the worst night ever

November 3, 2016


     I’m not the type to usually believe that he says she say crap, but one Halloween night changed me for life. It all started years before my parents were born. there is this urban legend about this little quite boy named Bobby and he was bullied almost every day because of his weird dressing and his big glasses. yea but anyways he died a very HORRIBLE way , well I was told that the Bobby was handing out candy one Halloween and these boys from his school was decided to play a little joke on Bobby so they dressed as little kids that are going to “ trick or treating “ and the went to bobby’s house and said “trick or treat “ , when Bobby was getting candy for them one of the boy had a water gun and squirted Bobby in his eye with water ; Bobby fell backwards and hit his head on his coffee table in his living room .One of the boys noticed that Bobby wasn’t moving so he walked inside of Bobby’s house and saw blood coming from Bobby’s head  so him and the other boys started running , moments later a kids and his mother went up to Bobby’s house and saw him lying there , they screamed and called the police , but tho Bobby was dead his soul wasn’t , and as Bobby’s soul was standing over his own dead body he realist that he was going to  get revenge . A few months later the three boys that killed Bobby was dead in one of the boy’s basement, But I never really believed it, this is what happened to me one Halloween. it was a normal Halloween day and as usual we have school on Halloween, but anyways I attended Mary hill high school, and every morning I would met up with my best friend   her name is Kenzie, we were juniors and we have been friends since 2nd grade. we were talking about the hottest guy in schools Halloween party, and Kenzie is begging me to go but I don’t really do parties, but I’m also not as popular as Kenzie, so when she goes to parties I usually stay home & watch the scary movie marathons that be coming on television.
  “Lizzy you should really come to this Halloween party with me, we can get matching costumes.” Said Kenzie
“NO Kenzie you know I don’t do parties.” I said
“but this party is different, the party is going to be at the “bobby the ghost” old house.! said Kenzie
“why would I want to go to a party an urban killer legends house Kenzie.?” I said
“it makes gives it more of a scarier feeling, plus I thought you didn’t believe in those kind of things.” Kenzie said 
“I don’t.!” I said
“well why won’t you go.?” Kenzie said 
“huh, Kenzie if I go with you would will you leave me alone.?” I said
“yes most def.!” Kenzie said
“then yes I’ll go, so can we change the subject.” I said 
“yea lol, so what you do over the weekend while I was over my dad’s.?” Kenzie said 
“nothing, I just studied for our test next week and read like two books, so basically just boring.” I said
“wow.! you need get out more.” said Kenzie
“yeaaaaaaa.” I said 
    Then the bell rang, we had to go to class. All the class was talking about was that silly Halloween party Kenzie was forcing me to go to. now school is over, me and Kenzie head over to the costume and mask place for our costumes for the party, Kenzie and I was going as little red devils, but all the other cheerleaders were going as angels.  the time for the party hits and we were walking and I felt negative energy and wanted to leave, but I knew Kenzie would get angry with me so I stayed. the WHOLE school was there and everyone was having a nice time …. Until the lights cut off, me and Kenzie freaked, then we heard screaming and the whole party ended. everyone was trying to leave at once and on the way out we hear on the mic a weird voice
Me and Kenzie ran all the way up the street until we felt safe, then we called her parents to pick us up, when they came to pick us up, they pulled off and me and Kenzie didn’t tell them what happened at the party we were shocked and quiet for the rest of the night. the next day I went over Kenzie’s house, so we can go to school, and on our way to school Kenzie “tripped” and fell and she hit her head on a rock, I screamed for help and called the police. when they came I got in the police car and they were taking me to answer some questions, Kenzie was at the hospital, and then police officer MS, Rice came to the table I was at and said
“so do you know what happened?”
“me & Kenzie was walking to school and she tripped.”
“are you sure you didn’t push her?”
“are you accusing me of killed my best friend.?”
“I’m not accusing you of anything Lizzy, I’m just asking,”
“well don’t ask because I would never.!”
“okay Lizzy I’m sorry I asked.”
“well can I leave.”
“yes, sure be safe.”
  I left the station and went home. I never went to another party after that night, but deep inside of me it never left me mind that Bobby killed my best friend, I never said anything to anyone because I know they would look at me crazy and not believe me, but frankly I can’t believe it myself.


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