GrimsWood Forest

November 3, 2016
By Koolcast BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Koolcast BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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GrimsWood Forest

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom far, far away lay the Pixie Princess sleeping on her magical sleep number bed (well at least it fells magical). Meanwhile her father, the king, is having a tea party with his son. And while they’re all laughing and having fun, the chef is making strawberry cupcakes…
Now hold on, pause, this isn’t how we roll, if you want a lame story like the one above then go read Cinderella, or sleeping beauty. But this story is hard core people not babies, so here goes.
Back in the year 1862 during the Civil war in GrimsWood forest, Charleston, South Carolina; lived Johnathan L. Buttle. He had a nice home, with a wife and two daughters. You might not believe it but Johnathan was actually against slavery; but he never rebelled against the southern states. But soon the day came when a confederate soldier came to his home disguised as a union soldier. He was a young dark haired fellow, barely over 25, with an eyepatch over his left eye.
But Johnathan, considering that the “soldier” was from the union let him in. “so what’s your name?”
“ the names Steve.” Replied Steve respectfully.
“mine is Johnathan but my friends call me john; so what brings you here, Steve? Asked john.
“I’ve come to recruit fellow people to join the union’ replied Steve.
“that’s a risky job in these parts” said John warningly.
“I know” replied Steve playfully. “I’ve volunteered to, but would you consider joining?” 
“Yes, I shouldn’t be saying this but I hate slavery and I hate the south even worse.” Steve was a little taken back by the sudden change in tone, from playful to scornful. But then again he wasn’t surprised by the response, but for the moment that was all he needed to convict the traitor for treason .
“Well it seems I should get going, but I’ll be back for you later” replied Steve, more seriously. And back he was indeed about two days later with about five confederate soldiers. But john wasn’t home to face the death penalty that was intended for him. But his family was, so the scout and his men went in and hung Johnathan’s wife and kids right on the tree where Johnathan and his wife first met.
John came back the following day and howled in agony for the loss of his wife and children. He then became consumed with so much anger and sorrow, the likes of which no one has had or seen before, consumed him. He soon became desperate for revenge; so desperate that he went to the old witch Agatha, who lived deeper in the forest. what he had in mind was evil indeed, he made a promise that day that he would get his revenge on everyone and bring back his wife and kids no matter what…
But that happened over 100 years ago. Right now the year is 2020 and all that stuff is all forgotten about, or so they say…
Back at Howards High, a very “conservative” school but very colorful and highly respected (in the hood), it is in Charleston, South Carolina, which is usually a very sunny place, unless you come around when it’s Winter, which it was. And so it was a very gloomy and cold with the cold crystals of winter falling from then sky. Attending the school is Steve Jackson, a dark complexed boy with curly hair and a bad attitude; which is probably why he was put in this “institution”.
It was the end of the day and even though school was out and people were going home casually; Steve was trying to follow suit because he saw the police searching through the crowd of students and he knew they were looking for him. He was almost safe, about to get on the school bus back home, but suddenly a police officer yelled, “hey, you come here!!!”
Even though the shout wasn’t directed at him (he didn’t know that) he suddenly bolted towards GrimsWood Forest, ignoring the warning that his late Uncle had told him many years before; “never go into the wood no matter what.”
As Steve was sprinting through the undergrowth of the forest he nearly feels head first into a tree but managed to dodge the full impact; but the tree still managed to glance off of his head, not hard but just enough to knock him out. He then woke several minutes later with a vague idea of what happened. He stood up and slowly, unaware of where he was, in the act of sprinting through the forest he lost all sense of direction. So he took a deep breath to calm down, closing his eyes in the process. When he opened them again, he suddenly noticed a trail that he could have sworn wasn’t there before. But he found no harm in following it.
After a few minutes of walking he soon took notice to the crunching sound that accompanied each step. He took no notice to it before, because he assumed it was leaves but as he looked down he no sign of any leaves. He soon became curious of the noise, and crouched down to look and as he dusted the dirt aside he discovered the bones of different animals.
He lurched back in disgust at what he just saw. As he stood he made a mental note not to look down again. As he continued, a house came into view. It was an old house, a very old house, probably built during the 18th century. It as he saw it he thought it looked evil, no SINISTER in the grim light of the snow. But he was forced to go inside due to the weather, judging that it was going to rain; and the forest was notorious for making people ‘disappear” out in the open.
As he entered, he sat in the chair and slept. 30 minutes into his nap, he was startled awake by a noise. As he woke, he saw a ghost or at least the remnants of one. And as he stared the “ghost” in the face in fear. As Steve lurched back, the ghost leaped forward and shoved its hand through Steve’s chest, as it was done Steve was filled with all of the anger and sorrow of the ghost throughout its soon became too much for Steve to bear, within minutes Steve was dead, doomed to the same fate as Johnathan…

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