The Shadow Clown

November 3, 2016
By anette.hbu BRONZE, Lousiville, Kentucky
anette.hbu BRONZE, Lousiville, Kentucky
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The Shadow Clown

It was 3:30 am and I couldn’t sleep at all. People say that’s the time the dead people come out and see you. I don’t believe in the dead, I think those things are fake. I mean who am I kidding, ghost aren’t real.
I lie there awake until 6 o’ clock a.m. I had to get up for school I felt like someone was watching me. I walked out the door to my bus stop. As I plugged my headphones into my phone I saw a shadow, a black tall shadow waving at me. Of course I thought it was the old man who lived right down the street from me, but it wasn’t, it couldn’t be. The old man was out of town with his family.
Finally, I arrived at my bus stop and like always I was the only one there. I turn around and felt like someone was pulling my hair. Once again I saw the shadow. My heart was beating so fast like it never had before. My bus came, I sat right next to Allie, how I usually do.
“Boy Emma, you look like you seen a ghost.” Allie said.
“No I just didn’t get enough sleep last night” I replied.
During last period, Allie, Jake, Tommy and I all decided to go the corn field party tonight. It’s every year on the last week of October. It’s our towns Halloween party. I walked home after school and there it went again the creepy shadow.
“Hey you think this is a game? Huh? What you can’t speak, didn’t think so. Quit trying to scare little kids!” I yelled at him.
He runs towards me than I ran as fast as I could. I arrived at my house and slammed the door before it would come any closer to me. I turned around, all I see is his creepy red eyes, his teeth were sharp ‘sharp as a shark, his hair color was yellow and green.
“Ahah what you think you can hide from me? Where do you think you were going?” He yelled in my face.
I ran upstairs locked my door, called my mom but around the time she answered my phone had died. I was home alone for a couple of hours, crying sitting there like I was crazy. I had ended up not going to the party. I felt too unsafe to go out anywhere anymore, including in my own house. My parents finally came home around 1 a.m. I tried to explain to them what happen but they wouldn’t listen or believe me at all. They said I was insane and that I drunk to much at the party but I wasn’t, I didn’t even go at all. They gave me pills to sleep. I woke up that night again at the same time, 3:30 in the morning. I seen it, I seen the shadow clown. He was right behind my bedroom door.
He was breathing hard, he slid down a clown musician box. I got out of my bed the box started to play the song ‘Pop goes the weasel.’ When the music stopped he came out, his whole face was in my face, he scratched the left side of my cheek. It burned so bad I cried, screamed and ran into my parent’s room.
“He’s in there! He’s in there, he scratched me.” I told them.
“Who’s in there?” My dad asked.
“The shadow clown.” I replied
“I’ll be right back”
“Where did he hit you honey?” My mom asked
“Right here on the left side of my cheek”
“There’s nothing there Emma.”
“YES THERE IS MOM! I felt it, I felt the scratch burn me.”
My dad had finally walked in the room and tells us there was nothing in the room. Why didn’t they believe me? Was I they only one who could see the shadow clown? This was the second time I told them about him. Later, in the morning I went down stairs for breakfast, I could feel my 2 older brothers saying I was going insane. My mom and my father were talking about me. I looked out the back window and I seen him again.
“Did you have a good sleep last night? Ahaa” The shadow clown kept asking me.
I tried so hard to ignore him but I just couldn’t. 2-3 weeks go by I would always still see him, he would always scare and hurt me. My parents kept telling me I was going crazy but I wasn’t I swear. No one would believe me. Both of my parents agreed to put me in a mental hospital. How could they? I couldn’t believe my parents would do this to me.
It was Saturday morning; my mother was packing my clothes while I asked her something.
“Mom. You know I’m not crazy right? I know you believe me. Just say you do.” I told her as a tear was dropping down my chubby cheeks.
“Em, I know you’re not. My daughter, my baby girl, my princess. But I just can’t stand seeing you like this anymore.”
“Then why are you putting me in a CRAZY HOSPITAL?!”
“Emma, you need to calm down... Everythin— “
“No don’t tell me everything’s going to be fine. I can’t I-I-I HATE YOU!” I told her as the nurse came in my mother’s room and injected me out the door trying to put me to sleep.
Before I fell asleep I seen him. He was just standing there laughing and waving at me having the most wonderful time of his life. I yelled at him and told him:
“YOU'RE GOING TO PAY for this clown!” as I was falling asleep.
Later that night, around midnight, I couldn’t sleep, I looked out the hospital window there went the clown. He was just standing there with toys on one hand and something else in the other hand. It was too dark to see what he had’ had in his hand but it looked like something that a murder would have in his hand, not gun. But an ax. I thought it was just the median the doctor had gave me, so I turned around and looked at the bed for 2 minutes. When 2 minutes had passed I looked out the window again, he was gone. I believed the median was working but yet again I felt like someone was pulling my hair. Like that one time I felt him pull my hair when I was at my bus stop. It was him, the shadow clown, I was so scared that I screamed but I just didn’t understand why no one could hear me scream at all. Not even the mental people next door to me.
As, he was pulling my hair, he had tossed me on the ground as hard as he could. I hit my head on the bottom corner of the bed, I had blacked out. Everything was dark, I couldn’t see a single soul, not even my own hands. By the time I woke up, I seen the clown again with his creepy red eyes, his sharp teeth and his green and yellow hair. He told me something I wouldn’t ever understand as a human.
“Nighty-night don’t let the bed bugs bite… Honey. You’ll be happy with me. You’re going to be safe my beautiful clown. AHAH”
I was gone. He chopped off my head with his beautiful red ax. It didn’t hurt when he had murder me. No one knew who my murder was. My parents were upset they were heart broken. I didn’t care anymore. I was happy in a better place.
I knew I was going to be happy because I finally understood why they shadow clown wanted me. I was his wife. We both had creepy red eyes, our teeth were sharp as a shark and green and yellow hair. Our journey began, we became wonderful murders no one know or heard about. We were happy.

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