What a Day

November 3, 2016
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What a Day

“No it’s over there!! Don’t go that way!!”

It was two days before Halloween and Megan and Jazzlyn were hanging out at the mall.
“What are you going to be for Halloween?” Jazzlyn asked.
“I’m not sure but I don’t want to be a clown!” Exclaimed Megan.
“Why not?” said Jazzlyn.
“For one, I’m scared of clowns and for two they have been getting shot.” Explained Megan.
“Oh I didn’t know they were getting shot. I was going to be a clown but never mind.” Jazzlyn said.
They went on with their shopping and on their way to the food court they ran into their friends Andrew and Tyland.
“Hey, Andrew, what are you going to be for Halloween?” Megan asked.
“I’m going to be a clown.” Said Andrew
‘What about you Tyland?” Asked Jazzlyn
“I’m going to be a clown too.” Explained Tyland.
“You do know that people have been shooting clowns? Megan & Jazzlyn both said.
“Yeah…and. I’m not scared.” Andrew said
“I’m not scared either.” Tyland said slowly.
  It was about 6:30 p.m. now so everybody said their goodbyes and went home. The next morning, at school. Everybody was talking about what they were going to be for Halloween. When they all got out of school they met at Megan’s house.
“Have y’all heard?” Jazzlyn asked.
“About what?” Megan, Tyland, and Andrew asked.
“I heard that somebody saw a clown somewhere over here.” Said Jazzlyn.
“No, we didn’t know.” Said Tyland and Andrew.
“I heard that too, today at school, that’s why I didn’t want to be here by myself.” Said Megan.
They have been friends since pre-k so everybody spent the night at Megan’s house. The next morning everybody got their costumes and make-up on and headed outside. Right as they were about to walk to the first house a clown popped out and everybody screams. They noticed Tyland was missing and as they start to run away the clown pulls off the mask and they find out it was Tyland the whole time. The night goes on and Megan & Jazzlyn want to go to a haunted house. Everybody agrees to go. As soon as they got into the haunted house the man slams the door and it’s really dark. They can’t see anything but they feel something cold blow on their legs.
“Did y’all feel that?” Jazzlyn asked nervously.
“Yeah, I think it might have been a clown.” Andrew said jokingly.
“It sounds like it’s getting closer!” said Megan and Jazzlyn.
“Let’s go over there.” Said Andrew.
“Yeah, let’s go.” Said Tyland.
“No it’s over there!! Don’t go that way!!” yelled Megan.
“We will be fi….” Tyland and Andrew said as something pulled them into the darkness.
“I knew it! I knew there was something over there.” Said Megan.
“They should have listened to us.” Jazzlyn said.
Not knowing what else to do; they ran for help. They were looking for about 30 min. before they saw Andrew and Tyland getting put into a huge white van. Megan got a few pictures of the back of the car as it was driving away. Jazzlyn’s mom was outside in her car so they ran to it, got in, and told her mom to follow the white van.
“Jazzlyn’s mom asked, “Why? What’s happening?”
“JUST DRIVE!!” Jazzlyn & Megan yelled. “We’ll tell you while we follow them.”
They started with earlier in the day when Tyland was wearing a clown mask. Then they told her about how creepy the haunted house was and that about 30 min. before they ran outside Tyland & Andrew got pulled into the darkness and when they got outside they saw some men putting them into the back of the white van they were following.
When the van finally came to a stop, they were in the middle of nowhere. The men got out of the van and took Andrew and Tyland out into the middle of a field. Tyland and Andrew were both dressed like clowns. Little did Megan and Jazzlyn know, the two “men” were Andrew’s older brothers. They had all come up with a plan to scare the girls. They had kept it a secret for about a week.
When the girls got out of the car, they started to run toward the boys until the boys’ heads slowly tilted up and they looked at Jazzlyn and Megan. They started running toward the girls and in a split second the girls turned around and raced back to get in the car. They locked the doors really fast and started screaming. After about 45 seconds Andrew and Tyland took off the masks and laughed. The girls unlocked the doors and got out. They were mad but confused, so Andrew explained that the “men” were his brothers and that that whole day had been a prank. Still very upset Megan and Jazzlyn gave Andrew and Tyland a ride home then they went home and after talking about what a crazy day they had, and laughing it off, they went to sleep.

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