The Flesher

November 3, 2016

The Flesher


It was pitch black night when screams came about. Day time is near when the state police found human skin. There was no sighting of organs. Just flesh. There were multiple reports of... “Jack” was called loudly but muffled. As Jack got pulled away from his report and went downstairs. As he went downstairs he sees his friends in front of his door.
“I thought I told not to come over” said Jack. “sorry went fount a cool abandoned house, we wanted to know if you to check it out” said Sam.
Later that night Jack got a call from Sam saying “Do you want to come over”.
Jack got up, went to Sam’s house, but he got there and Sam was dressed up with a backpack on. Jack has realized what he is doing now. Jack and Sam went to pick up couple of friends, Castile and Dean. They were walking in the woods when they heard sounds like an owl. (who, Who). Branches snapping, and random wolf howls. They approached the house and Jack described it to Sam like the windows were staring into your soul and the fence was sharp as a knife. After while looking at the house, Jack, Sam, and Dean hear Castile cream. The fount a hidden bookshelf door. They went through the door and found Castile in shocked lying on the floor of what he is seeing. As they looked around they see articles, newspapers, and journals about the Flesher. As they looked closer at the pictures they realized its pictures of victims he killed.
‘Hey you shouldn’t be in here” coming from a deep voice down the hall. The 4 kids got scared and thought they were being pranked while turning on the flashlight they saw a person over 6’ft tall holding a machete. This figure was wearing a face that is not his. Then the kids realized it wasn’t a prank it was THE FLESHER.
The FLESHER bolted toward the kids grabbing onto Dean and killed him in one single deadly blow. The other three ran toward the door, pulling onto the handle and saw that was barricaded. They tried the windows but they were locked. “Hey young ones” said the FLESHER getting closer to them. Sam grabbed the chair and broke the window and all jumped out.
They were running in the woods when Castile landed on a bear trap. Sam and Jack tried to help but the bear trap wouldn’t budge. They looked up and saw the FLESHER getting closer they told castile the would get help. With no doubt they ran and head a scream. Jack wanted to keep looking for help but Sam wanted to go back, so they split up. Jack saw a cop cars lights flashing up ahead e took off sprinting toward saying “HELP he chasing us”. As Jack go to the car, he, looked inside seeing blood. Jack turned around seeing the cop dead and the FLESHER next to him. The FLESHER raised his machete saying “So close” and then striking Jack on the ground Dead!
Sam is back at the house looking for a weapon, He found a gun with one bullet in it. The FLESHER approached Sam. Sam fired on The FLESHER leaving him on the ground. However, the FLESHER got up when Sam turned around and striking Sam and killing Him. No one ever saw the kids again well at least not alive.
They were fount later that morning by a local hunter, But the kids were skinned with no trace of any organs or blood anywhere.

-The Flesher…Journal #45            October 31rst, 2016.

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