Night Wolf Ghouls

November 3, 2016
By volthawk BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
volthawk BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Night wolf Ghouls

“Why? Why huh? Why does this have to happen to me?” Connor Mentally loses his grasp onto reality. He begins to think as he walks back to his home, “I can’t possibly be a ghoul, but my eyes looked like theirs for a second and I craved human flesh like they did. I must be a ghoul.” His breathing becomes heavier as he imagines all the things that could go wrong with his life. His friends getting hurt is what he fears the worst more than anything. “I need to talk to Arno or something about this, maybe get my mind off of this I am… not sure really.” Connor says as he reaches his home. It’s a small apartment meant for one person. he opens the door and turns on the light and throws his backpack onto his bed and gets changed into casual clothing.

He sits into his chair and turns on his computer. “I am not a ghoul, I am not a ghoul, I am not a ghoul.” He mumbles to himself as he gets goes to a profile name Arno. “yo bro” Connor messages and receives a instant response with “YO YO YO” Connor chuckles, Arno will always mess around and be a goofy person and is never serious unless he has to be, which gets on Connors nerves a lot usually… but he is like a brother to Connor. “Man I am starving!” Connor says as he gets a video call from Arno. His voice is heard from his computer speakers “Yo dude I got a new book” Connor is rather curious of this book “what’s is the book about anyway?” Connor says. “it’s a book about assassins and being all stealthy.” Connor takes quite an interest when it comes to assassins or anything like ninjas. “sounds great but I think I might have a problem, a huge problem!!” Connor can tell by Arnos expression is a bit worried about him. “what’s wrong dude?’ Arno says, Connor sighs in fear of how Arno will fell, if he becomes scared of him or wants to be away from him. “Arno… I think I’m a ghoul now… I’m unsure but…”, Arno instantly stops me, “listen… I don’t care what you become and what you are now. I am your best friend and you are like a brother to me, nothing will make me turn away from you and not be by your side.” That makes Connor feel better but doesn’t really deny the fact that his becoming something.

They end up playing video games together till about 10, which is what they always do usually. When Connor wakes up he feels… different, not like himself. He feels hungry, but unwilling to eat any regular human food. “I need humans don’t I?” he questions it cause of all the news articles and books all about ghouls and how they only eat humans and all this stuff. It doesn’t freak Connor out much except for that he has to eat humans now to live and not just regular food. He gets up early for school and after getting all dressed in his hoodie he heads out. The second Connor makes it to school he finds it difficult to remain sane. (everyone seems to tasty this isn’t normal at all. I want to eat someone but I don’t want to kill, I’m not a killer!!) He thinks as he can start to smell everyone’s flesh… hell he can even sense their heartbeats.
He walks over to the bleaches in the gym while he waits for the bell to ring for class. Connor is only a freshmen and doesn’t have that many friends because he is usually quiet. “hey dude”, (who?? Oh its him) he sits down wearing a blue flannel and black shirt under. “oh hey Edward.”, Connor says in response after turning around to realize who it is. Connor doesn’t feel right. Like after becoming a ghoul, which Connor doesn’t even remember how he became one to begin with, feels something strange against Edward… he doesn’t sense a human from him nor the urge to devour him. Could he be a ghoul? (No that It’s impossible how could someone like Edward be a ghoul? I’m just going to ignore this for now and try to relax) Connor thinks.

Connor doesn’t feel good. He senses something, something outside. Without hesitation Connor leaps up and bolts toward the source of the senses, he doesn’t feel himself anymore. It’s like something just toke over and moved him. Once he reaches the area is a dark alley way right in between the school and this other random building. “what!?” Connor yells as there is nothing there. “what the hell is wrong with me!! Something isn’t right this needs to be fixed now!” Connor panics in the alley way… he hears footstep and a man appears at the front of the dark alley way. It’s too dark to see his face but his tall and the reflection of glasses on him from the tall lamps outside the parking lot and all around the streets.

“Hello? Are you okay there? Why did you all of a sudden? You should stay in school and get your education!”, the man says. (no, no, no I need him to stay away now!! I could hurt him and end his life I need to get away now) “Stay away! DON’T COME NEAR ME”. “why? What’s wrong we could get you’re to a hospital or something.” I begin to shout at him for his own safety. “PLEASE STAY AWAY!! Listen something isn’t right with me and I don’t want to hurt you so please just go back to where you were”. The man in fear starts to step back and walks away quickly, but as he walks away you hear him pulling out his radio. “damn it I can’t stay here I must leave now before…idk maybe the government will take me away and test me.” Connor gets up and is about to make a run for it and notices there is a ladder going to the top of the other building, He could hide up there for a little while. Connor gets the top only to be horrified.

“CONNOR WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?” Edward yells as Connor makes dashes out of the gym. (what’s up with him?). Edward gets a text from Jacob, “hey I’m almost at school are you and Connor already there?”, Edward reply’s “hey and yes we are here but please go find Connor when you get here, he just bolted like lightning out of the school so be on the lookout for him please”. Jacob agrees to going to find him but Edward can’t stop questioning and worrying about why Connor just ran out like that. The bell is about to ring and Connor isn’t here and Edward thinks Jacob is probably looking for him right now. (guess I’ll just listen to music while I wait)

He runs around the school looking for Connor. Jacob is one of the fastest people out of all of his and Connors friends, only Connor can catch up and beat him to it. Jacob finds himself at an alley way, “Connor could be here” He turns on a flashlight on his phone and runs around yelling his name in the dark alley… nothing, no one is to be found here. “where could he have gone!?” He notices the ladder to the top of the building. “oh come on, do not tell me he climbed all the way up there.” Letting out a big sigh “knowing him he would of course climb this” Jacob makes it to the top to find no one up there but Connors backpack. “hmm?” he walks over to pick up the backpack “Connor… where did you go?” he just crouches next to the backpack and just looks around.

“ARGHH”, he blocks the first hit and tries to counter but fails and gets bashed right in the abdomen. “who are you!?” Connor yells as his falls down to his knees in pain. “Question is, who are you? You don’t smell completely human. Are you a one eyed ghoul?” Connor is confused. What is a one eyed ghoul? Ghouls usually has both eyes as a ghoul. She seems to be a ghoul maybe she could be of help. “Are you a ghoul to- “she’s gone. No one is there but just an abandon building that looks like it wants to crumble any second now, there is plant growing out of the ground of the building. “looks like an old home, how old even is this place it doesn’t feel like this is safe at all” Connor walks into the building but he hears his name yelled from above him. “wait for me!”, Jacob climbs down. “first you forgot your backpack and also why did he eave the school like that?” Connor figures Edward already told him that, “are you going to take me back to school or what?”, Jacob chuckles, “no I’m going with you in this place, hey im curious too ya know.” They are both a little bit paranoid of the eerie looking home but they slowly walk towards it anyway. Connor sees sunshine and he wakes up. “aww it was a dream it was getting to the good part. Oh well I guess I’ll get a few more minutes of sleep” but once Connor closes his eyes he sees a man… it’s all black with a giant white teeth smile and black eyes and red pupils.

Connor can’t move, can’t talk and can’t do anything his paralyzed completely. Connor realizes something. It looks an awful lot like him, but his Connor and he can’t that can’t be his reflection cause his not smiling. Oh no… the man begins to laugh scaring Connor more then he already is and all the light turn on. “welcome to the monkey house” says the sign behind the mysterious man. (this isn’t good at all! Also where is Jacob!?) Connor begins to panic but mentally sense he can’t move at all. (I’m going to die; I’m going to die. I can’t die yet) the powers all turns back off and he hears clashing. Connor wants to be free and wants to move, he can’t get himself to move but he can hear metal clashing like knifes or swords. “Where is he!? Tell me now!!”. Yells someone, (but is that Arno?? How would he find me? I know his been learning how to hack and stuff with me but… how?)

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