November 9, 2016

"Truth or dare" Myra said with a smirk plastered on her face. I was debating between the two. Myra has been nagging me for weeks trying to find out who I like, so reluctantly I said dare. 'Dare" I said. Myra paused for a moment, then said "I dare you to go down stairs and get my grandma's ouija board" she said laughing under her breath. I had grown up in a Catholic home, so ouija boards were always very taboo with my family. I had never actually seen one in real life, let alone touched one, or God forbid, used it. "Okay," I said, almost laughing, but really trying to hide my fears "I guess, but you have to play it with me." I said standing up from the cool toned wood floors that squeaked when somebody stepped on them. Myra slowly stood up to come with me. Her long black hair stretched toward the floor. Myra had gorgeous native skin, and freckles that were scattered across her face. She hand long silky black hair that curled at the ends. She was about average height and very thin. She had vibrant green eyes, that looked almost as if they were glowing. Her black and white striped dress gracefully flowed by her knees .Myra and her mother could be twins.

"Okay, let's go" she said reluctantly walking towards the stairs. Myra placed her hand on the dining table waiting for me to follow. We walked past the kitchen, that was closed off to the living room, and just passed that was the old wooden door to the basement. The gold door handle was stiff and fighting to stay in place. Myras frail arms fought back, and eventually turned the knob, and we started to the basement. The orange shaggy carpet stairs were in desperate need of an update, and the red tinted shiplap stretched alongside the stairs. The broken hand railing was patiently waiting to give someone a splinter. Myra and I carefully walked down the steps to the cold cement floor, that had stains all across it. "Why are all these stains here Myra?" I asked in a curious voice. "My grandma said they were here when they had got the house" she said, choking up. That was so strange, I thought. Where did these stains come from? But I was really wondering, why is Myra acting weird? I let it pass my mind and focused on the door we were walking to. Myra made a sharp turn and walked to the wall. She pulled the string and the room light up, exposing the closet door. We made our way to the door and opened it. The door creaked open to reveal games stacked upon each other. Myra carefully took the ouija board off the top shelf and we turned around. The door of the closet slammed shut, and the light went off. My heart began to race. "Myra! I can't see!" I said anxiously. I was breathing heavy and my imagination ran wild. "Myra!" I said and got no response. The closet was pitch black. I was shuffling around, feeling for a light switch, the door handle, or just something! The door swung open. Myra was trying to keep her balance as the door swung open, she was holding onto the doorknob. Let's go upstairs Myra said urgently. She didn't seem fazed by the fact that we had just been locked in the closet. This should have been my first red flag. Myra charged up the stairs, not looking back. We made our way back up the creaky stairs. Not thinking, I ran my hand against the railing and got a splinter. "OW!" I said in pain. I pulled the splinter out and a few drop of blood hit the stairs. "My grandma's not home, so go and get her candles and a lighter out of the kitchen" I walked passed the dining table, and into the small opening of the kitchen. The kitchen had a small white fridge, that was old and close to giving out. Next to that sat a cold metal sink, which was surrounded by pale purple counters and oak cabinets. The kitchen was...to be perfectly honest, very compact, fun size if you will. I reached up to the top of the fridge and grabbed the old red lighter that had been there for years. Next to the lighter laid a white candle. I grabbed both and made my way back to the living room where Myra had already set out the Ouija board. It was old and worn down. The letters were a dull gray color now. I handed Myra the candle, and the lighter. She lit the candle, got up and walked over to the light switch, and turned off the light. Myra crossed her legs and sat down gracefully, almost as if she was floating. "Put your hand on the planchet" Myra said gently placing her finger on the triangular piece of wood in the middle of the board. Nervously I placed my hand on it. Everything my mother had told me about ouija boards, and spirits were racing through my brain. Myra began to turn pale. "Spirits, are you here?" she said with her eyes shut. Something was wrong with Myra. I was so nervous, it was like I was watching a horror movie waiting for a jump scare. The planchet slowly moved over to yes.


"Myra stop moving it!" I said sternly. "I'm not, I swear!"


Myra yelled back at me! "Okay, okay. Calm down myra, calm down." Myra slowly chanted to herself. "Spirit, what is your name." Myra said, almost jokingly. The planchet slowly creeped over to the letter d. The dimly lit room got dimmer. The planchette slowly moved ver to the i, then quickly jolted to the a. I could see myra slowly spelling out the letters in her head. I took a deep breath, and watched the planchette move over to b, then o, followed by L, then I. "Diaboli?" I said, with question in my voice. It felt as if my brain was looking for an answer, to find a name that matched. It went pitch black. The candles blew out. I stood up, I had never been so scared in my life. I sprinted over to the lights, when I flipped the switch there was myra, ever so calmly sitting in front of the ouija board. "Myra,?" I said "what just happened?" The lightswitch that I turned on was directly behind myra. She was sitting on the soft tan carpet that meets the hard wood about where I was. Myra's head started to spin around, in a very unnatural way. Her body sat perfectly still, not moving at all. Her neck almost sounded like it was clicking, like a barbie doll. Her head was completely turned around. I could hear the bones in her neck cracking, but not fazing her at all. I knew that something was wrong. I knew that it was the ouija board. She slowly opened her eyes, revealing a solid opaque darkness. Her entire eye was black. I felt my stomach pinch into a knot, and then her mouth started to open, drips of blood slowly crept out of her mouth. "Come sit down Jenny. We have to keep playing the ouija board, my friends came out to play" she said in a deep voice, it was obvious it was not her own. I stood stiff. I felt like I couldn't move my legs. I tried to scream, and no words came out! What was happening! My heart raced and I felt like I was in a dream. A terrible, terrible dream. I started walking back to myra, but it wasn't me walking! I felt my legs move, and I tried to stop. I just kept inching towards her. I was screaming, mentally anyways. When my feet were next to the ouija board, whatever was controlling me, sat me down. I could finally talk, and I started to scream. Something came over me and I didn't want to scream anymore. I was calm, looking into myras black eyes, that felt as if they were staring into my soul. Devil. It came to me! Diaboli was devil! In latin Diaboli is directly translated to devil, or satan in english!


"Wait," I thought to myself.


In catholic school, we were given a necklace that had a picture of our guardian angels.  I'll be fine. You can't be possessed if you are wearing one, and luckily, I wore mine everyday. I sighed. Just as I sat contentedly knowing I would be fine, my necklace slowly started to raise off of my neck. "Really!" I thought, more annoyed than frightened. I looked up to see, my necklace floating in thin air. I was so utterly frightened, that I didn't scream, or try to run, or escape! The necklace slammed against the floor. I didn't know what was going to happen! The room grew quiet. My phone rang. I slowly shifted my eyes over to the phone. The screen showed a picture of Myra grandma. She had a pale face, and short, black, curly hair. Her green eyes matched Myras. The text read 'Are the doors locked?' Myra begin to speak to the spirits, and to me, but I was focused on trying to stand up. The phone buzzed again. 'JENNY! Myra won't answer me. What is going on?' It was almost as if she knew what was going on. I looked at Myra, admiring her beauty, and grace, even as she was possessed. I thought back on all of our good times together, all of our memories. I think that was what gave me the strength to stand up. If you have ever had a dream, in which you are trying to push past something, and you just...can't? That is exactly what was happening to me. I felt like I couldn't stand up, but I did. I pressed my feet into the floor and tried to pull my hands away from the planchet. My hands snapped back. I was free. I stood up still struggling. I look at Myra, held my necklace that I had snuck back on, and showed it to her.


I yelled "SATAN BE GONE" I hoped that it would work and I Stood there with my eyes shut. The room grew quiet. I opened my eyes to Myra throwing up blood. She looked up at me, she was back to normal. She quickly grabbed her grandmother's cross off the wall and held it straight out. You could see a shadowy figure, fading through the door. He was gone, but now he, or it, was out in the world. I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Myras grandma. 'Why should we lock the doors?' I asked as me and Myra scattered, locking the doors and windows. We met on the couch, sitting down perfectly in synch, but still full of anxiety, and fear. My phone buzzed again.


'Just LOCK THE DOORS!' she replied.


I gave Myra a look of fear and picked up my phone. Myras grandmother sent me another text before I could respond 'Look out the window. Is there a man standing out there?'. I dropped my phone and ran to the window. I looked over my shoulder to see Myra read the text off the phone screen. She jumped up and hid behind me. I looked out the window and saw a man. His eyes were the same as Myra had been when she was possessed. He was tall, had dark features. He looked zombie like, standing there on Myra's grandmothers Cracked cement steps that are surrounded by grass that slowly was turning dead. I knew Myra had seen him. I heard her slowly start sobbing. 'I can't go through it again Jenny. I just can't."  I looked out the window as I was comforting Myra, and saw the man on his phone. He raised the phone to his ear. He was calling someone. Myra slowly stood up just as the man started walking towards us. My phone rang. I ran to answer it, hoping that it was Myras grandmother. It wasn't her, it was a blocked number. I declined the call and moved back to the window. I couldn't see the man anymore. I got another text from Myras grandmother, 'hide.' I didn't wait veen a second. I got up, took my phone grabbed Myras arm and we ran to the stairs. I opened the door to the stairs full of fear, planning an escape route. My phone buzzed, I didn't look at the screen. Myra grabbed my phone "Its from an unknown number." I took the phone and answered it. "Jenny, I told my friends were here to play. They are getting angry." I hung up, shaken by the call. My focus was back to opening the door. THe handle was old, I fought to open up the door. WHen the door finally budged, I swung the door open, already running up the stairs, but something stopped my in my tracks. At the top of the stairs stood the man from outside the window. He was turned around at the moment so I decided to turn around and run. I started back the way I had come, Myra clinging to my side, when the floorboard creaked. I froze. I couldn't move, I couldn't breath. The man's head clicked back, the same way myras had, and he said "They are very angry now. Very angry." He dove down the stairs at us and I tried to slam the door. I couldn't get it to shut! I was panicking and time was slipping out of my fingers! "RUN!" I yelled to Myra. we started towards the door, when Myra tripped over the floor board. It was silent. A hand slowly grabbed her foot out from the shadows.


She looked at me with death in her eyes. She let out a  scream that was muted half way through, and then she was gone. Just like that...gone, in the blink of an eye.

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