Der Theater der Verdammten

October 25, 2016

Oh God, where am I, why can’t I see. Oh God! HELP!
Be Quite! You have to think, feel your eyes, is there anything blocking them?
Ok, Ok there's thread on my eyes… Why in the hell is there thread on my eyes!, who did this!
Ok calm down, can we walk?
We? Who is this?
I’m you, I’m in your head, just a different you…
What do you mean a different you?
We don’t have time to talk about that, But anyways why is it so cold in here?
I don’t know? I just want to know who in the hell sewed my eyes shut!
Man it’s wet in here too.
Ok stop, can we just stop talking about the setting of the story? We will explain to the readers later.
Yeah sure, so can you walk around, try to feel around to find something to help with your eyes.
Yeah, I was just sitting down for a second so we could try to figure out where we are.
Well Roody you can’t very well do that with your eyes sewn shut.
Hey man why don’t you just shut up?
Ok I’m sorry, I’m trying to light up the mood a little.
Wait there is something here, it’s really sharp… it’s a razor blade.
Well you might just be able to cut through that thread on your eyes.
Ok well here goes nothing.
As I grab the cold, smooth, steel, I feel a cold shiver down my spine, the voice telling me that we couldn't get out of here unless I cut the thread. I bring the blade to my left eye and slide it through the tread and my skin. The smell of salty blood trickles down my nose and lips, I can see again but with the sweat and blood in my eye my vision becomes blurry. I’m shaking as I move my hand to my right eye because of how bad the first eye hurt. I start to slit the blade into the eye and thread, with my vision back I could see the blood squirt on the light grey wall that seemed to to already have blood stains and bullet holes in the walls around me like there was some sort of fire fight. The wall closest to me isl complete rubble with rebar sticking out of the foundation like a sore thumb.
Now that wasn’t so bad was it?
No it wasn’t it just hurt like hell, is it too quick to say it feels worse then a gunshot?
Roody, out of everyone, I think you were too slow to say it.
Yeah I guess you’re right.
We walked, wait why in the hell am I saying we?, I’m sorry. “I” walk over the rebar and demolition laying on the floor, I step into a long hallway that had to be going at least 400 feet to the left of me so I start to walk down the hallway and there are windows to the right of me the looks like they go out to some sort of fancy cinema with dark blue walls with blood red drapes with swastikas on them. There are about ten balconies, five on each side of the walls. It almost reminds me of the cinema that I took my little girl to see Disney’s Dumbo. She is nine years old starting from October , her name is Athena, she has long dark hair and usually wears a Cherry Red bow on the top of her head. She has her mother’s green eyes, with the greyish glow on the brim of the pupil. Anyways I should probably get back to the to man in my head, he sounds like a Ryan Reynolds… oh wait I’m sorry this is 1942 he hasn't been born yet.
Wait a second who is Ryan Reynolds?
Never mind that, we have to get back to the story.
Ok, man this is sure a long hallway, it’s almost the the writer wanted us to get to know each other a little better so we can progress the dialogue of the story.
What’s your name anyways.
My name is Roody, just like yours, I’m pretty much you just scarier .
Then why do you sound different?
Because we wouldn't want the reader to get confused would we.
No I guess not.
That’s right, now we are at the end, it’s time to do your description of the building so this story can be at least somewhat scary.
I get to the end of the hallway, it’s so musty and hard to breathe in here. There is mold on the staircase, I start to step down, I get to the fourth step down and I start to hear cracking on the wood beneath me. Then the staircase collapses and I’m falling without a thought in my mind, suddenly I hit the ground. I am gasping for air, then to the best of my luck the pillar that was holding up the staircase falls right down onto my stomach. I can’t even breathe, roaches around the size of quarters come out of the rotting wood and crawl all around me. Mold covers my face, water starts to flow down from a broken pipe about ten feet up above me, the frigid cold water is splattering straight on my face. I come to think that this is my end, “ Am I gonna die right here”? But suddenly the water stops, I am still choking on the soaking wet mold in my mouth, I try to get the wood pillar off of me, there’s hundreds of splinters digging into my skin. I’m screaming, but only in my mind. Finally I force off the pillar off of me, my blood from my hands splatters on my face, I quickly pull the mold out of my throat, I stand up and the blood is dripping from my hand down onto the floor making puddles as I walk to the to the entrance of the showing room. It feels like forever walking to the stage, where there is a dark red podium, with a three word code panel in the middle. The first word had three letters in it, the second and third letter had four letters in them. There is a button under the code that says START. I press the button and there is three spotlights pointed to the walls, the first light is unveiling the word DEAD, the second light points to the word I’VE, and the last says BEEN. This is too easy, I put the sentence I’VE BEEN DEAD in the panel, the blood sticking to the D Wheel. The Panel starts to spin, and suddenly a film turns on, and I’m soaked with Gasoline. The spark from the projector lights the Gas and in Flames. The screen counts down from three as my life is slowly draining… the screen turns black. My skin is melting off my hands the blood bubbling of my arms, I can barely see now, it’s not long before I’m...
Zach!, my mom yelled.
I fly off my bed onto my hardwood floor.
Get up, you’re  gonna be late.
Yeah I’ll be right there.
Ok, let’s go!

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