Screaming Gets You Killed

November 3, 2016
By , Louisville, KY

Screaming Gets You Killed


Three best friends named Earl, Dj, and Arnold all lived in the small town if Eagles claw. Dj was the oldest. He was 15. Earl and Arnold are both 14. The town’s population was only a few hundred people.
One day, Dj was talking about Mrs. Sylvia, the town’s old ventriloquist. She had a mansion at the top of Eagles Claw Hill. In the late 1920’s, Mrs. Sylvia went missing. Over the year, her house on the hill went abandoned.
“We should go to the old house.” Says Dj.
“I don’t know Dj. It sounds a little scary!” Earl says.
“Shut up Earl!” Arnold says laughing at Earl.
The next night, the three friends went to the house with a flashlight and a gun Dj brought from home. Before they entered Arnold says,
“If you see Mrs. Sylvia’s ghost, don’t scream!”
As they all look at each other, they slowly open the door and walk into the house.
“WOW! This place is HUGE!” says Arnold.
They look around and notice all the furniture is still there. As they continue to explore, Arnold says,
“Ok! Let’s split up. Dj, you get the attic. Earl, you get upstairs, and I’ll get the basement.”
“Dude, are you crazy?” cries Earl.
“Quit whining Earl!” says Arnold.
“Yeah quit whining!” Dj says.
As the three friends search throughout the house, Earl finds something suspicious. He finds Mrs. Sylvia’s doll collection. Three of the dolls look exactly like him, Dj, and Arnold. Then Earl see’s something out of the corner of his eye.
The ghost of Mrs. Sylvia comes out of the corner and walks in Earls direction. Earl screams and Mrs. Sylvia quickly snatches out his eyes.
Dj and Arnold run into the room to find Earl dead without his eyes.
“We got to go…NOW!” says Arnold.
As they try to run, the door slams locking them inside the room. They hear footsteps outside the room so they hide behind an old couch. While they are sitting there quiet, the door swings open and Dj is being drug out the room.
Earl screams Dj’s name hoping for him to be let go.
While Dj is downstairs, he gets up and looks around. When he looks to his left, he sees Mrs. Sylvia’s ghost. Dj screams and Mrs. Sylvia snatches out his eyes.
After a few minutes, Arnold decides to make a run for it.
When he returns home, he finds his whole family dead without their eyes. Walking around in his house, Arnold turns around and sees Mrs. Sylvia standing right behind him. He screams and she snatches out his eyes.

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