story of my life

November 3, 2016
By , louisville, KY

The story of my life

We decided to go to a bar it all started in 1995, October,5 a couple of friends and me went to Hell Fire Club on Montpellier Hill Ireland just to see if it was really hunted. My friends were Anthony, Derek, Erik, Emily, and me. Anthony was just a guy who works at UPS he was tired of working there. Derek was a guy who I knew for a long time he owns a store. Erik was also someone I knew for a long time he was a carpenter. Emily was a girl who just wanted to have lots of fun. And here’s where I come in, a guy who has everything I could want but soon that was all going to change. I got tired of working so did my friends we decided to do some research of hunted places we should go visit. We were all in our early 20s we started to plan where we wanted to go. We all decided to save as much money as we could in two months.
We decided to meet at my place we collected more than 20 thousand dollars. We all had different plans where we wanted to go to and what we wanted to do. Some of us wanted to go to a nice calm place and others wanted to go to a haunted, creepy place. Well we voted and the dark, old, creepy won. Now it was the time to google some creepy places. One of the choses was Waverly hills sanatorium, Kentucky, USA. The tower of London, London, England, and fort gorge. We chose to go to Waverly hills for a week we were all excited to go. I googled some stuff about what to do and what not to do. We all got our stuff ready to go. We arrived to our destination we were hungry at the time so we went to a near restaurant. The food was ok but at least its something. We got in it the place was huge, dark, freaky, haunted place well that’s what I felt. It was ok we stayed there at night some of us was would walk to see what the place looks like at night. They said that there was something so we wondered if this place was really hunted we thought it was just a lie but turns out it’s not.
It was time to go back to where we lived. We didn’t want to go but then Anthony said “we already got fired so what’s the point”. Then Derek said “not me I got my own store”. After that I said “your store probably already got robbed with everything inside of it” we argued from then on. We all went our own ways I was just at the bar every night. Then on a Saturday like three of my friends showed up there on Sunday everyone was there it was a little awkward. We went to a hotel to spend the night. Then we started to hear a high pitch sound it got annoying but we didn’t mind much because all we had to do was turn up the volume on the tv. We went to our rooms still that noise was there all night I didn’t care that much but then I heard some stuff fall on the floor I got out of bed nothing so I went back to sleep. It was morning we all when to eat breakfast turns out Anthony had cuts all over his back he didn’t know it but we did I asked him “what happened?” he said “what”. I said “All the cuts on your back” he seemed surprised about that. He said “I have cut on my back!!” “Is it bad” “if it is how bad” he asked. I told him really bad. Later that day I found out that two of my friend went missing I thought they were playing around but turns out Erik and Emily left they never came back. Now its three people Derek, Anthony and me.
We were all chill with the situation we didn’t care much we just stayed there like two more nights we cheek if they left their stuff they both did and all their personal stuff I found out that Erik took something from Waverly hills like a piece of something not that big and plus it looked like it was a part of a doll. It looked like he took the head and pieces of the body. That night we were all going to the bar to have something to take our minds off the situation. We came back like at 11 PM not that late. Anthony left early like at 9 from the bar so it was just Derek and me walking back to the hotel we were singing songs that we made up. We get to our rooms we find that Anthony committed suicide. We didn’t know what to do from then on we called the police that never arrived. We couldn’t sleep that night we were thinking What happed? Why did he kill himself? Why?
It was morning again now it’s just two of us I was confused not knowing what to do. I looked at the thing that Erik took I asked Derek if he thought if it was possessed he didn’t think so but I had a feeling it was. I did a little experiment I put the doll in one corner of the room to see if it moved with a hidden camera I acted like I was asleep and then I wake up in in another corner so I took the camera and looked at it the doll did move. I showed Derek he didn’t believe it still I got mad at him so I told he to keep the doll in his room. He didn’t want to but he did it next day I found the he was trying to cut himself I got in just in time right before he cut his neck. I told him “why first Anthony and now you”. He said the doll made him do it. I decided to send the doll back to the place before something else happens. It was already night again time goes by fast without you even knowing. I forgot about the doll that night biggest mistake of my life I could have prevented Derek death if I remember about the doll. Moring sadly Derek died I was sure I needed to send the doll back I did and he I am today still alive at the age of 58 telling my story to anyone who thinks it fun to go to creepy places risking your life for something dumb.

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