Ricky's Doll

November 3, 2016
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Ricky’s Doll


  Brendan and Johnny were roommates at the university of Louisville. Johnny is African-American and Brendan is white, together they were called cookies and creams. Cookies and Creams were in their dorm room on Friday when Johnny’s phone went off. He and Brendan were playing 2k. “Steph curry with the shot bbboooyyy!!!” Said Brendan Loudly.
“I Know when that hotline Bling That Could only mean 1 thing” sang Johnny’s phone. Johnny looked at his phone and the caller ID showed Rich Ricky with different emoji’s on it. Johnny answered it and said “Ricky!!!!”. “Johnny boy how you doing bum” said Ricky “what you call me for” said Johnny. “I want you to fly out to California for my birthday” said Ricky.
“Ok but I need that 100k you owe me” said Johnny aggressively then Ricky said “I’m rich dummy, but I got you “ok what’s the info” said Johnny “on Saturday 4pm see their cousin, Bye” said Ricky “Bye” said Johnny. Johnny closed his phone and was ready to go back on playing 2k. “who in the was that” said Brendan Loudly. Then Johnny said “It was my rich cousin Ricky he invited me to his birthday in California, you trying to go” said Johnny “I don’t got
money to fly to California.” Said Brendan Then Johnny said “I got you Burh you my homie plus you know I stay with them Racks” Then Pulled out around $3500 in $20s.
“Let’s get back on this 2k game my warriors are killing it” said Brendan. So they went back to Their Video Games Brendan was always better than Johnny when it comes to video games. One thing Johnny could do better than Brendan was basketball. He was so good he got a division 1 scholarship at the university of Louisville. Minutes later after cookies and cream was playing 2k Brendan Remembered something.
“Oh snap I forgot” said Brendan “what” said Johnny “My friend Matt is having a sick party tonight; he only throws the party once a year “said Brendan. “so what “said Johnny Calmly. “Are you crazy, there’s going to be everything you can think of women, drugs, Money and everything else.” ok but we can’t miss Ricky’s birthday party because he is going to kill me” said Johnny then Brendan said “He is not going to kill you” “Look at me Brendan Ricky will put a knife through my throat” said Johnny.
Then Brendan said “ok let’s get ready”. So then Cookies and Cream got dressed and got inside of Johnny’s Lamborghini that was worth around $100,000. While Johnny was driving Brendan said “good thing we packed our bags for tomorrow”. “yeah, but don’t act like a fool when you meet Ricky” said Johnny “ok but where did you get the Lamborghini”. Then Johnny said “It was a birthday present from Ricky”.
So later on Cookies and Cream went to the party and they had to give the security guard ID. “ID please” said the security guard. “Here said Cookies and Cream. “You guys are good to go” said the security guard. So they partied all night and got super Drunk.
Then when they woke up the next morning it was around 11pm. “Were late!!” said Johnny after he woke up. Then he woke up Brendan and he said “What’s wrong we don’t have to be know where. “It’s Ricky’s birthday, he’s going to kill me” said Johnny. So Cookies and Cream drove back to their dorm room to get their packed bags and then drove all the way to the airport. While on the plane Brendan says “We made it” “Thank god but my phone won’t work” said Johnny While hitting his phone. “Boom” Johnny’s phone explodes.
“Sucks for you, no phone for 3 whole hours” said Brendan. 3 hours later after landing. Cookies and Cream gets in a hotel in California. While Chilling in their hotel they get a phone call and Johnny answered and it “Hello” said Johnny. Then a baby crying is coming out the phone so Johnny Puts it on Speaker phone and Brendan hears it and says “What the heck”. So time passes by and Cookies and Cream goes to Ricky’s House. Brendan rings Ricky’s door bell and when Ricky opens the door you can see a party behind him. “Johnny, you guys want to smoke” said Ricky Then Brendan says “We don’t smoke” “Just one hit” said Ricky “No!” said Cookies and Cream. So they went inside “Let’s not get drunk this time” said Johnny then Brendan said “ok”. So they partied for hours,
   “Did you hear that” said Johnny “yeah it’s that same crying, let’s go check it out”. So they went upstairs in the giant house. Every step closer Cookies and Cream could hear the baby it was a doll with a 9 millimeter gun but Cookies and cream thought it was fake. They got close to the doll and………… “BOOM BOOM” and that’s how the future NBA star was killed.

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