The Cabin

November 3, 2016
By , Louisville, KY

The Cabin

Me and my husband Zack’s three-year anniversary we decided to do something we both like, we rented the cabin for the weekend in Texas. We left Friday morning at about 4:00pm, but when we were on the road we seen multiple signs saying “do not enter.” We were confused because we had just talked to the guy Bill. We found the cabin on craigslist for only $200 so we immediately messaged him. When we first talked to him on the phone he seemed like a grumpy old man. Which that made me scared to talk to him. I made Zack call and make sure everything was still fine.
“Oh some stupid teenagers must have hung them up.” Bill said Then we just went ahead and entered through the metal rusted gate to get to the cabin, it was absolutely beautiful.
We began to unpack and we were so happy that we finally got away and actually did something to celebrate “us.” It was about 7:30pm. I began to make dinner while my husband Zack went to go get me some flowers. But then as I was looking for knives, I noticed a big knife with lots of blood on it, and when I looked down I saw a big spot of something red. I immediately called Bill, the guy that rented the cabin to us. When I told him what happened he just laughed. I didn’t think anything was funny.
“It’s almost Halloween, it was a prank chill out.” Bill said
Then I began to laugh thinking to myself wondering if I should really trust it was a prank or if I should do something. But I thought well it is almost Halloween why be dramatic. So I just left the situation alone.
As we were eating dinner me and Zack received an alert saying there was going to be a thunderstorm, we began to clean up the table and kitchen. We decided that we would just go to bed, I walked up to the room before Zack but I felt a warm sensation on my neck as if there were someone standing behind me. I turned around, but didn’t see anyone there. I didn’t want to tell Zack because, I didn’t want him to take me as a joke or even think I’m crazy. I decided to forget about it and just went into the room and went to bed.
The following morning it was sunny so we got up and ate, got dressed, and then we decided to go pick berries from the woods. We were walking around enjoying the views, but then I saw someone behind a tree. I tell Zack to look,
“Nobody is there, why are you acting like this?” Zack hollered
When he asked me that I remembered my parents put me in a mental hospital because, of horrifying things I seen at night. Black shadows, little girls skipping around my room, and all the way to random breathing on my neck. Everyone thought I was lying for attention, but I really wasn’t. Every time I would go into the white padded cell there was always someone breathing on my right shoulder and every time I got around a little girl with red hair and freckles she would breathe really hard and then laugh until I got weirded out by her and walked back to my cell. Zack never knew I experienced this, so I just kept quiet.
We finished picking berries and began to walk back up to the cabin and me and Zack noticed that the door was cracked open. Zack looked at me with a strange face.
“See, now you know why I have been acting the way I am, strange things have been occurring.”
Not thinking me and Zack went on with our night not thinking about what happened because it was our last day here so we wanted to enjoy it.
We decided to watch a movie called “Lights Out” around 9:00pm. We were enjoying the movie eating our kettle corn just lying there but it was getting late it was 10:30pm. I got up to turn the TV off and I heard many noises coming from out back on the patio. I went outside to check, but there was nothing out there. As I walked back into the cabin I noticed blood leaking in a trail, as if someone was dragged. I began to follow the long trail from the kitchen to the bathroom. My legs suddenly collapsed, I was in such shock. Zack was laying there on the floor with blood coming from his neck. Then, I heard a whisper say
“Your next!”
I tried to quickly get back into the cabin to get my phone I ran for my phone and I tried calling the cops but my cell phone didn’t have any service. I remembered that Zack said he had brought along an emergency phone. I ran upstairs as quickly as I could. I searched all of the bags and finally found the phone. I called the cops immediately and they showed up within the next 15 minutes. The officer Jamar came in and searched the entire cabin. He called for backup but his radio was cutting in and out. So he did it by himself but he looked confused as he said
“Ma’am there’s no signs of an entry.”
I was clueless, So I walked outside for some fresh air. When I walked back in, the officer was laying there on his stomach, dead, with his head split open. I ran for the car keys but something jerked me back so I tried to get up again and run. When I reached the keys I ran as fast as I could to the car, I started the car and took off. It was so slippery and muddy outside when I was driving on this long bumpy road. All of the sudden the little girl with red hair appeared in my backseat when I went to look in my rear view mirror I wrecked into four trees. The car flipped, air bags came out, and I flew through the windshield. I was pronounced dead on the scene but nobody found me until two days later.

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