Beyonce's Party

November 3, 2016
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Beyonce’s Party


It was Beyonce’s birthday and she wanted to throw a party at her own house. She invited every friend and started planning everything out with her husband Jay-z. She buys balloons and cake,cupcakes, drinks, games, food and everything is ready for the party.
The Party started and there was music playing, people started showing up and started having a blast. Beyonce’s daughter Blue, hangs out with the other kids and they go to the backyard and play around. Everyone’s having a great time, they all go to the backyard to start eating. Jay-z goes inside the house to grab a coat because it was kinda cold outside. While he’s entering the house he hears someone running down the stairs, he thinks it’s one of the children but he can see out the window that the kids are all outside. Jay-z starts to worry and so he goes and check who’s up their. He realizes nobody is up there and freaks out a little but he decides to ignore it and goes to get his coat and go back outside. While everyone is eating, Blue takes all the children to her room to play there. Blue realizes all of they toys were missing! She starts crying and runs towards Beyonce. Beyonce goes to Blue’s room and notices her toys are missing, but Beyonce was having a really great time and told Blue “You probably missed placed them, go outside and play there. We will look for them later”. Blue and the children go outside again and play there.
It’s time for the cake, everyone gathered around and waited for Jay-Z to bring the cake that's in the refrigerator. Jay-Z `seems to not find the cake and goes back to tell Beyonce. Beyonce goes and takes a look. The cake was missing so they got the cupcakes instead and just went outside quick since it was already really late and they all had work the next day. They celebrated  Beyonce’s birthday and everyone gave her really good wishes. Beyonce says thank you to everyone while they are all leaving.
Now that everyone has left the house Jay-Z, Blue & Beyonce go back in the house. They hear noises down the basement! They start to freak out and Jay-Z told them to go and hide in the car. Beyonce takes Blue to the car before Blue starts to cry and gets terrified. Jay-Z grabs a bat starts heading downstairs. The noises suddenly stop, Jay’s heart was pumping fast. He gets to the basement, turns the light on. There was the cake and Blue’s toys, but at the side of the toy’s there was a GHOST! Jay-Z didn’t even bother to fight the ghost because the bat won’t do anything to the Ghost! He runs outside as fast as he can, he can’t believe what he saw and has no idea how to explain it to Beyonce. Jay gets into the car and just says that they were raccoons so he won’t scare Blue even more then she was already. They drive too Beyonce’s Mom’s house, Tina. They stay the night there and Jay-Z told everything to Beyonce when Blue fell asleep.  Beyonce cannot believe what Jay-Z just told her. She’s glad the Ghost didn’t do anything to anyone at the party.


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