The Skype Call

November 3, 2016
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The Skype Call

Jade met a girl online her name is Amelia. Amelia is 16 years old, she’s mixed with white and Indian. Amelia was born in Portland, Oregon. When she was 12; her and her parents moved to Miami, Florida. That’s where she currently lives. Jade on the other hand comes from a very big family. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts. When she was about 10 years old her and her parents moved to San Francisco, California.
The other day, jade was on video call with her friend Amelia; who’d she met online about a month ago, they’ve came very close since then.
“Some weird things have been happening to me lately.” Amelia said
  Jade replied with a quick “sure tell me about it.”
“I’ve never really believed in this whole ghost or paranormal thing until now, so I’m a bit nervous and I think I might just be overreacting but the doctors haven’t found anything physiologically wrong with me. I’ve been to the doctors about twice to check myself about being physco, but they’ve found nothing just like the last visit I recently had. They didn’t do nothing major they just gave this medication to prevent something from happening.” said Amelia 
Jade could tell from her reluctance that this must have really been freaking her out. But jade gave her a nod meaning to continue.
“Okay. Here it goes then.” She said, and began telling her story
“It began a few weeks ago after I read some read some ridiculous chain letter that I didn’t forward. I didn’t think anything of it because, I like I say, I didn’t believe in that stuff and the letter was something about creatures wearing human skin that blend in with humans I didn’t know. I don’t really think its related but it all started after I deleted the chain letter.” Amelia said
Jade looked in complete shock. Eyes big!
“It first began at the market. While I was in line, I noticed the bagger was staring at me very unusually. Like he wasn’t using his muscles to smile. It was like someone took two fingers to his cheeks and pulled upwards to draw a smile! When he was finished I politely thanked him and took my groceries. His lips parted and he said in a deep voice, “you’re welcome ma’am.” I stood there in complete shock for a moment.” She said.
“That seems very creepy. Did anything else happen to you?” Jade asked 
“Yes. The following day it was very chilly and cold outside. I noticed a lady was staring at me. She didn’t take her eyes off of me, she had that same eerie smile the bagger at the grocery store had yesterday. As she got closer to me; “what nice weather today, isn’t it miss?” and I nodded and kept walking. Several people spoke to me with a weird smile.” She said
“That’s very unusual for people to just stare at you with creepy smiles. Does anything happen during then night? Like doors open and close, people scream, etc.”
Jade remembered that a few days before. She got the same chain letter and didn’t forward it either.
Later that night Jade couldn’t sleep, she kept thinking about what Amelia had said on skype. Jade eventually fell asleep but was awakened by a frightening scream. She immediately went to hide in her closet. While she was in her closet she kept hearing the screaming and doors began to slam and scared her even more. But Jade end up falling asleep.
She eventually came out of her closet. It was morning, she had school. Both of her parents working so she was often at home alone when she got home from school.
When she got home from school that evening the house was still dark.
Jade called out “mom?” and she could hear a sing-song voice that sounded like her mom say “yeeessss?” from upstairs. Jade called out “mom?” as she started climbing the stairs to see which room she was in, and she got the same “Yeeesss?” reply.
Jade and her family were decorating at the time and Jade didn’t know her way around the maze of rooms but her mom was in one of far ones, right down the hall. Jade felt uneasy, but she figured that was natural so she rushed forward to see her mom. Knowing that her presence would calm her fears, as a mother’s presence always should.
As she was reaching for the door handle she heard someone else call out “Sweetie, are you home?” in a cheesy voice. As she turned to go meet the person, still confused about who was really answering her in the room, whether it was truly her mom or not, she noticed the door was ajar and she saw a shadow of a person standing there. She quickly rushed downstairs to meet the person at the door and realized it was her mother. She has been wanting to tell her all about the strange events that had been happening to her.
Her mom had just come from the library doing research and had some interesting facts to share with Jade. She informed Jade that a chain letter had been going around and if you didn’t forward it strange things would start happening to you. Rumor has it that if you don’t forward it you will die on Halloween. Her mother laughed and said “I don’t believe in that nonsense, do you?”
Upon hearing this frightening news, Jade rushed to her computer to find the chain letter deleted. After all, it was October 30th. As she frantically searched she realized she emptied her trash on the computer.
The next morning her mother woke up to find Jade dead at the computer with a chain letter displaying on the computer.

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