The Haunted Destination

November 3, 2016
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I was dribbling up the court I go in hard for a layup…… I missed, my friends started to laugh at me. Especially Johnny he was on the ground.  I was tired from basketball and all my friends could tell.
“CJ Lets go inside” Jordan said.
“Let’s play video games.” Johnny added.
“The internet is out sorry.” I responded.
Everyone was really mad, but then I came up with an idea.
“Johnny, Michael, and Devin lets go to this haunted house. I heard it is very scary and that an old couple used to live there, but died by something not human.”  I said
Knowing them I already knew what they were going to say
“Of course we want to go why didn’t you bring this up thirty minutes ago.”
We all grabbed our clothes and headed out the door. We were all really excited, but when we got to the haunted house it didn’t seem right. There was no people there I got Devin to check his phone to see if we were at the right place.
“We are at the right place.” Devin said
I was so surprised. It was a waste of time to come like yeah it looked scary, but it cannot be good if no one is here. Even though I was bummed out I did not walk all the way over here for nothing. We walked inside and we heard a mysterious voice say
“Welcome to the Fun Dome.” 
It started to sound a little bit more fun, but all my other friends wanted to leave. Johnny tried to open the door, but it was locked. Everyone was freaking out even I was. The voice came back and said
“You cannot leave until you complete the Fun Dome.”
After that we knew it was just a joke, so we decided to go through the pathway to enter the Fun Dome. There was one thing that we were not aware of though and that was we are not alone.
At first it was really simple normal stuff clowns and fake ghosts. Then there was a quick blur that went across our faces. I screamed so loud, but then I noticed all my friends were gone.
I ran through everything the clowns the ghosts I wanted to complete this and go home. I tripped and fell on my floor. I got up as quick as I could, but it seemed like I was late. I was grabbed by the monster and was knocked out. I woke up and I was in a room. It was bloody was smelled awful. I heard loud noises and noticed I could not move I was strapped down. I was shaking and I started to say
I knew nobody could hear me and I was thinking why couldn’t I just stay home?  The footsteps got louder and louder until I stared the monster in the face. It pulled out some sort of weapon and I was screaming as loud as I could, but there was no help coming. The last words I ever heard were
“Welcome to the Fun Dome.”

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