The Night Of The Living Legends

November 3, 2016
By Anonymous

The Night Of The Living Legends
Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jake. Now Jake was not like most boys, Dollajake was extraordinarily gifted. Jake was the highest scoring point guard in the county of JCPS. Jake had taken his middle school team to the state championship three years in a row before he moved onto high school.
In high school, Jake excelled in all aspects of the game called basketball. If it was scoring or locking down the opposing teams best player, to hitting the game winning three-pointer, to lobbing up alley-oop passes to the big man down low, Jake got it done. But Jake’s dominant basketball stardom would soon be short-lived.
One evening, Jake was walking home from a friends house, late at night, around 2:30 when he heard the sound of a basketball bouncing in far off in the distance. So Jake, always in the mood for a game of 21, followed the noise with intentions of challenging the far-away ball bouncer to a quick pick-game. So Jake was following the sound of a basketball bouncing, first through the woods, then through the Waverly Hills Sanatorium yard, when he finally finds himself in a eerie, fog shrouded, cemetery.
Suddenly, Jake hears noises, all around him, twigs breaking, leaves rustling, heavy footsteps. Then, three tall, muscular, decrepit bodies appear in front of him. The three corpses appeared to have been recently unearthed, they were horrifyingly decayed and they smelled of death. But Jake could not shake the feeling that he had seen the man-like corpses, somewhere, before. Then it dons on him, he had seen these men before, they were all former NBA legends.
The three towering men appeared to range in size, the smallest being about six-foot and three inches tall, with the tallest being about six-foot and eight inches tall. The tall one, was huge, awe-inspiring with his immense, height, weight, and just overall size. The medium sized man then stepped forward, and spoke through his gapped teeth, “do you realize why you are here, Jake?”
Then, the tallest man, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a small, thick piece of cloth, and puts it around his large head. It was an NBA headband. This is when Jake finally realized how he knew the three men. They were none other than LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Jimmy Butler.
With a shakey, unsteady voice, Jake replied to Russel, “W-w-w-w-why am I h-h-hear?” then LeBron spoke, “To earn your place among the legends of basketball history, check up.” He then bounce-passed the ball so hard it nearly knocked me over.
I start off the game by attempting a quick crossover move to shake Jimmy’s defensive effort, it worked. I continue to drive to the hoop, toss up a layup, but LeBron sends the ball back down to the earth. Kyrie quickly recovers the ball and hits a quick three-point bomb to make the score 3-0. He the laughs and says, “our fans will soon arise” it then sets on jake, if I don’t beat these men, the dead will rise and eat the brains off the current NBA fans, in an effort to return the league to how it was in there era.
So I step my game up. I grab the ball and check it with Kyrie, doing another crossover, I make him fall and create space for a easy layup, 3-2. I then check the ball with LeBron, as soon as the ball touches my finger tips I pull up and hit an easy three-pointer. 3-5. The next possesions I release a fury of dribble moves and three-pointers to run the numbers up all the way to 20-20, game point.
With a behind the back move as quick as lightning, I shake Jimmy’s defense. While driving to the hoop I quickly look behind me and see Jimmy still on his back, so I proceed my drive, using a quick window washers, in-n-out move to get space from Kyries lazy-D. With all the strength in my legs, I leap into the air, pull my arm back, squeeze the ball, and slam onto LeBron. Game over.
At the end of the day, I got to play against NBA legends and save the NBA from evil fans. So its safe to say when I enter the league, I got next.

The author's comments:

scary narrative, Mrs Yan's 9th grade english

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