The myserious house

November 3, 2016
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There was a family, not only were they a family they were a small family. They had previously just moved from Chicago down to New York. They also moved into a big, big house. Not only was it big, but it was were a married couple and their children previously lived. Last Halloween, that family was murdered in that house. Now the little family was moving in, but nobody had told the little family about the murder. So, when they pulled up to their new home, all the families/ neighbors were looking at them with fear in their eyes, the little family had no clue why they were staring, so they just walked in. After some weeks, they were settled. Emily the daughter was hearing things one night, so she woke mom up. She slept with her parents that night. Halloween was coming in some days or so. One-day mom was taking the trash out, and Roisey, the neighbor, told her about what happened to the family who lived there before them, but mom didn’t listen. Then, when mom stayed home alone, she started to hear loud noises.
Later that night, mom talked to Roisey, and she heard the same noise Roisey had previously heard. So Halloween was the next day, and Roisey saw people walking into their house. She had quickly contacted the little family, and then came home in a hurry, but there was nothing different about the house. They began to think Roisey had something to do with the noises and all the things going on, so they began to stop liking Roisey. But that night, when they were all ready for bed. Mother said, “see, nothing’s going to happen. Halloween is almost over, pumpkin, “or at least that’s what mother thought. Everyone in the house was asleep, then a Big “Kaboom” Kaboom’ noise came. Mother ran down the steps so fast and found five guys busting into their home, yelling and chasing mother back up the steps, mother screaming, “why are you doing this? The five guy’s voices, so familiar yelling, somebody took our family, so we’re going to take every family moving into my house! “Then the police get called, But guess from who? Roisey the “Liar”! The police surround the house, and the five guys try to run, but they were caught.
The two officers were their sibling’s. and they haven’t seen since the incident of their parents, but they had to take them to jail. Ever since, nothing happened to the family, however the five guys had a chance to apologize about the family, the family had come to speak to them and apologize about the family and they were sorry for their lost, the father however had experienced the same situation with his family being gone and he was talking to the boys and the boys were explaining that reason they did that to the last family is because they had something to do with their family murder but ever since then everything and every Halloween has been fine. 

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