death do us apart

November 3, 2016
By Anonymous

                            Death do us apart

A few years ago, there were two love birds having fun having fun breaking the law. That night they robbed a jewelry store in the small town of blackjack, USA. The people of blackjack were not going to allow some crazy in love couple to take advantage of them. The villager came looking for them. When they caught them, the couple was hung. However, before they died they put a curse on the village. To stop the couple from saying another word, the villagers cut their tongues out. When they died, the couple bodies were buried in different cemeteries.
A few years later, some kids went to the same house the couple was hiding out in. what they didn’t know it was the couple anniversary of the day they died. their ghost would come back killing every one until they could be reunited with each other.
“A Sean, do you know where to go.?” Said, Dan. “yeah now stopping break is over let go to the house.” said, Sean “ok girls they didn’t even let us put are lip stick on so rude.” Said, Kayla.” you got snacks who got the weed.” said, Kevin. When they got to the house it looks real old ugly and fogged up with windows that look like eyes looking back at you.” I don’t like this house.” said Lonnie. let get started first invite guest, then decorate, and make drinks and food”. Said, Tayona.
A few hours later they heard a loud scream outside and every one ran but them because they had to stay there. They split up to see where it had come from and then Lonnie seen this large undead look alike of Jason pop out she screamed because she was scared but it was only Dan playing with her. Lonnie left and Dan felt something cold touch him and he thought it was Lonnie but it was Mary looking for her boyfriend. She seen him and killed him by cutting his body open pulling his guts out and eating the liver everyone heard him scream they ran to the basement and found his body and guts all over the floor.
So they Ran to the door but it was lock from the outside so they were unable to get out. They had to fight for their life’s.  Then they see Devin covered in dirt and grass that was stuck to his skin. then he grabbed Kayla and broke her neck and rip her head off and disappeared. they ran and went in two groups Sean and Tayona, Kevin and group went upstairs the other went down stairs. Kevin and Lonnie split up and went in different room and Lonnie door shut and locked she was stuck in the room with Mary. Lonnie broke the window to climb out and Mary shoved her neck into the sharp glass. Kevin ran downstairs to be with Sean and Tayona. Sean notice Tayona was not with him he looked out the window and she was hanging by a tree. Then they see Devin so they ran upstairs were Mary was. Mary and Devin seen each other they hugged and kiss and Sean, and Kevin broke the curse and that house will never be haunted again.

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