Creepy Mansion on the Corner

November 3, 2016

The Creepy Mansion on the Corner

Once upon a time, there was a normal family of 5 who had just moved into a big beautiful house in a town called Louisville, Ky. This was a big nice neighborhood where grass was cut freshly, ponds in yards, and birds chirping. The family had two kids that were in 5th and 3rd grade and had just started a new school in Louisville, Ky. They decided to go exploring of the neighborhood and try and find some new friends. They met a couple kids around the block, almost all the same grade and same age. They talked for a minute until something came up. They talked about a secret house on the corner of the street, it was all old, dark, covered with grass and has worn out wood on the porch. People said it was haunted and people always go missing if you step on the porch because the wood drops in and the trees take you in. They also said that they hear loud screams from the house at the same time every night. The kids said it sounds like somebody’s getting hurt. When it was time to go back in and eat, the kids had a lot on their mind about what would happen if they went and stepped in the porch. These kids didn’t believe in monsters or ghosts so they were prepared for what would happen, if it does. After they ate, they took a shower and went to bed.
The alarm went off and they both woke up. This was the day of the Halloween party and they were both excited. They both said to each other,
“You scared?”
“No, are you?”
“Not at all.”
They both got ready for school and walked to the bus stop. The kids still had the creepy house on their minds. They really wanted to go see what would happen. The bus came and they got on it. When they got dropped off, they went up to their friends and they talked about the Halloween party. They were done with the school day and went home. They did the same as the night before but instead of going to bed, they got flashlights, batteries, and snuck out. They both were excited, they both we a little scared.
“The creepy mansion on the corner.”
“You ready?”
“I guess.”
As they stepped in the yard, they heard a voice saying leave my house, get out. The froze and stood there. They stepped on the porch, nothing happened. They knocked on the door and nothing happened. They heard screams and saw a spark in the living room. The house was now on fire. They heard another voice saying
“I told you to stay away.”
They both got caught in the fire and died.

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