The Mirror

November 4, 2016
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The Mirror

“Okay now open your eyes baby” said Jacob the husband in an excited tone. the wife opened her eyes having a shocking look come upon her face, while tears start to form in her glistening hazel colored eyes.
” OMG! OMG! OMG! I love it. It’s so beautiful. Is this really ours?” Shannon said with an astounded look on her face.
“Yes bae its really ours, our new urban home!” Jacob says smiling at Shannon with his perfect pearly white teeth.
“I love you so much Jacob.” Shannon say getting on her tippy toes to give her extremely handsome a kiss, Jacob pecks his wife lips then saying,
“I love you too Shannon, now let’s get to decorating! ?” Jacob says
He then picks up Shannon bridal style and run to the house front door while Shannon is laughing historically. The new happy married couple decorated and decorated until the was satisfied with the new house that was brown and nude color. Jacob then went into the basement to put some left over decorations they had there when he all of a sudden spotted a mirror in the corner of the basement.
“Where did this come from” Jacob says lowly under his breath
He dusted it off in looked into it, while he was looking into it he says a black figure behind he turned around quick to find nothing there, thinking he was just tired and seeing things he decided to let it go. Jacob the picked up the mirror and took it up stairs,
“What’s that?” Shannon say with curiosity while wiping off her hands coming out the kitchen.
“Umm just some mirror I found in the basement I don’t know where it came from but it’s nice and match our house colors.” Jacob said hanging the mirror on the wall at the end of the hallway
  “Well am glad they left it this mirror is gorgeous “Shannon says admiring herself in the beautiful cream and nude mirror but later did she know she was going to regret what she said.
“But anyways well dinner is almost ready” Shannon said taking one last good look in the mirror then turning to Jacob
“Okay bae I’m going to go take a quick shower” Jacob said “okay bae.”  Shannon said while going back into the kitchen to continue cooking they dinner. After about 30 minutes Jacob was out the shower and the dinner was finished and they were now eating they dinner now
“This steak is the best ever bae” Jacob say chowing down on his food.
“thank your bae, slow down before you choke.”  Shannon then finished then eating her food then got up to put her dish in the sink.
“I’m going to go take a shower and then we can watch a movie in the bedroom” Shannon said
“okay bae” Jacob said while still eating and playing on his phone.
After Shannon got out the she heard whispers outside the door, she thought it was Jacob trying to scare her so put her towel on and she hurried and slam open the door to find nobody there; she then walks to their room to see Jacob watching NFL while going in and out of sleep. Then again she heard the whispers coming from the hallway, Shannon walked into the hallway and saw nobody but that mirror she then saw something black walking up to her behind her in the mirror she turns around slowly terrified of what she was going to see. As she turned around, Shannon jumped and shrieked as she saw Jacob behind
“AHHHH!! you almost gave me a heart attack nearly scared me to death” Shannon says as she grasps her chest breathing heavily
  “I’m sorry bae I didn’t mean too” Jacob says and kisses her cheek
“come on let’s skip the movie tonight and lets just go to sleep”
“okay” Shannon says still thinking about the whispers she heard.
The next morning Jacob woke up by himself in the bed, he gets out of bed curious to where his went, he walked into the hallway to see Shannon just staring into the mirror not moving a muscle.
“Shannon?!” Jacob said
Shannon didn’t say anything back nor moved. He walked up to her and waved his hand in her face and she still didn’t move she didn’t even blink. Jacob then looked in the mirror then back at her and touched her and her snapped in his direction looking straight in his face
“what’s wrong baby” Jacob asked with a worried slash frightened face.
Shannon didn’t say anything she just turned around and walked to the room and went right back to sleep. Jacob was very confused and decided to let her sleep. A few hours past and Jacob decide to check on his wife when he went in their she was still sleep he decided to wake her up
“baby, wake up” Jacob says and soothing voice while gently shaking her, Shannon start groaning while waking up
“baby I don’t feel too good. “Shannon then runs to the bathroom and start vomiting Jacob runs after her holding her hair as she continued to vomit. Once she was done Jacob then helped her back into to bed.
“I’m soo dizzy can you get me some medicine” Shannon asked Jacob
“sure baby” Jacob say then go into the bathroom to look for some medicine for his wife when found some he walked out the bathroom got some water then went into the room to see his wife lying in bed watching her favorite childhood tv show SpongeBob Squarepants.
“here you go “Jacob say as he handed her the medicine and the water.
Shannon sat up and said thank you then took the medicine he brought her and layed and continued to watch tv.
“soooo what was earlier about” Jacob say as he lays in the bed next to Shannon.
“What you mean what happened earlier?” Shannon asked confused as ever.
“you know you staring in the mirror earlier not moving or anything, and I was calling your name but you wouldn’t move or anything then I touched you and you snapped your head at me then walked in here and went to sleep and you were sleep for a while so decided to come wake you up then you were sick”
“wow is you serious I don’t remember getting up earlier to go look in a mirror I been sleep all day, I got up in the middle of the night to go use the bathroom but I don’t remember looking in the mirror or hearing you call my name of anything.” Shannon says 
   “wow that’s crazy and weird, maybe you were like sleeping walking or something that’s why you don’t remember.” Jacob said
   Shannon nodded in agreement, the couple jus layed in they comfy bed and watch tv for the day. Jacob then decided to go get some take out from Applebee’s since he didn’t want his wife to cook since she was a little under the weather.  Jacob left and Shannon just layed continued to lay in the bed and watch tv then she heard the whispers she ignores them but the all of the sudden they got louder and louder. Shannon grew irritated so she went to go investigate she walked into the hallway and stilled heard them she followed the sound and it led her to the mirror she looked up to see a black figure behind her with blood shot red eyes and big horns like a buffalo and very long sharp nails, the figure was breathing really hard in Shannon ear. Her body became frozen and she couldn’t move she wanted to scream but she just couldn’t, then figure open its mouth and revealed his very shark like and bite Shannon. Shannon had let out a very loud scream then the figure disappeared and Shannon fell and went unconscious. After 5 minutes Shannon woke up and walked to her room slowly and sat up on the bed and just stared at the wall. 10 minutes passed and Jacob walked in the house.
“BABYYY IM HOMEEEE!!!!” Jacob shouted as he walked to the room holding the Applebee’s he just got for them. As we walked into the room he saw Shannon sitting on the edge on the bed staring at the wall.
“what’s wrong bae?” Jacob as he sits the food down so he can take off the jacket.
“nothing, just admiring the wall” Shannon say then turning his way.
“okay then weirdo” Jacob say a little unsure then he notices the bite mark on Shannon neck.
“what happened to your neck look like someone bite you, who did this, are you okay?” Jacob say in a worry/ mad tone
“I’m okay I went outside to look around the neighborhood and a dog came up and bite my neck. I’m fine though” Shannon say smiling in a calm happy voice.
Jacob started to not believe what Shannon was saying but he just went along with what she was saying
“are you sure because we can go to the emergency room” Jacob says
“I SAID I WAS FINE” Shannon says very angrily and then her eyes turn a slight red color.
“now let’s eat” Shannon says then start smiling and her eyes go back to normal.
“okay……….” Jacob says confused on what happened and worry about what happened to her.
The next month Shannon been acting all types of weird she would sleep all day, catch random attitudes for no reason and just be quiet and won’t talk or anything. Jacob just thought that she was going through a phase and she would go back to normal. December comes and Shannon started to act normal and would talk and be herself again one night Shannon wanted some Chinese food so Jacob went to get some. While Shannon was home alone as Jacob was getting the food she was watching some cartoon she never saw before and then all of a sudden the tv turned off and all Shannon was the big black demonic figure standing behind her then disappear in a blink of an eye. Shannon turned around and nothing was there she started looking around the house, until she heard some whispers coming from the hallway, she followed where the whispers was coming from and ended up in front of the mirror she looked in the mirror and then the whispers stopped. Shannon then again seen the black figure behind her and this time her eyes and go to the back of the head and she felt her mouth being closed shut then all of the sudden the whole house power goes. 5 minutes later Jacob pulls up to the house he gets out the car and notice all the lights in the house are turned off. Jacob goes in the house curious to why all the lights are off. He flips the switch to turn on the lights in their living room, but it didn’t work so Jacob turned on the flashlight on his phone thought and sat the food down on the couch and went to the basement to flip the switch and flip it back on then all the lights came back on.
“BABYYYYY!!!” Jacob said as he walked back up the steps but he heard nothing he said it again and again but got no reply. So he decides to search the house but Shannon was nowhere to be found. He went to their neighbors house to see if maybe they seen her leave or anything but they all was the same reply which was and all they seen was the all the power go out at once but that’s all they saw. Jacob then begin to worry, he called the police and told them what happened and they search the house but couldn’t find her, after 48 hours they put out an amber alert but after weeks, months, and years Shannon was never found so they had to pronounce her dead. Nobody ever knew what happened Shannon, it was a mystery to us all.

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