The old School

November 3, 2016
By nate98700 BRONZE, Louisvile KY, Kentucky
nate98700 BRONZE, Louisvile KY, Kentucky
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The Old School

Okay, this happened when I was about 12 years old and I was on my way home. It was a cool spring day, and school had just let out. As I was walking home because my mom couldn’t pick me up because she had to go to go to work early, I saw some older kids walking on the old dirt road to some old high school that got shutdown I wanted to know what they were up to so I waited for them to go a little further ahead then I ran after them. I was breathing heavy because I don’t like the to run, I’m more of a stay in said person, As I got closure I heard them talk about something weird.
        “So what is happening today”
    “The sacrifice is happing tonight”
As my curiosity shoot up after I heard the older boy say those words, then I stared to hear foot steps behind me, I stopped and listen, in got louder and louder before I could have relieved that I lost track of the older kids it was too late.
So I started running I hope I would have caught up, but then in plain sight the old falling apart school came into view, I stop and starred at tithe wind started to pick up speed, As I was about to turn around a leave my body stop and couldn’t move any, I felt A hot burning scansion run across my neck, inside my mind I was screaming for help but nothing came out my mouth, but then I build up enough strength in my body, I turn around and saw a tall dark doll with creepy looking spider arms and hollow eyes  hunched over me, I ran as fast my stubble leg can carrier me, I made it to the front door.
As I was pushing open the door the creaking echoed through the dark, dirty hallway, I looked behind me to check if the doll was gone but it wasn’t just gone it dissipated without a trace, so then I push the door shut and pull out my small flash light that I take with me everywhere, I started to walk down the dark hallway, then as I was half way down the hallway It started to hear whisper in my right hear it said
                   “they watch in the day,
                                “hunt at night”
This voice sent chills down my spine, but I didn’t make out all the words, so I kept walking down the hall, I started to hear footsteps, walking behind me, I ran to the nearest class room I could find and ran in, then shut the door, my heart was beating faster that a beating drum, so I sat in the comer of the room by the window and slowly fell asleep, Then I jump up relieving it was night, the door started to open, I could see the dolls eyes peeking through the door. My heart was racing I tried to jump out the window as I was falling, I felt my shirt collar pull back against my neck.

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