. My wife’s name is Marjory; she was a tough woman; she can take whatever you through at her. My son, Tommy or Thomas had ambition and I loved to see that in a boy, as his personality was more troubling than usual he’s had a lot on his mind ever since I was put on the case he was worried about me.
The next morning, I got dressed and said bye to Marjory and Tommy. As I walked to the police station I felt something pass me and knock me out, I feel to the ground. Then the figure in front of me revealed itself as The Masked Man! ‘What!?’ ‘How could this be!!” I said to myself then I collapsed on the ground and then ‘he’ picked me up, The Masked Man and then he was staring to remove he mask and then *Poof* I was laying on the ground unconscious.
For the time I was on the ground until I was rushed to the hospital I had a vision of the Masked Man murdering my family and sending them somewhere. As I awoke in the hospital I had glimpses of these beings. They looked like deformed squids with more tentacles. After a few hours of being in the hospital I was sick of it! Nurses doing stuff for you it was not my style. Even though it was a man’s paradise for other people to take care of him, it was no paradise for me.
As I told the doctors and nurses I needed to got to bathroom I and asked for my clothes. The doctor asked why? I told him so they hadn’t thrown it out because that was my favorite outfit. They retrieved my shirt, trench coat, pants, and gun surprisingly. After I went to the bathroom and put on my clothes opened the bathroom door slowly and graced my gun and left. As I left my room my eye caught something my, x-rays. It appeared that I fractured my skull and broken two of my ribs. As I went down the hall down I saw some nurses following me. As I sped up my pace the nurses just flat out ran so of course I sprinted to the stairs. A couple of nurses tripped and fell down the stairs but the way they acted it was almost inhuman. Of course, why not break one for bone so I took a leap of faith to the bottom of the stairs and surprisingly I didn’t break my legs. Then I sprinted toward the police station it was already night and it was pitch black. As I was nearing the police station there was something odd with atmosphere because you always have the sense of that.
As I came closer to the station a smell came to me. The police station was on fire. As I ran into the building of fire I ran toward the phone to dial for help I needed help because the police station and my brother was in there. I searched the whole building because whoever was in there needed to get out. As I searched the building I saw some documents that were important grabbed them and kept searching. After 5 minutes of searching somebody yelled
“HELP!” I replied
“I’m going toward you, but stay calm.” As soon as I found who the person was it was the chief he was badly injured a piece of wood was stuck in his leg. So as I moved the wounded chief out of the building he said to me
“Your brother is in there…” and chief passed out. As soon this happened I ran into the burning building again to find my brother crawling toward the exit with one hand, I swiftly grabbed my wounded brother of the floor. As soon as I picked him up something I can’t explain happened, I was paralyzed where I was standing it felt like I was stuck in time. As soon I looked up I knew I was hallucinating because there was a loose plank that was falling toward me and it just stood still. Then with the blink of an eye he appeared showing up in that ominous mask with what looks like my trench coat. It felt like I was chess and I was about to lose. As he looked at me he said in a dangerously familiar voice.
“How do you want to die?” “I should be asking that to you twisted freak!” I replied. As I thought about the question I knew who the killer was. As time was moving faster and faster I remembered about the wood falling and dodged it by second but my brother wasn’t lucky he was almost burnt to a crisp so we immediately took him to the hospital the chief and I. As soon as we arrived it was on full alert because there was a fire at the station, also a lot of cops have been burnt.  I felt like the whole nursing staff were observing me like some sort of shredded guy their interested in.
Two hours have passed after we arrived at the hospital and everything is getting weirder with the staff members. Even more than ever there are more of the squid things in my mind. As more and more of the staff stared at me I got chief and ran out of the hospital again but this time the nurses were trying to kill us with scalpels and scissors. As we tried to squeeze through the tiny hallway I got it coming as I stopped for some stupid reason and got a good sized scissor in my shoulder that didn’t make my night. We left the hospital I shot some nurses because there was almost a scalpel in chief’s eye. I wish I just gotten Bryce out of the hospital because those demented nurse wheeled him out and injected him with something, I shot them both. As soon their bodies dropped to the ground I ran toward Bryce examining him. I grabbed a paramedic and he got to check him he said that he would be awake in a few hours toward dawn. I totally forgot what time was it I checked my watch and it said 4:56. I sent Bryce with the paramedic so I didn’t get chased. I saw what I think is the masked man so I ran without the chief because he needed medical help too. Then the masked man started sprinting to what I believe was one of the marked house but the house seemed to familiar. When he ran into the house so did I but I noticed something about this house I thought “This was my house!!” 
As I walked through my own house all the memories inside of that building were being reenacted by the masked man. I walked with caution to my wife’s room and I released a sigh because my room was not tampered with or disoriented. Then then masked man came out of nowhere and started to strangle me I managed to remove the killers mask and found it to be creepily terrifying I won’t lie and said I screamed first time I saw the mask. It was a mixture of the chief’s upper left eye, my upper right eye, and Bryce’s mouth and his chin. But I knew who it was Jeremy, after staring at him for a few seconds on the ground and I punched him in the face. I brought him to the roof of the house and cuffed him to one of those wooden chairs every time he would lie I punched him in the face. Jeremy said a couple of time
“Bryce did it he did it!” This time I butted I with the end of my gun,
“DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU’VE KILLED!!” I exclaimed angrily. I stood there in silence for a few minutes and then I needed to take action because I was a police officer. I did what I thought I never do I took the chair and pushed it off the roof into some bushes. After that happened I walked down and found an almost dead Jeremy in the bushes. I heard him say something like the cycle continues or whatever. I called an ambulance and said that he was the masked man so they sent police officers too. After an extremely long night it was finally dawn the only hours of sleep I got was waiting in my brother’s room waiting for him to get better and wake up. At 10:39 my brother woke up and he asked what happened to him because him arms looked torched and he said and I quote
“It was like a free fire tattoo on my arms.” I was also treated for my concussion and my broken bones and a few short days later Jeremy was sentenced to death by electric chair for the murder of four innocent women. Also he symbols left the houses and everything in New York start a knew just like that. I would say that it was a happily ever after but this is my story and those images never left my head. I had this new faddish for masks and the I started hearing voices in my head. Also there was this guy who was quickly rising in the force with his brother. The It hit me I was Jeremy I was the one carrying the thing I tried to stop soon it will happen to some else.  I’m part of his group and they always think it’s me for causing crimes and stuff like that. I watch him atop the roof tops and he saw me and I showed him my mask. Otherwise I have plans to attend to like killing four innocent women to start something big. He doesn’t what know what will happen to him and the pain he will go through I wish I knew more but that means that I have to do more ritualistic killing. If he knew what would come, he would just quit the whole hero of the city thing. Now I can say only one thing when I fell of the roof
“The cycle continues…”

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