The Ride

November 3, 2016
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The Ride

On November 23rd, my family and I were driving home to Virginia for Thanks giving. It’s a 10-hour drive ad its very annoying. Personally I hate the ride. One of the main problems is that I’m forced to sit in the middle seat. I really don’t know how the other fell about the ride, but I spend the entire ride miserable.
In the middle of the night we stopped for gas. We stopped in West Virginia. We really didn’t know our way around. My mom programmed the GPS to find gas stations. The GPS informed us that the nearest one was 10 miles away. That way further into a city that we were unfamiliar with.
As we got closer to the gas station we started driving over a dirt road suddenly the GPS said “your destination is to the right” and nothing was there just more dirt road. It was very dark outside so we couldn’t see anything. Yet we keep driving on to find the gas station. We slowly realized that we were lost.
Finally, the car ran out of gas. Everybody was freaking out. We tried to make some calls but we had no service. We were stuck on the dirt road in the middle of nowhere right next to a dark forest.
We had no choice but to tough it out and wait for daylight to seek help. As comfortable we had to sleep in the car. Once we woke up the next morning we decided to speed out to search for a way back to the highway. My dad and my oldest brother went into the forest. My other older brother and we had to walk down the road, and my mom and sister stayed at the car.
Isiah and I returned to the car after having no luck. We joined my mother and sister to wait on my dad and brother. An hour passed before we see my dad and brother running out the forest. They stopped to take a deep breath and calm down. They said there was a crazy man that took them to this cabin to get these gas gallon containers. When they open the cabin there was a whole bunch of knives, guns, and chains. Then my brother and my dad ran out of the forest back to the car.
We decided to stay together for a while and eat, we had brought dome food for the trip. Later in the day Isiah and I walked down the long road again. We were going to walk a little further this time. Then we camp upon a dead body. At this time, we started to jog back. As we are jogging back we ran into three men with axes.
The three men started asking us questions like “what are you doing here”. We were spooked and said “our car broke down in the middle of the road and we are trying to find a way out”. They did wat to hear it and started chasing us. We out ran them. We ran back to the car and told the rest of the family. They were all very scared so we started planning ways to escape this place.
While we were still planning our escape, my dad and oldest brother started to walk the way we came from. It was very quiet and chilly at the time they were walking. We tried thing of many plans.
It took forever for my dad and brother to come back. It was extremely dark and very cold outside. So we started hearing things that sounds like whispers from other people. I thought I was just in my head.
The out of nowhere in the fount of us comes that crazy man staring at while we were inside the car. He had a mask and 2 knives. He tried to brake our windows. Then my brother shouted out “crowbar” then I remember my mom kept a crowbar in the back of her car. I grabbed in and Isaiah distracted him while I hit him. We took his weapons and then threw him in the forest.
Finally, my dad and oldest brother came back with containers of gallon of gas. We became extremely happy. My dad said “don’t be too happy because we stole it and the people we stole it from is looking for us right now”.
We put the gas in the car then stared to drive and find out way out. It was very hard to see outside. I was scared while we were driving. A lot of crazy of crazy thing was happening I was very alert. When I was looking out the windows I saw very creepy things. I saw owes and I kept seeing eyes in the woods.
Out of nowhere an oud noise like we ran over something. My dad stopped on the car and got out. Then he saw that we ran over a dead body. We all knew if we didn’t leave west Virginia soon this would be us.
We started driving faster. Then we crashed into this rusty red truck. Five people with guns and mask came out and put pulled my family out of the car and put bags over their heads. The first thing in my head was run. So I ran and promise I would come back for them later.
While I was running I was this light so I ran towards the light. While I was running out of nowhere I heard a loud noise it sounded like alarm. Then I heard a voice say “Elijah, Elijah, wake up its 6:00am”! Then I heard another voice saying “can you take Elijah to school”?

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