Old man rich's manor

November 4, 2016

Old Man Rich’s Manor
Once upon a time there was a boy named Ty. Ty was a skinny, shy, and nervous seventh grader who some considered to be “nerdy”. What most people didn't know, was that was he was very athletic and planned on trying out for his school's track and field team. One afternoon Ty was getting ready to go on a run but wanted to go with someone else so he asked his mom. His mom couldn't as she had a lot of stuff to do around the house so Ty called his friend Jake. Jake was Ty’s best friend and it came to no surprise as the two of them had a lot of similarities. They were both short and not very outspoken. Jake agreed to go on a run with Ty, as he had planned on joining the track and field team as well.
It was a hot summer day that even though was cloudy still made the boy feel like they were being cooked in an oven. The boys were halfway through their run when Jake had to turn back because of a doctor's appointment. Ty decided he would keep running as he had gotten a full night of sleep and wasn't very tired. He continued on for a good 15 minutes before coming to a stop next to a long dirt path that had a sign graffitied with the words “Old Man Rich's Manor”. Ty decided to try this path today and soon realized it was a bad idea as the path was very rocky and hard on his feet. It began to downpour so Ty decided that he’d have to find a place to wait for it to slow. He finally ended up at a huge abandoned house with cracked glass windows a huge slice down the middle of the door and a half torn off roof. Ty decided that going in was his only option so he opened the door but as soon as he stepped in it slammed shut behind him.
The house was as dark as night when the door was shut so Ty quickly ran over to open it again. The only problem was it was now locked. Ty freaked out as he had just opened this door a few moments ago and now he couldn't even open it if he used all of his strength. He decided that he would look around for another way out. As Ty was feeling around he continued to hear noises which he thought was just in his imagination until he rounded a corner and there stood a green glowing ghost. Ty was frozen in fear and the ghost chuckled at him for this. The ghost presented himself as Old Man Rich and told Ty that he was the owner of this house until it caught on fire killing him. Ty continued to stand there in shock as he had never believed in ghosts before even though jake was a ghost enthusiast. Ty asked Rich why he had locked him in the house and how he could get out. Rich responded by saying that he locked him in here to teach him a lesson and the only way he would unlock the doors was if Ty could complete a simple task. Ty asked what the task was and Rich just said “let me show” you while he had a wide grin on his face.
Rich moved into a darker room and lit a candle to add some light. Rich took a seat in an old brown rocking chair that looked like it had been a million years old. He then proceeded to tell Ty what his task was and Ty became extremely frightened as it was to conquer his fear of clowns . Ty would have to go around the house and find 5 glass eyes without being killed by a clown and without cracking them. Rich told Ty he would given a flashlight and had thirty minutes to find all of them. Ty began on the middle floor and found 3 with ease and with no sign of the clown. Ty began to even wonder if there was a clown or if Rich just wanted him to go faster and feel more pressured. Ty found his way to the stairs and when he went up he heard loud footsteps coming from a long hallway to the left of him. He quickly turned off is flashlight and ran to a room and hid. Ty listened as the footsteps got closer and when they got to the door they stopped. Ty held his breath hoping that the clown wouldn't know he was there but just as he thought it would be okay the clown turned and screamed with laughter in Ty’s face. Ty got up and tried to run but it was too late the clown grabbed him by the shirt collar and threw him against the wall cracking the glass eyes that he had found and knocking him out.
When Ty had awoken he was trapped in a chair being looked at by Rich and the clown. The clown was huge with a painted white face and a bunch of scars up and down his whole body. Ty was dripping in sweat and blood  from a wound in his head that the wall had given him. Rich turned to Ty and told him “You’ve failed and now you will pay for what you have done.”. Ty became extremely nervous as Rich got closer and put his hand on Ty and the clown’s forehead. The next thing Ty knew he was unlocked and standing from his chair but horrified at what he was looking at. He was looking at himself fully conscious and being unlocked from the chair by Rich. Rich then said “Jay you have been given your chance at a life of freedom just don’t ever come back.”. Rich then turned to Ty and said “As for you Ty you will stay in my playhouse until the next foolish kid comes here to play our game”. Ty was confused at first but then realized as he looked at his scarred hands and pure white feet that he was now the clown.

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