The mysterious doll

November 3, 2016
By , Louisville, KY

The mysterious doll

There was once a teacher named Ms. Witch that liked to keep a doll next to her bed. Ms. Witch named the doll “Sally.” She kept the doll in memory of her daughter named Salina. Salina passed away at the age of three. She died from an unknown reason, but she died with the doll in her arms. Every night Ms. Witch would hold the doll reminiscing her memories with her baby girl. They used to everything together. When Salina was a little baby, she would fuss and cry if her mother was not in her sight. To fix that problem, Ms. Witch got her the doll. The doll did not get its name until Salina passed away. Ms. Witch was a 1st grade teacher. All of Ms. Witch’s students loved her dearly. Ms. Witch used to have a great personality and a good sense of humor. But after Salina died she became depressed when she had to interact with other children. The only time she felt happy was when she was in contact with sally. She felt a strong connection with the doll.
It was 5:30am, Ms. Witch was up getting ready for work. She picked the doll up, stared at her, and sat her next to the bed. Ms. Witch left the house to drive to the school. She drove down the dark narrow road that was covered with snow and ice, because no salt trucks had been there, because she lived far from civilization. It was a normal ordinary day at the school. Ms. Witch handed out a thick packet to all of her children with all of the work that they needed to complete for that day. The day went by and Ms. Witch looked up at the clock. It was 5:00pm and Ms. Witch had got done grading the work for that day. Ms. Witch gathered all of her belongings and drove home. Once she arrived, she took her keys out of the engine. She got out of the car and noticed a small trace of footprints in the snow. She thought it was an animal, but deep down, she also thought of Sally. Ms.  Witch followed the trace. The footprints led back around to the front of the house. Out of curiosity Ms. Witch went up the porch steps and into her house. She went into her bedroom and took a quick look around. Suddenly all of the lights cut off. Ms. Witch’s heart dropped. She reached into the top drawer of the nightstand and grabbed a flashlight. She shinned the light around her room. When she reached the spot where the doll has been sitting she could not find her. All of a sudden Ms. Witch heard laughter. She dropped the flashlight and ran out of the house. She rushed down the porch steps and realized she forgot her keys on the coffee table in the den. The house was still dark so she left the door open so that a small peak of light could get in so that she could see. Ms. Witch finally spotted her keys. She grabbed them and ran out the house to her car. She started up the car in a rush and turned around so that she could back out of her driveway. Ms. Witch could not believe her eyes. The doll, standing menacingly. Ms. Witch stopped the car while in shock. Once she snapped out of it she turned around to try to escape the car. But the doors locked. She turned back around to see if the doll was still there. All of a sudden there was a bright light coming from the doll. Ms. Witch covered her eyes blocking the light. The light went away, so Ms. Witch uncovered her eyes. She rubbed her eyes to see if she was hallucinating or if she was really seeing what she saw. She looked again, and saw her daughter, Salina.
With no hesitation, Ms. Witch reached to the back seat and grabbed Salina. Suddenly, when Salina was in her arms, she had quickly switched back into the doll. But before Ms. Witch could put her down, she lost breath and could not move. Ms. Witch’s started to turn various colors. It was a mixture of red, blue, purple, and a deadly color. Soon there was no movement from Ms. Witch. The doll sat in Ms. Witch’s lap while Ms. Witch was no longer alive.

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