death is sober

November 3, 2016
By jaiveon BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
jaiveon BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Today on the 10:00 o’clock news: by shock, the fatal death of a little girl. A drunk diver hit a girl playing in the street. He didn’t bother to stop when he had the chance, he just kept speeding on. Sad and shocking death hurting friends and family the little girl had.

Sitting in the bar James is sober for the moment as he hears the town news. He has a flashback. He slowly starts to remember last night. As the news plays on, James begins to worry. He gets scared. So he decides to try to get things back to get things back to normal by drinking to take the pain and worries away. Drinking makes everything go away. He faces turns red as the flashbacks of the little girl’s voice fills his head: “why did you hit me? why? Mr…why? Mr..”her voice gets louder and louder. James passes out and falls out of his chair. Heart beating faster James knows he is going crazy. He gets up off the floor and drives to the news station. He is going to let them know everything. James believes that doing the right thing will make the flashes go away. After his trail he feels safe and has no worries. James didn’t care about the sentence because, to him, the flashbacks were more painful than 36years to life. As his first year in prison comes to a close, James is unaware that the date of that fateful night is approaching. However, James has no worries, because he has forgotten all about that night, and that little girl. Yet, as the anniversary of her death get nearer, James gets ill and his flashbacks return. He wishes he had a drink. Her voice returns to him. “you thought because your in prison that you could forget about me..well you’re WRONG!” James leaps from his bed. Suddenly the power of a strong wind presses him against the wall. He begins yelling out: “I’m sorry! I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody”. She replied “then why did you try to get rid of me? WHY?. The flashbacks…the images..the thought’s..were terrible James pleads”. Lair!!! You just wanted to get rid of me”. “ I swear I didn’t mean to”. Look I admit your death was my fault for drinking and driving. I should have never been speeding. When I seen you in the street, I wasn’t thinking. I was trying to hurry and get home. Whether it means something to you or not, im sorry”. Suddenly, the wind started to blow heavier as the little girls spirit came down into the cell. She hovers next to his frightened face and softly says: “ that’s all I wanted. A nice and honest apology. You can go back to your normal life”. James replied, “what life? Im in prison”. “who said this was real? With a snap of her fingers, wakes up in a hospital. Doctors and nurses asking him if he’s okay. Confused, James asked the doctor what was going on and what happened. “well, the doctor responded, you’re going to be okay sir, you were in a coma for a week. Good thing your okay. They say you fell hard at the bar. So relax, you’re going to be just fine” James thoughts went to “the bar”. From that point on James never drinked no more than 4-5, drived safely and slow or at an normal speed.     

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