The Goat Man

November 3, 2016

The Appalachian Mountains, homed by the most terrifying creatures: DogMan, The Rake, Skin Walkers, and the king himself Bigfoot. Many that have traveled through the Appalachians have encountered these creatures or if they didn’t have an encounter then they would simply copy other stories they’ve heard and tell you it’s all true; but there’s only one story that can’t be copied. So what your about to see is what happens when you trespass on someone’s or somethings land.
“Is this the place James”, said Sean as he pulled up to a small clearing. “Yup, it’s nice isn’t it”, said James. “Umm no, I was really hoping it was going to be more…”
“What larger, well made, cleaner you were the one that wanted the four of us to get together…”
“Yeah, but…”
“And you were the one decided for us to go camping so…”
“Ok I get it, just get out and help me set up the tents and go wake up Alyce and Chris.” “Fine, whatever.” Sean is a navy soldier, he joined when he was twenty years old. Then he left when he was twenty-six, because he wanted to spend time with his family and friends. He met James his fourth year in the navy, he also left the navy for the same reason. James climbed in the back of the van were Chris and Alyce were sleeping at. He woke up Alyce first then she woke Chris up. Chris got out the back of the van and started pulling out the supplies they brought. Alyce grabbed a bag of gram crackers out the van and started ripping open the bag. Sean got out of the van and sat next to Alyce. “God save some for us.” Alyce slowly put the bag down, crumbs of the crackers were falling from her lips. Sean wiped her mouth and smiled. Alyce is Sean’s sister, she just joined the police academy. Alyce was twenty-two years old when she first met Chris, they got married last year. Chris works at two jobs, a banker, and a car dealer.
“If you keep eating like that you’ll get fat like mom.” Alyce glared at Sean and took sip of water. Sean started making the fire. Chris finished unpacking all of their things. “I’m about to go take a quick smoke”, said Chris. “Alright, be careful.” Chris turned on his flashlight and started walking through the leafy and dirt path until he could not see the fire anymore. Sean yelled, “Be back before twelve!” but no answer back. Eighteen minutes pass, and Chris still hasn’t came back yet. Alyce was getting worried. “James go see Chris is doing, and take my gun with you just in case.” James grabbed his flashlight and started walking in the same direction that Chris went in.
It felt like he was walking forever, but then he stopped. He smelled a foul odor. It smelled like a dead animal and it smelled as if it was a few feet in front of him. He continued walking towards the odor, until he felt something at his feet. By this time, the smell had become unbearable. James pulled out the gun and shined his flashlight on whatever he hit. What he saw made his heart drop to his stomach. There laid Chris on his back, dead. James shined his flashlight on Chris’s stomach, it was mangled. Chris’s intestines were shredded and so were the rest of his organs. It was like a kid putting tomatos in a blender and blending it with the top on. Suddenly, James heard a twig snap somewhere nearby him. James looks up, and scans the tree lines around him, and stops. Two car lengths in front of him, he saw two glowing reddish-orange eyes starring directly at him. James aimed the gun at whatever it was and what he saw shook him to his core. It was a tall and muscular creature. It had a goat like body, but stood on two legs. Instead of hooves, it had hands and feet. However, the strangest thing about it was its face. It had a human face, but the nose was flat, its ears were large, and it had huge shape horns. When James shined his flashlight at the creature, it charged at him with incredible speed. James tried firing at the creature, but he was frozen in fear. Out of nowhere, Sean and Alyce came running and tried shooting at the creature, but the creature was moving too quickly. The creature charged at James and impaled him with its horns.
Alyce and Sean continued firing at the creature, but the creature quickly ran off in to the woods. Alyce tried to run after it, but Sean pulled her back. “Come on Alyce your gonna get yourself killed!” Alyce was crying porously while Sean dragged her to the van. Sean sat Alyce in the van and started it. As they were driving off they could hear strange howls and yells coming from somewhere deep in the woods; and at that moment, they knew that this was the land of
    The Goat Man

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