The Worst Halloween Any Kid Could Ever Have

November 4, 2016
By JakobeSutton BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
JakobeSutton BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Its Halloween night and kids are all get kids are getting ready. All the kids in the neighborhood are all getting their costumes on. All the people in the houses get ready to start giving out candy. Some people don’t exactly want to get ready like this family with David, who was the dad. Jessie, who is the mom. Hannah, who is 17 and is the older sister. Jacob, who is 7 and is the little brother. Sydney, who is also 7 and is the little sister. The family was talking about what they were going to do for Halloween.
“We might not be able to go trick or treating guys”, the mom said to everyone.
As the kids jumped in shock.
“Can I please, please take my little brother and sister out for trick or treating?” the excited older sister asked.
After minutes of the older sister trying to convince her parents to let her watch the kids while they’re trick or treating, she was eventually successful.
“Yes, we love Halloween!” the little kids said excited.
“Ok, ok, if you guys don’t calm down, I will change my mind”, the big sister said, annoyed, as the kids instantly went silent.
“Alright, you guys be careful and make sure your older sister watches you.
“I will dad, chill out”, the older sister said.
As the sisters and brother prepared to leave the house to go trick or treating, their mother stopped them.
“Ok guys, listen to your older sister, ok?” the mom asked.
“Ok mom!” they all shouted.
While the kids waited at the door in excitement the parents pulled the big sister to the side and then talked to her in private.
“So you’re clear on what you have to do, right; because if not you’re not going to take them out for trick or treating this year, I mean your only 17 and your brother and sister are only 7” the mom said in a serious tone.
“Yes, mom, I know how to watch them, I’ve been doing it for years”, the sister said, replying.
“I mean I can go, too, if you really want me to go” the dad offered.
“No, no, no were fine” Hannah, the older sister replied. “You can really trust me with the kids because I know how to watch them.
“Come on and hurry up, we want to go trick or treating now!” the kids said in an impatient tone.
“Just be careful, you three”, the mom said, scared. “Just remind your big sister, Hannah to answer her phone if we call her”, the dad said.
“Ok mom and dad”, they all said.
All the parents heard after that was the sound of the door screaming. It was later that Halloween night and there were trick or treaters everywhere. Both the little ones were excited and wanted to go to every house at once. The siblings were so excited they couldn’t stop jumping in place so they couldn’t step off the porch.
“Come on guys, are we gonna go or not”, the impatient older sister said.
As the kids finally snapped out of it and unfroze, they began walking off the porch. They didn’t know which house to go to. There were so many kids at tall the houses in their neighborhood.
“Do you guys want to wait a little while so the houses can clear up?” the older sister asked.
“Nooooooo, I want to go now”, Jacob, the little brother said.
“Yeah me too”, Sydney, the little sister said.
“Fine, but we have to go to a different neighborhood because this one is too crowed”, the older sister explained.
They finally got tired of waiting and talking. They started walking to a different block. They got bored so they just started talking. They didn’t know where they were going, though.
“Well guys, how many houses do you guys want to go to?” the older sister asked.
“Like 1000 houses!” they both yelled with excitement.
As they were walking and talking they didn’t realize that they were getting lost. It started getting dark and they started to see less and less trick or treaters. None of the houses had lights on so they didn’t know what house was giving out candy. It then started getting darker and darker. They finally stopped wanted to stop and start trick or treating.
They eventually went to a house but it was dark inside and outside of the house. They knocked on the door and someone actually came out.
“Yayyyyyy”, the kids shouted.
They noticed the person was strange, though. The person had a grey hoodie, but they couldn’t see the man’s face or hands.
“Sir, can you give these sweet and hungry kids some candy”, the sister asked.
The man said nothing and held out a bowl filled with nothing.
“Are you trying to be funny sir” the older sister asked the strange man.
He didn’t respond.
“Ok kids, let’s leave, because this guy loves to joke more than give out candy”, the annoyed older sister said.
The man finally ended up responding. “You dumb kids shouldn’t have come here”, the strange man said in a wispy, slow, and creepy voice.
“Umm kids, I think we should leave like now”, Hannah, the terrified older sister said.
The kids were terrified.
“You guys will be sorry that you ever came here”, the strange man said.
As the man quickly rushed into the house to grab something.
They were all scared so they went to go hide. They didn’t know what to do. Hannah thought about calling her dad but her phone was dead. She also thought the man would hear her calling her dad. They heard the man moving around and he was holding a knife but they also seen under his hoodie was a clown outfit.
They thought to run all the way back home. The man had his back turned so they made a run for it. The man chased after them but got slower and slower. Sydney, the little sister tripped and cut her knee and she couldn’t walk so Hannah had to carry her. The man ended up disappearing by the time they were on their street.
They finally made it home. The older sister and little brother were exhausted, but the little sister was crying.
“What happened guys”. The worried parents asked.
“Don’t worry about it, were fine, and its better you don’t know” the 3 kids said.


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